Booze News: Russian Castration

Friday, December 29th


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Go back to rub anybody and Don 98 rock. I was eighteen yards you've got now. And dawn shown. We have some blues new. This is is about Blue Mosque and can you still love in Moscow mule got. Earlier go to drink cuss at dawn if you drink he's still bring in those fake mules and insisting they put him into the copper mugs could you wanna look cool and trendy now. They keep it really cool. I yeah I will order those ones on the line that is one of the deals Iowa Iowa admitted that they do they keep on super ice cold but now comes word. While Moscow mules are one of the trendiest drinks in the past few years. Those copper mugs. Are yelling you lie yes. Not the alcohol. Do I was alcoholic beverages division this the only reason to give this any credibility this is an alcoholic reason to go to Iowa and all the little border the Al czar answered in the islands an alcoholic did throw alcohol a bureau did say and the wait a minute from regular products. You're not supposed to have copper and they say come in contact with acidic drinks. And of course Moscow mules are completely acidic. Which means it will absorb the copper in the mug and pass it along to you. Here did you have a Moscow mule once a week gain but if you're habitual Moscow mule drinker. You could wind up with copper poisoning. So chorus Iowa's alcohol beverages division says don't stop drinking members who holds but. Drinking out of a regular class well. Now okay. Good. Rotate it is okay you know what I would do. I would hit six me a small yet any. And play any any sort of still keep ice cold when as the Indian and a. Yeah they're they're and I yet brave talk to me like I should know what every goddamn word in English language mean you don't love yet even cleaned and seen them basically Nancy. Season comes again. And see and ears stopped cold. I am or whatever you want I just die. I'm Maddon had that problem I like it'll be in the college it's been a hundred million degrees outside I'll get back in my vehicle veterinarians and do whatever and the ice is still in there and it's still ice cold I just went. A guy get home have a drink and I. If I play and they have different sizes. So they just smaller orders him go to Moscow Millen that he's still gives your race. I Sunday and this is an ad for ENT but I. Casey he's a video of things look. Yeah I. These sense over from Hawaii to California he cooler filled with ice and frozen fish. And when he arrived in California he was still icy and cold yeah that was. They edit hey I and that's why you know all these products there's a million O'Malley and our problem what am I have a problem with society it's it's such a first world thing totally I know. I see those guys it's everything circular right yeah Google is reminds me of the ninety's. When everybody was walking out the water bottle at all got to stay hydrated moon and I got. I laid out right now it's everybody's got to have a guarantee any of yeah. We saw. Moscow you'll probably. At least this isn't new for me have always been ice free. I love the ice and I want to check every time and this is since the end of time personal problem that I've ordered ice teas and restaurant. If you don't ask for extra ice or bringing extra cup buys it I T think you gig that plagued there's a lemonade field at. I how did you ice floating it topics like I don't I want the whole glass filled with ice but for the Ren and pour the Ice-T this is. Is this the most now. Odds that those who don't know it's like Astrid an asterisk are aliens to ice time. I strikes he's not iced tea like the rapper I say seem relevant okay. Yeah there is gone and no I don't I used to doing is actually colored paste the tee which. This is one of the reasons that I say hey that's what I agree with the arms race team without ice hockey iced tea do you or to chew. All annual bull you your he had passed you're really your bitch about the story and there I should mention how would you storage bed. As foods that are holed. How. They also have like a little email coffee tee area or whatever rightly or call eight hours do and I say please us. Take a greeting area. They do it and can you again here he's so I'd like I say hey. I want ice tea and a whole lot ice lots. Oh my god XT and you can't said that yes I said a lot of ice probably with a smile on your idea I was married life because I know for them they're thinking. Well I wanted to the person's pain for the teen right and I think some crazy little nervous that they're not do you have T I don't care I want. More ice if the customer express acts dry eyes then that's what they won't. Still. I look over and she's too far away from you hey you oh no not like that hey I know app that you do it she real. Twenty. I I rule I honestly we'll take you extra. What I would really like is still to come up with ice and then partying and I don't care if there's more ice and T I like want iced tea. She was I didn't I wasn't that bring us look very messages like. Do you know what yeah. I just did yeah. When you say something that's when they screw that I am in here. A bucket and I couldn't get in the news Gregory Bellotti is a dentist needed. And Adams township Pennsylvania which is about twenty miles north of Pittsburg recently. The saws more calls more impatient and then that's just get lunch break still you know so we went out and have lunch and Wally did he jogged a bottle of vodka. Entire bottle and on his lunch break Holm and AM and then showed the backup to work so he could take care of as afternoon patients. Is there now so now I am all arms and eight. Year old is now one is employees. They were actually there and the employees were all worried when he came back. It's kinda hard. Hard to hide a whole bottle on it. The bottom you can hide if your professional whole bottle a lot of good. Mom a staff member then found him passed out her own room in dental chair act. Well as hers isn't it that's fun is still awaiting her could go on. I think those are pretty. I had an MR about this guy I don't have those details one of his employees called 911 because they're like wait a minute he's that he's he's got patience and more we do here. It's a busy day to. All of this agency and six more than a day they dodged a major bowl because the cops showed up and they didn't test them. Is blood alcohol level. Was more than then this is at least 130 to 45 minutes at least after he's consumed the alcohol so it's been in his system for a little bit. His blood alcohol level was more than five times the legal limit to drive. The exact number crew was point 41 which can be fatal. Come stay as firm since he did it dried himself back to they are. Jesus there alive is dental license was suspended heat they couldn't charge him with. Actual do you why because they didn't see him behind the we all yeah they did get them for reckless endangerment public drunkenness. Dave yeah. And this. Sit the for a person who was having furthered his head trainer Hijab that that replacement to 4 o'clock o'clock call and only then that should be an older I get my real crown today. Out there in the waiting. You're looking at your a big fan and point 8540 minutes later where's the band of holy crap down your care how do you wanna see you still. So I am not. Yeah he's going through like a hard time in his life he'd like I caught cheating condoned it is she the most of all did you hear me how I was. Lilly professions like that Dennis are the biggest cheater you know they commit suicide the mobs. And then. I Arnold I'd try to find these details but it was like pulling teeth. Next door Glendale Arizona again and that's how I'm not content and PLO. One of the man with the greatest name in her 44 year old Daniel Danielle. Okay you should have been born the sixty's yeah. 44 year old Daniel patio. It was a himself concert got really drunk as we can only Ayers father here. Com and Billy Jean getting hammered at ear and pummel Blondie concert so there that you can't rowdy bunch. I get hammered everywhere I go. The DMV. Church all just you can't. I don't I don't know this is breaking news but yesterday it was a day in the NY so I was at a bad month. And as I was checking out I have never seen easy one of one of the hot new things we'll get back to mr. daddy a hole. You'll you'll just thank you calm and knows the rubber goes daddy of the company's. It's. And how far we've got we've progressed well in Tinseltown just plain view they have mother slacker cousin he learned a child rapists. And that's hey good. This one of the hot new things in society over the last few years as ban. Hidden drinking whether it's apparent. Parents keep their fans familiar look. Redeem orange producer Gatorade but has all water and daddy yeah. It's ignites isn't targeting new oil wells plus I'm Candace our most. You know or manner of course people and kind of sneaking the little skinny models in the movie theaters that don't serve Larry. And what I am. Stealing this summer's pleading Xena and a lot of fun. She's so healthy and hydrated and a sparkling water. That's it I add it all wrong we would we want is some weird snuggle and also got this awful awful. Bill I just on court. MIA says all the other hand there's certain family member only would see the movie theaters. Would have me sneak in numb and Gatorade bottle filled with Carlo Rossi. Oh I hate this. This is my favorite things. You back when I was drinking out and I would take a big ears and listening to the movie theaters and yet to be a whole thing where you costs over in the opener against. Chicago and then you wanna be careful not to drop it right word is Dallas. Hey Andy doesn't that I think is what it was the next ridge that inconvenience. To those those those those little bottles. There there are they going to be tough to carry around especially for guys I mean put in your pocket Intel ones and there's so now I saw this product I don't know if you've seen these are on the they are. They some of the check and I'll bet Mao the little pouches. Like little two hour. Fighters how she is out of my all and you're just you're just no way it and you don't slow and knows all. Didn't have a mix certainly bid now that choice I just a stray bullet. I just saw the straight up liquor I mean I was stand their minute to check out my iPod and tequila and how that sounds. Hope my younger brother who has been recently sober now for a year which is a big deal because I. I had a really bad horrible horrible alcoholic. And from one year for Christmas I got him didn't it was just like Blatter flaps its agents put it in anywhere else you're an enabler. Let's not ready yet to quit Hawaii you know punish him and I get a letter and he needed to experience the liquor on the strings. You know it's it's heavy Perry and flat site. Hide it from the norm elbows and. Finally last prison prison term Itanium. Are set on their answers all shoes that total drug but a great lady and she always drink wine out of the box that was her angle well. However all day long enough wind in the box but occasionally we see the color lure. It's glass. So we're like bullets. Chris Collins. Same yeah 59 dollar a gallon know why. And nothing's changed now. Oh yeah. Today any allies may yield forty Daniel videos of themselves in concert last Friday down in Glendale Arizona as a big stadium right outside of Phoenix he's hammered. And he's standing behind a family that's in front of them. A father. And his wife and their ten year old daughter brought her first concert I. Her yeah yeah. He's on the line. 8887. So the families stand there and on in the show when suddenly they steal you warm liquid washing over their back. Low beer when you warm beer and against the Phoenix inside again. The father turns around and there's mr. Nacchio would all those glory hanging out alone didn't want to head to the restrooms or he's just gone out and and he's just getting in on them. Oh my guy yeah yeah. I was ladies as guys the guys hammered and he was arrested later but here's the part of the story that really. Got me you have to stand back in my opinion and off. Of the restrain the father showed. He confronted mr. Nacchio late and we don't daddy. Yeah if any kind of my daughter your life day. Isn't isn't there a hole and all daddy who's totally John does he stands thirty shrugs while and he keeps this thing out here you had a very. Hey good the united responsible man and ends up tonight and the dad just called the cops rather than kick the little about him which I think nine minutes and men would have. Don what a good example Oberstar right now he's probably trying to teach his daughter here's here's something we don't punish someone Foreign Ministry how we handle. Right quick without his say those words. Listen I'm just you know that he made the call the middle concert I'm just glad constant understand what he's saying. To be fair demand. And I diet I think it's a. So eager for all of these things I find I think he got past security now security detained and may call they went into a room. I thought your neck lately is gonna be he got his ass kicking al-Qaeda dad. A moon right next open blues news item models are still green that makes them a little easier to see through the regular ground beer bottles. Really big. That's Mickey's house of tax. Let's start again miles around screen settings of a little easier to see through the regular brown beer bottles. Unless of course there's something green in your beer great enemy of the ground balls he can see Jim Green by donors I'm green alien blade of grass. You might not know her. So a guy from Fountain Valley, California has just filed a lawsuit again sign again. After he said he was drinking from a bottle and found inside to debt goes out to. We're just trying to sell you aren't. Does that entail I don't know dawn says yeah. Well any you know why didn't the me and restarted it and yeah. Please call but yeah when your food already highly these PureAV. Big items and then they die. But I still party they were down. He says it made them violently ill and he's still dramatized in this day. Are you certain that holding a highly yards just the thought Amanda he didn't as well I didn't either one you went off. Just say I love I'm a mother Diane and had to come a long time. And I Vijay. Sponsors and I love they're the best he didn't specify how much she wants the lawsuit to let the jury decide Heineken says it's a false accusations. He's in big trouble Gekko is Q did there come on inside that big. Well a couple Gekko is getting another hanging out behind you can plant before the actual cap comes down one Gekko says the other headband makes. A lot of parties and I don't plan. And they grow up into the here are so he goes into earth could you generally. Pollard now an opera passing up things and Syrian and they embrace the longer I'm not doing enough. He should be mad about the dagger is clearly consumes only time I didn't answer I got ripped off the hook up to where it was a doubles is less than. Yeah ourselves I didn't hear me yeah. Yeah this is yours anymore. They were Hillary voters they could. I'm gonna end it'll start one news and news this one hurts everyone. 27 year old Russian guy. It wasn't for a strong that's amazing slaughter. Yeah. And he tried to climb over wrought iron fence yeah ABC's good news when you're John why I don't know where it's our. He tells her. Superhero. On but he a lot of fans with a course and always has some form of spiking SR. Dot com so as he's doing it and he's drunk one of the spikes on top of the fans you know can't use his hands. Rips through his jeans crowds DC gets inhaled by. Is all happening of course while he's on top of the fans drunk and many balls off the other little light oh yeah. His thing he's ripped off. And we. No this very real. Holes in the town of coups Netscape. Somehow heard the story from my friends at the hospital Bremer and rushed to take a picture of it still entail. Some defense. And I looks like yeah I need but they saw. They include I assume the yeah I don't you know I. Nice I think by the time the man's stumbled his way to the hospital on his own what he did a lot of word got around. It's truly tough IDC angrier and check in at that point lets people and other people in America rusher. Great picture. Looking for it right he wants him. Think what it thinks I'm pretty sure once it gets an awful what I first artist I'm. I want accuse them of that bullied him. Or get another drink every so drunk he's got to be bleeding profusely to. I was and that's often the medals and they do now you can see transplants these days so it's easier he's just 3-D printing money and Steve thrown on the you pick the fray maybe you're ready for the don't. Can you employees donate that's not all lie and I you know then I do they take. Body you like I don't know use the we've advanced that. I don't make it certainly compared to I don't mean this literally the man but I don't think I don't believe it's considered a vital organ yet so yeah. Hello there Disneyland and accentuate how. I would exile and am OK I can't imagine that's so the guy shows up right is his ears stuck on fans. And unfurl and now there's a leader of the doctor the doctor goes country due to give the freezer and treaties lucky I'm gonna take it means yeah. Pancreas. Com no sir. I got to Vienna sausage flour and old young her. Let me just live life as a Kindal. Matt the morning. Good morning oh you mean you take it so you're so on your hand maybe you're sorry Joseph where there are also well on all sides. Generics and about the lighting what do bonds are once or go let's. I want to bring to light by the keg of beer is you know I can just. And the guy claimed its claim to argue. Then he became so violently ill get a go to hostile multiple try and they do in Baghdad Bureau they even now saying in his locker he suffered a PG EST from the get. Look if there's. Zero a little words you can't we don't know we don't knowing about the man's history first of all what if what he's been clinically diagnosed with you know more more anxiety whatever. And ultimately if you need true that's legitimate Heineken has responsibility not to get goes in their beer plus certain of that cause there defect causes somebody to do have a reaction that medical professionals say is legitimate reaction then Heineken is on the look. Anyone Ed you know we don't we don't have all the details here yes he could be making this all up you could be a drama queen could be a liar sounds. Sideshow. Does it is much easier should do believe the worst about these.