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Thursday, August 17th


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People don't leave me. For the greater good level is tough. I have to pass through birthday shout out oh. I'm 28 today and guys know routes almost days now. And you know yeah yeah that's hello in a little bit. Yeah and it okay. That's obvious enjoy agenda not to Randall yes Amanda you're beautiful and I love you. Victory since a man at age though years. He's Celine Amanda today. You know three senior. So we've talked a lot over the last few months about. People that are are literally altering their bodies through surgery right lanes are trying to become Barbie doll's sales human. And dolls and wolfman a mole is certainly and and an end and we decided I believe that they have every right to do what they're doing cars. It's there and they're not hurting anyone here. I'll bet there's something nice. And well and we have every right also listen do you just didn't judge them yet when they put themselves out then got a reality TV show coming out again come. And and AM when it's gonna follow them around and they go social media and so when you. And adhere to really judge and so we can look at you know. You want but there's scurrilous and we think this song we'd like I don't act like I know that's how I sound like I'm being need. Actually feel bad for them he's hitting them I don't know I am really do what is off like I have this terrible coach it is now I have sympathy for them like I. Apple why he just wanted to really. On themselves and Jessica Rabbit who was not one of them is on the hanging and remove all eight. You know wanna look like ten guard actually end up same kinda thing now this is not exactly the same in the sense that there's no this particular greet your calls segment there's no life. He won't would call this more fixed surgery. There may or may not be embodied this more see I don't know do you Tony I'm a lot of man are they don't they get all nervous about turning gray and oh gosh how do you guys sexy graying getting older home to my husband had the same thing happened is that the review with the era. The goat Tea Party your mustache. 'cause I got a little some great it was like overnight and I like oh my god that is so Ohio. I'm volume for sure I believe that now we agree on is that I don't ya eat you for sure. I'd ask him immediately is that. Yeah yeah back. So this this guy and he's he's from Poland and did and he's he's a viral sensation ES 383000. Followers Sunday Arum he's out there yeah he's gone the opposite way. His name is Paul wall logs the act. And he spends a small fortunes and make himself look intentionally. Older. Then he really has now he's also. This extraordinary fitness freak her she's he's been working out since I was sixteen. And and so he didn't look I think I didn't credit he's in amazing shape and once is Fisher racing oh yeah. I hear he's in great shape right how old is he well I want you to I don't easy Powell do you think yes I mean he's got a gray hair he's got a gray goatee to. Guess he's in great she is hall. They saw his appearance. On the net dub ya psyche 1960. Okay hurry Mecca sixties mad town I mean we see we do. Are usually see people like. I mean Stallone still looks pretty impressive neck down when it's yeah I'm just can't solve. Schwarzenegger and I haven't seen in awhile let our guys in their fifties and six and oh yeah you Jack wins fifteen out when he looks amazing we'll see a way. Adam I was in the markets trowel when he was healthy and that comes at tactical shop old axis axles and attack the for accounts aren't so sorry. That and he was there sign autographs and there were a lot of former Navy SEALs there are older and they were flipped and hot. I get their fifties and they were still bill so my guy we guess what does this guy with all the gray but the amazing tabs huge biceps is I'll. All you stick with you charity 80% of these trying to look older now. I'll give you and bones in his sixties when a fast setup I'd say he's like 35 he's OK so he's trying to look older Cesar. Actually the age anything here as well when I look at them right and if you look at I'm 61 news Armin at a resort wanna like this you think met our. Mac in Jesus sixty let me ask but like so he's trying to be older than the eye sees in his thirties he's 35. Here's followed. You know is intentionally. Making himself look older he's a personal trainer who deliberately ages and so she. Probably get some anymore live and he's got why. Well. You win easy with a man who who looks cold really does like dams actually even though it really does OK okay now look. What do you look like if he would if you get from the neck up and yet a normal law not a sex and Obama does is eight. Pete dyes his hair then that's all he does is it easy dies as it has nothing else he does wells and the man yeah age himself a finalist. As a Kansas. Is a small fortune I hate yourself I don't understand the small fortune because all they did all they described as well. Rooms here. Hair beard perfect Shane and snowy white and Matty just working his ass off in the gym that's not agent some buying more in his original sense. He's got gray it's amazing how. Gray hair. Can age a person like it if we got to see him with whatever car her he's supposed to have a on their lack of black black Garrett AP it would have both the book the two different would be. Incredible. Just a way that grade at a great age isn't an in my car right stick collate. Sexy way right but he still would look way younger than this with his dark hair. And what an idol that's clearly is doing that why you this. Than judgment hard for me. Why yeah I don't know is now and I'm looking sixty I don't get it now see I thought he was single and he would definitely get a lot of younger hot girls because they you do get attracted to that right. But he's married so I don't know why. For me like you're looking at the photos as just one of those things are look come on mom without knowing his age. While he's got really good genes like he ages well made any. Maybe a women are like Dana someone I want I know yeah so it pales when what's the appeal to you the whole idea and why you see right. And he can't he's just. Dyeing his hair and there has been a trend fer awhile now lost a couple years to die of weapons Charles and Diana her grave that's all they are going. My battle on the ice white and a bag so to me it's the Jesus dying his hair and it's kind of untrained. But it is dramatic though claim it's good dude is thirty fool I was his body heat beat any shades all of his body Harrison doesn't have to be enough to die any mad. You know I almost wanted I had a sort of wanna take a little back what I said just because I'm wondering if he does do this stays local though. I don't know of just changing her gray is gonna make it looks a little weathered yeah weather data there's a war so maybe he's made history gets a lot of. When I hit it I got some things we can against him yeah. My face I have to look at whether that's a perfect Werner. I don't get what exactly I find besides the people there I don't get it screaming. Evident on FaceBook didn't know we will have an animal yes see the pictures of what this guy who's 35 looks like. And you can decide its previous full Brandon Lyon I think I had this is like I remember I was. I was really young how is always. I'm anticipating my hair going gray I don't know why tabloids wind might kick my hair to be prematurely Grey's I just. As far as diet but I think it's cool darn high schools not clear. You're all yeah isn't dying is where it's cooler on this what's there I lets you flag excited joy luck with. I went off the board for you out. Now let's play the pressure cooker is our daily trivia game we play every single day although I don't get a winner every single day we sure don't trivia deeply either know it or you don't five Brighton thirty seconds if you score you compared general missions against. Do the aftershocks festival yeah. They want that would be Saturday October 21 little parties parties Saturday discovery park in Sacramento that would include minus males perfect circle. And more none of this matters and I should color eighteen right now you can do it vote numbers told free from everywhere at 888. 989 bless you. 9/11 you tolerate team plays the pressure cooker or else.