THAT DAMN SHOW | 420 FUNNY 6/22/2018

Friday, June 22nd


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But can see that game show James Shields and so there's no list delta they have these top kids sexual fantasies. There's a girl and Syrians and now it's all our we're talking about the if you so request to sit on the couch conversations could go in that direction we can't cater to the our guest it feels plans swim plan that's. The plan has actually I think we talk about was intolerance at 4 o'clock you know it and they was planned a top ten sexual fantasies you're ready. Three sons who who was on the list that's the prize is now they'll hammer I'm not. Then there or Don I'm sorry I easy and you can get an undo that I'm trying to it's your birthday weekend. Make that passed 7665. I'd like to be a threesome of my alma pockets we think he's so and a and food desert does let's not do that now what exactly looking for you looking for and WW NW am and MM weight. What can for not endless as move on please wouldn't know little speak again. Not a sexual fantasies number two on the list people in uniform doctors nurses cops firemen. I was a firefighter wants only for the whole uniform they let a girl dresses so I'm weakest look at firemen ever you dress is the fire. Yet she won immediate fire fire and I want there just aren't desperate look in firemen were you looking for furiously man. It's like what she put all what did you where did you have someone like that he would probably did you Toys 'R' Us is opening up. It comes through from the Halloween store. I don't. All right he can't hear me anyway mile below is a fire chief so IA I stole his helmet on. And yet to have worn a helmet on right. I mean did start in the it's what you role play and yet that start with more we have to paint the picture of how when I reported a beauty gold equivalent from. I am a mud on the ball brush your picture I know. Leonard NIH all right there's candles and somebody needs to put out these candles okay so who shows up. But in the firefighter golf and I had a helmet on sand and his suspenders and pants. I didn't have to learn a little heavy jacket on because that. Until bestseller that thing's heavy again sexual fantasies of number three on the list outside lovemaking. I've been there and done that. They and it's fun let me do a Michael maligned know quake hi Mike. They don't know how do I get a retirement sexual fantasy he had to Nevada this conversation. Or number 20 just told. But Dana gross he's super into role play in the bedroom. So nothing much it would meet the mud but she's been. If you'd been a nurse. Sudan police wounds been made its. Pretty chilly. Like like Laguna challenges even bigger. Are located she's now you say she's dressed will be named a bunch of different roles this you know this everywhere once a month. Want to. Now I mean that when the mood strikes him shade sent it back and I died so this thing today and and I really would include so are you internally you know back. Yeah Burris. So I did it move Newt and then the other day she says them. I'm an address felt probably coming from a movie out of it okay that we you know it on the news producer Leo yeah so bad for him she's constantly in yet. So did you just move Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz. I'm not yeah okay I'm done yeah yeah Halloween you dress like doors oh no I had a door he once was fun. As you could you do it okay now. Now the situation had good initiative checkered blue dress saying the ruby slippers and the whole nine yards right bounces lower right. Did it. But then coming out with Toto or alert. We're oh no no it's. No the dog yeah. It's always a stuffed animal excuses being in the role. Though you know she borrowed a dollar iTunes final. She Bart Ritchie Brothers from. I know one word. Why should wait what it would did what was the purpose of the dog saw men's disagree Mikey and does it please tell me that calls for Bo the dog wasn't involved in again to write this wasn't a threesome. I did I just stood melanoma a lawyer but I mean OK I guess he thought I'd be indoor or be in full. You have to have the dollar. I'm scared I was scared there for a second good JJ isn't stuffed animal or is it nice to see if this week. I might she could just use a stuffed animal I've never seen a current carrier stuffed animal and got. The real thing it on your role playing and I'll. Look if there's if there's one thing about it is see them doing it burying. Perhaps jobs you know the whole equation monologue always battled since she's one of the real dog. Oh hole less is well I got to coalesce is again. Don't question non that would throw me off of somebody brought in a real animal and and it wasn't sexual so we know that's a good but she's usually an character did you law. The president and I just read all of this school continue. To definitely here. But the dog out the door so. It's not my thing is is that. What is what does she do with the dog did seem like DC role play with the dog legged like this belt lines from the movie or something and then get rid of it like you don't need the dog for any of this. Now now associate head until the dog was in the back as your running in the basket. You know seriously you totally is authentic hole and had been done was large. You know once you open from the good little guard is inherently old grade you know time goes better than curtain and I wasn't into it so. But once you once you got. They're so wherever it was cool. Decide and ask this did you dress up to where you stress the as a munchkin Armenian man to win. Yeah cowardly lion I don't know. Alan I would probably go to flying monkey but I do. I to do it she. You know I didn't know what movies you just can't so until until she showed up start and I'm usually on much like the surprise me and I'd be surprised to atone rolls. What are filling us in this porno before. You probably out if that was definitely suited not a moment when I mean there's nothing wrong with what Dougherty was wired and any comedian he definitely sexy but I think the Dolly is on the area just don't think that led all role play. Yeah dad anybody out editors think about Bennett do lead solo home. Are you still. Oh yeah yeah look good deal breaker. A bit did you make your ruled. Like we we do role play a volley into Renault live animals. Could do that you may have what I should do not. Ill draw linemen on both for the best yeah I served notice he's. We've animals and are ready hey take the call Mike. You're doing better command now spells out that happened that was not well we don't. I don't do sexual fantasies and you learn to share bodies woman who brought total in the bedroom was trying to continue that the role player but not. Don't involve that would have changed that up. Do you think she told the person she brought the dogs and then it's in the the summit takes. He tells me and it all of my dollar you're not getting my dog yeah no no not use and why don't you are sick finishes. Weirdo. That was a lie I really bombarded with that thought into it had to be weird conversation. Yeah him are you don't you don't. Still why you can put out you don't do Plato and now I I've. I've had I have a friend whose overseas right now they said I can use their dodgy some I want to to go pick up chicks you know that. That's a legit friend I don't think she'd be like taken what are your dog. Because I want role play and you're done as India and like part of the scenery no absolutely not sounds okay nobody takes it makes is a journal. John Betts. Boy who looked good was that one could have went the that the term. It's over the journals of the cartoon. I don't know what exactly they never is that kind don't and I guess that never says they that got me was avoids them like what are your voice of a journal the rats there's like G force or something before she ever apology I've entered into two album in the gym on a dollar and Richard here tonight until I was going is usually synergies they were durables like yeah yeah Richard Gere or mr. slave. Mostly missed mostly Richard Gere I thought I think you can universally say your role play don't bring animals new animals. We all agree that was a weird call yeah weird column I am very there was a there was a list they are gone they're going to scrap that there are just takes it rough sex. Are my yeah. Some things style. Oh man. Fix or you know very well she had to tell the co orders the reason for Barnes dawns and you have to do and I 'cause I'm gonna question it immediately what do you need my dog for if you want to be somebody up like Ian said fine that's Bo lot then yeah they're probably lied. Like Charlie honest there's no there's no rational person on the planet and like yeah okay you can on my dog and I want it back in one piece but no you're gonna lie to get that dog will adult can't speaking imaginable dogs. Oh god. It was going to carry a little in under arms like the movie references are restaurant I do till the dogs and the Bruins he's a break cover Decker. She's weird very funny joke around. I'm still haven't of that call that I almost forgot visualize and it was weird stuff go to list podium finish an awful lot. Ali had to I think what you more below we outline to three to reform making a video as sexual fantasy and that's fun dominance submission. Next followed by toy raise the risk of getting called bondage. Same sex encounters and this is the one that. You worry about because some people go too far and taking out public and based out of a fancy more for terrorism. Alia save some of these are in fantasies they're just things that you do light outside and toys and bond and I just do those things those are fantasies I had a list that bring your dog. In dress up and play Dorsey that's not that's number eleven probably because of dead aren't news to folks. Along Aaron yeah. I must go computer. All this still could only that children and so crippled by. Has grown out of something called the self esteem movement. The self esteem movement began in 1970. And unhappiness say it has been a complete failure. Because studies have repeatedly shown that having high self esteem is not improved grades. Does not improve career achievement it is not even lower the use of alcohol and most certainly does not reduce the incidence of violence of any sort. Because as it turns out extremely aggressive violent people think very highly of themselves. I socio paths have high self esteem. Colonna Bob hey I'm. I love this kind of thing happens a leveling these politically correct ideas crash environment wide open and mouse. It is another one that they're the best. This practice of playing Mozart during pregnancy. So the fetus can hear it. It was supposed to increase intelligence. Data are. Their work all it did was sell a lot of CDs and press off a whole lot of pieces. I've missed a guy ideas there I dudes he caught ten years ago. Why is that is that clip from ten years ago plus yeah its firm was 2008 album. He's our ten years after he predicted exactly where rat right now what people mean. So sensitive and upset because you have to protect ever own self esteem that prove that smell of your Dahmer uglier fat people should tell you. I don't think people should tell Cuban people's intelligence people single ideal. You know late just avoid the topic which if you're fed don't call somebody in fact is they probably know if you're ugly people know that broccoli being nice about it in Regina my. How are you Heidi tells them when they're ugly in a nice way Jessica yeah I'm sure be nice you just don't talk about doesn't exist hello yeah I don't I don't want to go your ugly. Well Ian does. Not Brazilian Gelman look doubles make upon. Maybe that we think we've got next to water into our face is completely different ago. Yeah nice little montella. If you put your face back on. Yeah how you say at this so hard you don't ever in the morning. That's not nice it's nice guy you know. I don't know I'm kind of object. Buddy good Karla thought about protecting people's feelings and it's almost like beginners like the participation trophy thing and it's raising that kind of an offense and we bring this applause like. What Mullen you'll have turned into right a lot of kind of what he is saying is that's what this led to as we. Protect everybody self esteem and protect their feelings in every way that we don't get a bunch kids who don't know what the world's really like. I blame our generation I do until it is our fault the only guy I still do it's a does this day and I should stop but my daughter although I've changed a little bit but I do. Architecture at timbers a murder at the game. What do you do. I'm happy of people customers have said that we yesterday are maybe the day before was not written in the manager of the spy. I'll kill our guys we've talked about what was going on our lives of many it's a message you were unprofessional and as Bob about a a lot of like a rally really we just upset you over something you do if you had the opportunity. But this always did that's what this show is is we talk we talk about what's going on in our lives and in at the radio station and on the show let's blood we do if you don't understand that why the hell do you listen to a well I've got an idea we have. You know linked to tell us why you wanna be here so maybe you meet people that London bitch and complain about things we do or say. We set up another code word cry. And the winner like tells why I'd consider cry because I love it that's a great idea text cry. Think through 515 and you can go sit and cry closet in cry about what are the television like we do on the show. I really hope we can do they didn't really tied to promote alternate for obvious personal and he would get a text cries does not letting these elderly out of here. Hey whatever gets it right pretty guess I'll I'll go and cry brother 65 or vitality that late yeah we do I've become a how to make it. I don't know we're just it was a closet at a base runner wrestling hall right outside the studio there it'll it's that's a big one has plenty of room for them the layout in and gain in finger their life found crying all of how they want him to chair their form postal address and a corner down pat it. Yeah because that way I mean then I can get mad. Just to do or you just use one of the bathrooms are very good. Well you know if we have this they're gonna make one of those markets it was a remarkable the cheers on the floor.