Wednesday, July 11th


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Podcast plug it doesn't next game you shouldn't very funny joke around. Comedian Jonathan Metz talks about Disney world in August and. So anyways I'm humble and not listen Florida and it's hot but my family also designed to gonna have a daily reel him in August. You know Brothers sisters nieces nephews I sing but I insist there's nowhere to go make. And they decide Disney World. Is the best place MP in August. They say it's a happy place. When I'm singing game. It's it's not. Didn't really win 95%. Humidity and what do you do that's sad. Oh I don't know let's take a big man who. No. And yeah yeah yeah. Yeah. Are sailing in the. Yeah. Not. It's not just him I've been to Disney world in July it's it's so bad Manhattan. Imagine my god dude there's a picture now may never see this picture again but my Emeril live my aunt and uncle to the big group Lotus it was I think it was in July. Disney World. And I got so overall control in LA fossil look you really have walking the most my tip toes and my dad at the end of the day he cannot remember we park you know for this to feed 311 it Allen was. Couldn't I get so bad I'm so overall I sit down and a puddle could just there's rain I sit down and upon hull it's obviously gas coach. I'm still awful experience I really went back cents. I'd tell him I was gonna take my daughter to Disney land at the end of the event of the month for her birthday and a change our mind because not only because of people in the building but even listeners texting me in messaging unfreeze Hussein you don't do it. It's going to be hot as hell at the end of July not only is it going to be crowded but it's going to be hot you're going to be miserable trying to find out where complete and can you imagine do you like to be a character. All I know god does for people there's no way do you know what I think about that it's got to be worse in Florida because if that they humidity yes thanks in our custody because they have guys that dress up in customs in New York City in the middle summer to. It's ninety degrees and humidity is like 90%. Didn't see any. I don't that they need to have more hours to make it not enough not enough to know you weigh now know known and unknown not the nineties characters that they have because I. I don't think there's a bit any kind of fan might even end it like Pluto as a bad a very big nose big a fan right Matt knows loan write your face yeah they should. But I doubt that all. That is what you documented how horrible those costs from smell. And they I don't I would love to know if you've ever been a character how often they wash them and once you get paid to he had to share with somebody. That's a great question that's gross yet that you probably do like OK Jeff you are you're going to be Mickey from like six to eleven. And then we're gonna put Jeremy in the other ones from like eleven says to you is that I. I don't that's going to be a blast they they they they got to like not just let one guy and dresses and give it to the next guy Craig men's certificate because I'll be well again this still got Josh on it I'm sure they grow so I'm sure they have they have multiple character cost well and also. And that case though you may like let's just it is one costume EL you're adored days and he won't night tonight I'll learn nice but nice to meet you wanna have to Wear the other guy slam. Crap alone it's gotten out now thinking about that they can't believe they have to rotate wash and clean them. Guarantee you really think they don't have like fans and this is got a ton of money made there I don't know how they treat their employees but never heard anything bad so I would think that they put something in there to keep them cool idea I don't I don't treat them bad but I heard as far as you know rules or whatever they are strict as hell. Well I language they well they will go. Eight Echelon you if you regularly tiny little busy you know ally of the plate yeah that's right you can't play it through with two fingers or you know we hostility do you view your whole hand right as noted it's either two fingers or your whole hand at all has he hated that the ball when he exerting hated them finger pointing I don't know but I don't know I always felt bad for them like idea I. I didn't appreciate it growing up because I was little. A minute didn't wasn't housing maybe eleven but when I got older and those people are miserable I mean this is the last overall. More on this story. I feel there is I've really heard this story before you got a key part about your record you have your favorite yeah with the show bad deeply felt that was about how big I was eleven or maybe eleven or twelve that I get back to the hotel room and I'm bag and my mom to put just some kind of powder or something on me out a letter I didn't care so. Fired the story. He talks about you know is he does what is chafing or whatever and how is mom had a powder him now and then got. How much how all every year we like seven no I was in seventh grade I can. Empower yourself. Hurts I don't I've never in my life experience to cover pain I did that day until the civil role everywhere I want I don't know of Israel but for you guys are walking like this thing bowl leg and I would imagine. Sitting in puddles I hated everything I don't wanna ever elected dizzy but really you couldn't put the powder on yourself to an eighty but I I've heard so that. Here so I just message me and I am not buying this at all because what they say so ludicrous they say. You have to dry clean it out of your own money I don't believe that is good you know there's no no anyway I mean I mean maybe they reimburse you then. And it is still. But I died I don't think they made a lot I think. I make more than the people and in those look costumes I don't know I don't know what I mean think from what I understand they're just they're actors so with the giggly you audition for that mr. gates and you become an actor people get stoked about who they are like come on make a key. I had actually probably want the I guess my children have goofy I could put that our Reza Maine are played Nikki and didn't. And Shaq there under a mask I don't know I'm just saying and mother called down you know Disney dad call as maybe don't wait for ten hours I don't care. All way or US army right now. I would seriously though I really wanna know what it is they do. How they clean them and in in if they do have fans or somebody in those customs they can't there's no way do you think like who replaced me because that's probably the biggest killer finally as he think he looks down on like the other care I would if I was making ebitda and keep its. Yeah here yeah she asks. If some goofy accent there.