Monday, November 6th


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Always tell the truth in the doesn't smoke we drove there doesn't lie I'm Megan Meier. There are so what it was like zeal and we look at all the tags were actually lap but I. He's I said that I wrote a lot of little carousel things like a quarter you put in the little kids get on like three or four years of major ride. A wash and I was on my best behavior at firm you're you know gone shopping he had no shot relative to crazy. I'll why do you you say he's been a lot of money at Disney on ice and a daughter daughter daddy day yes I did. I spent a ton of money and you know that's true that. We'll see I DN usually say you see my sister multi equal you brought her out toolbar and used you would you how do you and they slept well yeah. After changing into inter turgeon is okay and well what we socialist he broke down. I held my sister moved to San Francisco we ordered that are rented you all whenever that's a fair field. And got a flat tire and had to call for assistance are Jimmer all of our stories jealousy do we think is lying here Austin net what do you think is a liar. Now and I got to go in on this and it's a pretty straightforward guy out battle being being that nice that do it you know what you are not give her her arms and I think you'd feel that cost us. All right thank you and I craved let's AAQ do you think he's lying. Do you think is number choose it lose that. Yeah yeah. The bar and tried by her. OK I hear see and you are saying it all right thank you let's get sued Jonathan Jonathan what do you think is line. Thank you lions. Okay now what makes you think he is alive and. I think you're asleep so there are you sit there and. I made an uneven and bill lose Lyon. And he had to lie and OK thank you bill. I was just go to woody got the majority of the vote between the phone calls and all the Logitech gaming and. Yes I am I absolutely and tell the truth that happened. We actually did go bar she did point me in the bathrooms to go to the bathroom and I'd just tell us up there and let it happen. Got back to your place changer interpret dramas and when I say I slept whether. I did not say that I had section there yeah did you sleep right next to each other. All right DNS telling the truth I'll Mikey. Ma I am telling the truth is though they may parent has taken their child's and his allies we had really good seats it'll say that but we. That crowd is expensive man thirty dollars for magic wand you can't all right for a bag of popcorn desist madness taken or Disney anything I probably could just went to Disney World for that mama you. Half probably. Right so what is his life and Valero or me Lara are you lie and on you go anomaly and a liar. I see and I don't. Did you elder sister grew at all no she didn't need to Simmons is gone a few months back but as she just did it on our own thing completely made up story yeah. I did my mr. Lai did vote by astle a little carousel and I saw Olympics are hilarious there's a month FaceBook it's critical we all know 245 said this who wants to look at corner. Pamela good squares I wanna and unimportant or. So we're Roosevelt I don't even know they're an ecological are never know I know exactly words are your arms are and as I do is close my hosts I'll get yardage yes that did happen are good. Failed takes your calls and your are your votes but he does not lie and hi I'm a fan of people who pretended they have some type of power position when they don't alternate whole other folks addicts especially in this story is amazing. In the World Series if you don't have taken it's it's hard to even look at the stadium no I don't even get close to the gate but a person convinced. Other people area and that Dodger Stadium that day he was a security guard. They say he went on not our. He just convince people that he was a security guard and that's exactly what this guy did some pretty incredible club. No questions like do. Your game yeah I'm going to give you guys are great met just. But you know you do one thing and this sequels always got to be better much bigger than. I examined the luxury box again they say the guy pullback went snuck into the World Series game two at Dodger Stadium he dressed up as a dodger security guard using headphones and an old ID card well inside the stadium he watched the game in the suite with the YouTube sensation and it dude perfect. And then set and thieves that would have cost thousands of dollars while I'll. Good for him that he looked the part he even took time to think police opposition led him in without a ticket. You don't really all it takes and you know this through working in this industry admitted his long is you kind of look like you know you're doing like it but you go back safe and accounts or whatever you look like you know what you're doing no one's gonna mess with you and where your badge and walk like you know we're going. Yeah you remember the Super Bowl last year when those for you guys just walked right into the Super Bowl they had a latter that's all I had I remember that I remember seeing and that's how. If you're destined to biggest may sporting events in America and the World Series in the Super Bowl yeah. Stories this year alone more people of snuck in and bragged about it on social media on got to do is look you don't you don't always and always have a clipboard. Yeah yeah those are important especially true I don't alive when your minister. It's idiotic clipboard decent beaten like really Smart and see if anybody questions your cursor. Like if you -- me. 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