Friday, November 3rd


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Afternoon she'll stroke Mikey. On 98 rock California rock station ninety rog today is national sandwich day and there was a debate today is aid cheeseburger or hamburger between bread is any sand wedge from. And I've got to do that out there because I knew we ever did call the little debate not real so heated that. Lara and Indian would be headed now. It was the it was a really interesting and stupid but it was. I mean there's a way it's worth the debate because I mean all I think this is actually a bigger debate that you and I think it is I think a lot of people have this argument because I honestly don't know. And I'm gonna give my opinion not to be honest with yourself and end. You're kidding doesn't matter what you're gonna vote on just a second this who's the better debater okay yeah in the loser. The loser is going to have to eat a sandwich the other one made you got bread we've got a bunch of condiments and now I don't know what else we got around basically all we have this brand and whatever the hell else they find the refrigerators in this building all sky. I mean we got to whip cream and mayonnaise and all that kind of stuff do that's pretty much what's going to be all right take. Work we're gonna have. Well intro you have thirty seconds apiece to go ahead and convince the year the audience that this is that that amber is there is not a sandwich. And you guys can debate for two minutes and you'll have thirty seconds for clothes and are you ready I'm a gentleman I pull a Lara first Blair. How do you wanna go first out there on the for art Larry this is your opening you have thirty seconds ago. A murder is an all American one at a time legendary food item that cannot be categorized. Into the basic pension world of sandwiches. So what if everything between two pieces of bread is a sandwich that would mean a case India. Would be considered a sandwich that would mean a hot dog is considered a sandwich. Would mean two pizzas facing each other. Would be considered a sandwich. If you take protein burger without a bone and rapid and lettuce it's still called a protein burger if you take him sandwiched in the rampant in the mud as it's called a rat. A burger is a burger. And there's nothing else to it all right perfect yeah well thank you still that was. I'm good eight iron past could John doubles and it was a good job you have thirty seconds yeah. I'll go what is a hamburger ground beef between two bonds does that have to be grounded to be a murder many think that what's make a difference but to that I ask well what is the Turkey burger. Or veggie burger for that matter. Take out the ground beef and put a chicken in there and now it's automatically a chicken sandwich. Well why is a sandwich. It's still made when the bar and air ago we must call them what we want to but the fact remains that a paddy in between two pieces of bread even if both sides of the month or made the same time and then sliced. Means nothing because is still serving as a container or wrapper for what is in between them which in this case is a beef patty and as the definition. On the sandwich. All right I'll. Brady and throws down again this is this the question is is a murderer a sand wedge. In college you start a Larry if you want to we've we've got everybody all you want to bounce back and forth you have to raise your hand he and you have to do the same thing my guess I will do our best look back and forth you know you're a different room okay. Measure Ian is it a sandwich. Yes it is because. The many argued that a bun. Is made at the senate is made all at once and then sliced in half well so is sandwich bread because it starts out as a low. But is that separated into other piece is so what is the difference I ask you. I don't know what that question was but all I know is if you're trying to say that a burger is a sand would you mind as a cold ribs a steak just because this from the same animal. Okay that makes no sense could use a didn't make it home. I don't think ribs come from without doing he had more but that's how I mean. That's different kind. Of a. Where are you eating I would like to now very much. Where my eating yes like you and I everywhere I go and our restaurant as a matter so does a heck does does so much have to have meat in it because it doesn't know sandwiched by definition is any image that vegetables. Meet or what ever encompass contained by Brad so you're so hot dog is technically by definition also us and we garbage. Well if you wanna argue with me you might as well go ahead and it Webster on the phone and talk and say you know what down America apparently two pizzas. Put on time and each other's sanity because his bread on both sides does that potentially Brad. Okay that one slowly as. Okay that's okay to pieces as a sandwich according to his logic so that's why I would say no what is in the middle is being contained by Brad orchid encompassed org or wrapped around yes it is so I take two pieces of bread and her ever being an important around you your salmon now. She's got to get. Yeah it's not containing me it's just on me at that point I'm a sandwich I'm burger. Is it to them what's in between the two months is being contained by those two bonds it is also wrapped around it was makes on August and much. When you why it's. A chance in arrange a Bologna sandwich meat boss and day all and insanely to anyone Hamburg Haley. I want a cheeseburger. On American cheese burger that's just that's just firms Melanie as you as she should be brought meatball sandwich. Our meat balls ground beef as well. Meat balls are ground beef yes they are not a hamburger. Then what's the difference to ground beef barbed are both and a hamburger and a meatball sandwich why do you call in two different things why do you call it chicken sandwich chicken sandwich instead of chicken burger. What are you talking about a chicken can't be a burger hamburger and already heard what I Turkey burger. A veggie burger is also a Bernard guy loses in made into a paddy. What about so I was the chickens and snow I think it was not a penny Ari can honestly. Are you guys for the sake I. I am for the sake of time they were listening to anything. The beta is he's a hamburger a sandwich or not you're voting on remember that you're voting on who's the better debater Niger pigging out and eat you have thirty seconds in closing golf I would disclose what the true definition and my final argument and I am a food consisting of two pieces of bread with meat cheese or other filling between them. Is a sandwich. Mattingly is made harder because it is. Two piece of bread with meat vegetables and condiments case close OK Lara thirty seconds in closing. My fellow Americans I know and you know. What a hamburger is compared to a sandwich you know that hamburger is a classic all American food item cannot categorize categorize. Into the world of basic pitch damages you start I guess I started her act and that's my clothes because there's nothing wrong with Vanessa. I aides all right my keys. I didn't give let's just only give our opinion I would wait but I I I know I think one you think it do you know who I. I think I may forget bay this is based on who is a better debater of the two. How are your sorry yeah you're right based on the debate part of this yes I know I think one. Our right to your opportunity right now to vote who want to lose or remember the losers gonna have to made it Sam what's the other one may. Yeah alright whatever I did say he did vote and don't vote for me harder because you Haiti and you like key enter you like Larry Larry who's the better debater. We want you to text right now 6515. And sixty.