Creepy or Cool 7-14-17

Friday, July 14th


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Anybody in dawn mission. Paul Robinette. Seles in this. Okay yeah I did watch dogs say. A lot of this doesn't I think it does sound racist but so low it's not a racist word and edged. That's why he needed to be here or Ed yeah three. That is great addition iRobot a hard edged in black and white I'm a little bit everything. And and solo boat people got so bad if that's not a great resorted. But I and I I'm actually very glad that do you feel that way play for example dawn is not offended by the word Diego or even why I don't know how it all and I think that's wonderful and I'm not offended by anything that you call white person cracker. Oh whitewash whatever however. The reason that I brought up the Joseph thing that happened and it was in 2012. Is because there's a lot of Hispanic people disagree with you in this takes this into that really deep dark world of the disagreements amongst minorities just because one African American says it's fine to comedy and word doesn't mean that another African Americans as is trying to call me the M word so. In terms of the trying to work our way through these conversations about what is politically correct. And what is just advancement of society we always have to stop and consider whoa wait a minute if a lot of people believe this term. This word is offensive at what point is it critical mass and we're gonna stop using the term so I. Appreciate you time to do that lets you create for your call. We'll bring you a story that could be really creepy. It depends on your point of view we're gonna start with the love still. I'm not weird and creepy and then I mean I'd be okay you're hey general it's not visiting a man and a dog. That's carried me right you can love too much this is about a couple phone heterosexual. Couple. Maybe. In Madison Wisconsin that's not a greedy places written. And care right unified in the air so far not creepy guys and people pounds. And there's still no time in man. There's people are afraid of Chrysler's. Mean we have those yeah Craig out yeah murderers and yeah things like that. I'm right here that's a healthy fear I hear all that's trying friends. I my main they've never been murdered raped Souter taken out to a dungeons. They have ordered a little 13 things from people in their homes there as they do Greg Craig's us and I never liked. Never ever ever have you heard any. Bad stories you know I just never do it bad stories when you go right they come out of it in the news now from your friends knocking. My friends and had to lose wonderful experiences they've actually gotten some really cool stuff I guess I'm just a little more. Paranoid I ate and I appreciate it. I won for an eye in the end who like does almost everything on Craig's list he's never had that extra right I would never go near Craig's list. Why I don't think Gil de. It's less scary do things like Rand. Kayaks from from people all individuals because sometimes and if you're there and Tom home. We will arrest kayak there's some it's like a hundred bucks for a couple hours did you do on Craig's list through an independent party you're always been like. Tony accidents and doesn't matter you got got a bunch of stuff off occurring so I have no bad experience no milk. Experiences and in Texas when I was young and naive I met the dude on Craig's less. I know I was stupid I'm I would never do that again at any time and I Jesus and and he until you do need to know OK I sure do and knowingly. In the car at my sister in law. Dre I tell her away humble we stop at a house all the way to her house and my worry is that I got this great pace of these folks off pretty much. Our poll looks like I'll be right back I'm like oh dear to meet nice people they're the photo there you go not a random. Point one of the reasons that some people use a lot of people use Craig's list is you can get stuff cheaper. So if you're a budget. Is it creepy you're coal they you're gonna get married and you go to Craig's list to find a photographer I don't know I guess I'm. That's scary actually how I found my photographer far my landing in and Hawaii yes absolutely original problems Syria now. Don't get stuck there are no problems it's the home's staff. Let me going and she was at a stranger's home I don't know and or mis selling something and having a strange person know where I live to come to my. House isn't likely that that's where I get freaked out again. None of my friends or other members have had a pretty bad isn't there is the only people know where I lived and I don't like to go to strangers hopes that all week yeah. And so I have also sold things on Craig's us especially. Baby stuff. Mel and yeah. Another and once did I meet anybody. At their home or have them come to my home I have always met in a parking lot to Starbucks. That's just standard Mariano did it registered saying I mean that's what I would do and I think that's Smart. But again they're going out there had an issue for Hillary's tables are and is it will. Talking about a photographer for a wedding. Once she finds someone I assume you can bet that more. Don't just hire them right on the block OK so so far not creepy bill so we have a couple in love in Madison Wisconsin none of this is creepy yet. They on Craig's list that's not creepy in and of itself they ask for photographer not creepy. The ad asks that the photographer. Can actually emphasizes that the photographer. Will be. Still mean they are de their special day from beginning in the two and why they are versions. This couple. They have saved themselves for marriage. Not one of them has had sex with anyone including each other creepy. Yeah that's really Bosnian news you know this. They were in their Edwards is gone viral we understand that our first time will be awkward so they know. Having never had sex together and we never had sex. Period. It's golf course we remember right it's gonna sun its socks and the worst time she said isn't any Anthony's she did. I am my first family then this is rather hard bulbs and amount and led away by the way in my example it wasn't in I was. Edmonton. Feels good to me. Yeah bad so so they know it's going to be awkward but that's okay so see she did they write we understand her first time will be awkward. But we don't think you'll be that much more awkward for a photographer to be there to use this axis wind here and we want that's not one of the choices and we want our first car and documented in a beautiful and tasteful way. So we have a couple that's getting married they're getting a photographer. The photographers there for the whole wedding that's normal then I am you know how that could possibly be creeping into the say misread your goal but then the photographers gonna go with them. Aimed at their honeymoon suite. And for the first time in their lives are gonna have sex not just with each other but when any one and they wanted to document and in a beautiful way they want a photographer there to click photos. As they make love. Under steer and home first you wait your whole life. I don't understand when your whole life. I know if you can't fault you're worried your whole life you obviously have deemed this should be some Xena. Say Corinne by OK your ultimate gift to another human great big. Do you think that's how you view what are you wouldn't wait your whole life I've heard or you're just fat how do you view it that way. Yeah and then you think that's how does someone in the room with you that's no longer safe grant you. Sure because it sounds like I'd like for example don't you don't you take pictures or film back to zones. Wedding on the other things that are very secret I understand until you know. Themselves having sex and then someone else though that is that's what average age is owned honestly I don't judge and I know this is what people do. The reason yeah. And neither is it when you have your wedding video or your. Video of your wedding this is another video they're gonna roll out remember how quickly. They don't get it there as a friend of theirs they trusted. They're they're clearly comfortable enough to have sex in front of the camera it'll never had sufficiently for the first time I. And since it's why is to have somebody from Craig's list do. This is definitely creepy lady what we did we when we backed up backed up you get it integrated since I I was at your wedding if you look. I love you man but if you come to me instead this is Brandon and I want you document our first night of sex. As a married couple he. And and and then I would stay in video waiter and I'm delighted I'm sorry man they don't know enough to ask slow down yet know. Long guy he's an anti alien amnesty iota yet again and try not just a multi. I've heard you cars drive. I had. Creepy because it's Craig's well yeah because this is stranger than they don't know and it's gonna be their first time so it's going to be. Very awkward so I don't think there's any reason why you should be doing if it was someone closer than you wouldn't say creepy old because at least they did please mom. Alone Alan Murray I'm. Funny I was a good friend Eric comptroller general wouldn't be so it's still OK Amanda it's creepy because creepy and it's color and creed and even if somebody if brand does brand it's really. Creepy premiums close friend all end and strong with his little qualifiers this discrete hey dad it's creepy this is just in time is there filming is actually if at all. Or worse on ame out yes by the end of the sex part no one ever they're trying to make their first told you. Special older I think I have no day because it. The film. But this is a part of the problem they've gone up at an age where you filled everything. So it Hamel coach anyway that's OK so I mean he's gonna think they're both berg and so I hope there's somewhat young girl and chances are. Chances are good guys and anything. Play calling out filming sessions is that I had I thought it.