Wednesday, July 18th


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The DM get past due to object that didn't show. Comedienne Taylor Tomlinson talks about how being in your twenties who is just the worst. I'm not great so far. I wasn't making any permanent decisions and neither one is like having a virus could thank you. Of the way and so your better. Everybody uses the best years of pure luck. Of the best years of your whole life and I'm like I just isn't fast and happiness toilet paper. I bet your money is temporary pointless dating here's why isn't like watching satanic grin and then they gonna Wear you down man. His first start we're looking up and cars and virginity now or. I'll Ellison girls my own name you know lastly one of whom told me she's writing a memoir at 23. The template I don't know. You imagine why in your twenties you do it better have been murdered like. You are murdered are that you do that Iran did not for the sharking can't surf and know that. OK Harold and I think the Tories were the best times in my life I love my points by admit I was that was the brokers have ever been young and but it was also the most carefree it was just less responsibilities. In care so much about I mean I was deathly in my career mode no matter what but still I was it I felt. Think I had more freedom. And that's the thing being as porn now. At your age as you are your twenties you would diets of stress that Tony's got steppingstone. Yeah but that doesn't that doesn't make him give it doesn't make them great if I would hate him great doubts. Literally you should screw up and do all the bad things she wanted that are gonna happen much most things in your twenties and look learn what it's like to be broke so that you don't ever get to be broke again. Holy crap man if I was as broke as I was in my early twenties right now. And it would be awful being news noodles in the microwave hundred I don't I would have I would have roommates there's no way I mean of their own good but there's no way it did take care of myself and to reach. Adds that's crazy. I'd hate getting the party that your system like it's. I was fooled puzzle harder your body goes on the twenties unity can almost eat what you wanna yes you could you could break all of my you know go off to a three hours asleep get back up ready to go it's only if you ever liked you you'll learn Lara has got there yet when you get older -- it's easier than an outcome harder if we got the I'm the guy started to realize that dressing them parting is awful man I can't I cannot drink but there's days I'll stay up to 2 or 3 o'clock in the morning during was on my buddies by killing crap the next two or three days. That's a nightmare I'd ever I was thought I was crazy by a memo there for a couple days he has a get Oreo that's kind that's true that's a real man that's why when you get older the longer the older you are the longer hang offers are I just started mileage finally point three but I feel like this is kind of like. The best time in life because you're creating yourself you're creating your gonna be later on in life. You're your your your key for you specifically Larry you're creating a whole bunch of things right now you're building your career. Your Gerry dear your song on the show all these things that's what you need to do in your early twenty some people never do it. And Eric and I get a chance to do it all over into your weight well in a way it's terrifying to me do you think about your set the foundation for your career not that you can't go back to go back all the time the thirties and forties and change things what do you most of us whatever we can't read this about money into the twenties you're kind of stuck in that field and loop so you make three years you have that figured out pretty well. And don't don't. And he broke. Don't people and there's all this is what suit first year college or Revver they had signed up on campus trying to give you credit cards you know pretty assault at a meeting our student loans like it's you gotta be really careful you could. In the you know the government indeed that the government but just society in general wants you to be broken in debt. So that you continue to work and work and work and pay your bills and in the live in that system of just constant debt and what that constant that works cycle of socks. It's a hustle so how. I think I enjoy another reason I'd say injury too because a lot of the friends that your average warnings we're gonna have different life and go in different directions. Not that you don't like each other you just don't have time for each other Asian families there's a lot of my friend really in my twenties and I'm not friends you'll figure it out most of my friends that I had in my very early twenties I. Hate him. There are other warriors v.s the garbage on the planet I'm not. I've made my real friends allows like 25 point 627. Those early twice screw those guys yeah I agree they are pieces of garbage. As early Tony's friends are the ones they're gonna go away you're like yeah yes the late twenties early thirties when you those friends that you make are still have. From maybe high schooler your early Tonys are going to be want to stick around Seattle is real real. France is that you always fun when your older talking to those friends that take it about the reminiscent of the Taiwanese government through this. Editorials crazier that I have I got acutely needed that out how he gonna JR Graham and that would jump the stupid thing yeah those that has good times are reminiscent of that stuff this is all really just advice for your all this play if he's listening right now like. Yeah you're gonna have a good time to your friends that you have now and it's. There than normally suck it is it is true like the Mike is probably they are listening right now that just enjoy this time even all other ass about stuff because on their father and I need them sit in these focus on some sort of career goals and things. I want them to enjoy their life right now party it up have fallen. Enjoy yourself just stop leaving aside girls are probably in the side door was copied my god damn food and pay the bills. Those of all I ask for cleanup out. You're so the biggest challenges all the crazy things you do it here Tonys and not into that could mean think about one mistake. It's over a prisoner dead. That's true our follow or you had to put them a felony and it's makes a little more difficult down the line for you mean are much I'm lucky to or you can be really stupid in your early twenties. And get married right away like who wants to do that my knowledge nobody's nobody's from first marriage that happened in the early twenties should count against now Mike never. And they never really last either jealous or you don't want this corrupt party too hard because easily service CEMIG rom one mistake you do you lie whenever it may be. Your whole life is ruined. Or you can bet that or you can be party and one night you know you really drunk and you know two weeks later in the girl president she's pregnant and then realized really over the big rally stroke would give us 21 -- life is stressful now hi Alex. Hey guys. If I let it everywhere and on the way to work. I'm twenty years old now. I so RT I work with Arctic Euro states super stressful haven't Ian has played. While I'm so young and haven't worked to try and harder than everybody but and I am always broke and it was just really I'm hearing from you guys think it's the time to learn to do it now it has made me feel really happy. Develop your craft yeah doctor Kraft right now because you might be working double hockey might be working your ass off and make you want dissident Ali. Are these cells that's what I wanted to heal the very best I wanted to I don't wanna retire area. 45 you know for you you know what I wanna deal. Alex you mean you know one by one of those pop up camper is do let's talk. Due to our I was spared Pacific currently. My umbrella. Our message like that Wal-Mart they got a tapering at this break I'll find a veteran in your field and if he had like a mentor ran down and let it. How old are these since I was ordered the pilot pal my mom died and I was still well. It's I'm just trying to do his thing and make it look at the debt without other vices that he got you know. Perfect focus lucky and it but. But pay burrow pat even if isn't the same direction due and sells two year old segment in also wrote me one other thing Alley student but do you do not do not just consume your life with work man enjoy some of your life can help their party it up a little enjoy being Tony okay because your regret that when you get older you don't. Enjoy this time to be a little bit of a jackass. Arguing it I know what you got you mad because you re pissed when your your thirty silicon based on and so much stuff cause all I did was work enjoy your life a little bit too OK I take you very much appreciate the call.