Tuesday, August 21st


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Yeah damn plug. And able to handle a damn. Got an election brain. Let's be real interest to have little little withdrawals this week yeah but it's it this is this. To me you'll idea what this might be this is basically about how I EMI too old to be. Doing this crap. And you'll see now okay. Cool. Thanks so much this week. Really started drinking at like 11 AM on Saturday. That's one. Meeting random people and ending up at random house did you know. The series. We don't know even know when there's like a good. All this cannery. Aids gets it a little bit money at that moment when I woke up. I said to myself. I'm too old to be doing that I should not be party and in drinking from 11 o'clock in the morning. And so whatever time it was I finally fell asleep it was it was insane and although I did I wake up the good thing about this is that in wake up. With a hangover I just woke up with makeup on my face of my clothes and everything all over the house I even know my weed was in the garbage it's been like three hours to find it was. Insane to me though our random moment it was one of those moments are tool for this moment is exactly I woke up and said. I installed for this I got I gotta get it together I can't party like that. I think everybody's experience at 7665009167665000. Post this question too on FaceBook yesterday what is your I did too old for this moment. Mindless party until I get a man few years ago. Yeah I for some reason I've been out late and I was hang out with a much younger crowd yeah that's it right there right it really is that I can hang with them are wherever I can't it's it's going to be a rough night in a rough next day or till. But past felt like next to my vehicle. And somebody was concerned like a neighbor. That ambulance pop of Whitney and the like are you a right to make. It give you wake up outside senior like it too old to be do instead yeah Asia price say I'm too old for this I don't wanna admit this on the air to department of the though like no we think you not a felon Curtis and I know I just passed out they've probably got will attempt to kind of like. So over and capital for the hospital. Like no old man you probably fell amid broker have used his apostles who we did tech guy you put it will your drug a little too much third. 7665000. What is your I'm too old moment over some of the people who faced what they say almost. A lot of people are saying the exact same thing that we just say that when they realize that through their thirties and you can't party like it's going one anymore it's just it's just that's just you just can't do that there's one right here this thing took her daughter and her friends to the roller skating rink for thirteenth birthday says she was 37 at the time that's when she realized she's duel the days I. I have to admit I get that because I went to the roller skating retooled woke up in pain the next day. They wrote fresh what was your items to all the unmet blue dress. OK I cannot do because I'm too old line skydive. River rafting bungee jumped BM makes might dirt bikes. And stared Jacob crap that's why he body shop Gingrich three weeks or has kids. They give you salt and others broad brush. Outside the Ryder lists in Canada and and he keeps a list by the phone with Harry prepared very prepared at NATO what is your I'm too old for this moment. Yeah I probably about five or six cheeseburgers today and probably like two or three out of those fibers net Ian yeah I you know I navy ship and had a cheeseburger. Us. It's murders. Yeah I'm only 22 so maybe not too old or at but I feel like a might be getting close does is gonna tell tells you Nathan you're not going to be happy. Nick what was your I'm too old for this moment. I'll. I had a year we've all kind of they can't do anymore and kick your ass dude I've done it before too even now even now I try to even get close to the mosh pit them like you know. Only get hurt the most cost and the back to rest the old people Specter and what is the latest being look at those kids have Derek get what they're doing those damn kids. Ride what was your I'm too old for this moment. Breyer orders. It get worse. I can't swim news. I used to get swept. This link let got a breaths. Yeah the energy. Maybe they're delusional right now yeah I don't know Ryan there's probably. All. Are right the only eight. But he's right right that he can't think is next talked if you real tough if not you'll be even talk on the phone because I can't tell a radio show low braves I can get you know those goose bump looks like the whole worm film looks you re going to look at yes we now I still read those announcing a deal and AM to launch its 440 funny that.