Thursday, September 6th


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Podcasts and that didn't show him show him. Dude I can't believe I just spent the IE and they yell. Living this and boils. It's. The good friend of mine's only a it does that's why try it out. Myself. We just can't. All the testing on. You don't like Dennis Green things isn't screaming my front door always wanted to give those easy. It feels like there. And you lay on it. Together really that sells scrap. This through is the ever but you buying those products off TVC did deceive them work. No I didn't. I know you talk about that at the galleria has that store five I've glanced in there and I didn't do a few of those in my life but as far as a -- grabbing your phone up and on the 1800 number for the products have or even just go to one of the stores and in Indian buying it like like do I go in the stores all the time I never buy anything there's a couple probably so they scene and then I'm like I should buy this. But I know what's cracked. I'm most packet to do anything that's kind of thing where those essential oils like a bottle what will look back that up what the hell is that exactly so volatile oils or Blake it's just say it's like can now control only the be used for refer different medicines you can use them for the effort for cuts and scrapes accompaniment accuser you in the different oils and different smells or suppose we do do different things for you in your body your house when I don't know dude I don't I don't thrill not a slightly stuff smells so moment it put it in there and miles and Soledad that's inputs hey whatever makes you happy that I guess I don't know if it's executed change anything or give me a good positive vibrant energy whatever but I'm willing to I'm open to at least. But as for the stuff for the at the stores I don't think any of that stuff works. And there's like a few things that work. Think he'll bless him I was in that one in the mall they had something I was curious about it was and maybe you had an evil it would the last three wood in there. Oh it's been a little while they had this little I would never use this but they have this little gun and it is for bullet here wet out myself I've seen that I've seen. Consider our pop open to keeping that would work I'd anything dangerous if he's very dangerous because doesn't it just like it it sucks without it's like a vacuum right. Down off I want to stick out in my ear. And we should get one. It doesn't seem odd look I'll tell you what if we if we do if you're seriously if your if if I would try that I would cause I wanna see if it actually would work. I would just think it before it what you with a Lulu got to do if they get it dear dear literally splits terrible because it does that's probably not a good video thing. And yes the CNET thing or you put a you'd like to be pushes through and it's like a hard boil link but it kills it in like one swipe so. I saw something a little different words you crack PA game and you put it in this like silicone thing is like there's a whole there's like six or seven on you crackle the Asian put him in there and and then you put him in the water. And you boil them in the silicon thing you just squeeze it out you have a hard will they sort of builds and worry about is just done that you see that on TV I actually I saw out of Facebook's I guess the same kind of thing be out. She of those order works. It does well like any theories they a topic got. What isn't the best of the worst things that maybe you've actually physically picked up your phone and called as seen on TV or you win one of these stores. And I'm curious about them these products. You don't what would buy what. But was WP you putt when you're in the toilet. Is stupid things are called the blue powder. If noticed call I don't know but I wanted to be called that and other Islamic party Carter Bonnie putter that's. It was this why he Ponte also sold as as seen on TV that's the when he put your feet on when you go to the bathroom all right since it's the wanna do thank you help she was answering the best way that's the one that it was a Cathy Griffin was endorsing. That's right I wanted to or else somebody just Texans at the screen door things socks off bombs and I'd really really was thinking about buying that thing let's go up 7665009167665000. What did you blah it's awful. Like maybe get suckered into our may be the best decision relied did you feel as it is these you know these Clinton products yeah I know MIT or rats and of these products I'm worried you may not work the good the bad the ugly. 7665009167665000. What else they got out there they had the sham wow. Oh she did. Seattle built that ever worse I don't know that would keep everybody wanted to look I bought I bought towels that are similar to the show moment that absorbed whole bunch water those worked okay. All of Jessie ball the that anything we were talking now did Jesse did it work. If I am or. And I mean you know there are a little bit off that but I mean they are what you violence that I do. Yet mr. Obama by the state. We're at what was it. It was nineteen and I respect the and then like Chile later that but it being on that went that night and I predict the book I would do it for me it doesn't help them market is that maybe others. But when he dismal or its open. Our mouthpiece. Among mistake I Jessie Dave's barbecue they had. The EUU two to you crack an egg is put in this little thing put the microwave they would it would cook the egg I regret it but pop well can be read in the armed. Maybe I would guess yeah it would look do we would look like good egg for McDonald's or something. And they think they still sell them some we just Tyson I forgot about this thing to shake weight oh yeah I think you look at your jail India. Mashed potatoes Garcia video for the guys I guess that turns on the streets there. It. Joseph would you like MTV. So I actually thought that being in my you just don't know what our bull stakes. And he put him in the water. Yeah at acting as or or some scientists had somebody else's that it works. All of C I tried united put their whole a whole new I didn't really stood out politically. It didn't all workaholic GAQ not all that stuff. And I read and were supposed to put that the oil and its use I think I'm gonna get it anyway I still wanna try it out. There were imminent now I have to reach out trying to let us know what you think he's somebody just texted in this knows sucking thing okay. All are so there's this thing I don't think this is an as seen on TV product but there is is probably I had for my daughter. When she was in which was a baby so to take its you know runny nose or would try to get all that's not out seasick this'll straw on their nose into other and goes in your mouth. It's not this not out of her nose do it works. It doesn't get in your mouth there's like there's no waking getting your mouth or whatever to block the I know it sounds disgusting but when your do when you're Qaeda is duck is like cannot breathe in the stuff is coming out it's genius truck I was securities fraud the snot out of him. Sauce that's not right on the nose. Don't make your lips after you say that that's disgusting. And elation and yeah. We got it this break but I am I am curious because we actually double life that was talking at the easy screen. That's one out at all. That is good the bad area or maybe it's the ugly the miracle water went ahead in the squandered money and the squatted cloudy and eighty bucks of the Burma as seen on TV he went more of these stories. The good bad the ugly mood for your your story 7665000. Wounded two more about six minutes.