Friday, April 13th


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Podcasts plug game isn't the next day. So we're building here in scream. And all the line we're going to be talking way is crystal crystal is the eighteen collar and she's gonna have a chance to wire win take his emotional cursor hang up I crystal. McChrystal Lotta people are said he Il and you know you little lucky here on Friday thirteenth to be the eighteenth collars so these are really get tickets yet these are big. Rick say that it. It's the investigating gear right now he the year to date passes on Saturday and Sunday you're gonna go to aftershock again likens the repeal a stroke says onto elsewhere. Or hang up your getting these tickets just play the game tells upon shocked Bellotti and you're going after Shia. Through the each question you have multiple choice again if you get it correct. The McCain hang on. The first time I was on six I just wanted to see how you reacted to different sounds and as you know different thank you get it makes you stop yeah okay using equipment on. Yeah I can it get any real quick I'm sorry Chris loosen up their present and pay Lara. There are so that we have that we never tested before on the program and that is if the remote control works from your box and be on the went over there. Let's let's I don't know how I live at. Nothing you just gotta keep the shock collar around now that we're working on to stay where they don't think I'm still disappointed that Fatah discount Joseph Biden didn't get a shot. The name change through just let her do it well Larry you know yes. Mikey was it. Help and help crystal you yeah zapper this time but I'm okay now the G-8 Lara you don't engineer Mike if you read the glass you can see a reaction. Yemen yeah I political target so I hope you how do you crystal you because his potential dissect Karzai crystal were like kids here OK he's tracking it very easy. All right here we go first question. What year did Weezer play aftershock here's your choices a 2012 B 2015. C 2014. And a and 2007 thanks so sky. Shot. Is Mikey did you see do you think it's it's again. There's an SEC I think sent me that's correct now. I just gave him the figure. John is great for her smile let's go sit president Phil gray bird Dominique he knows she's on the Michael look at her fans know Bernanke didn't why didn't have. Her birthday I know we saw don't care how I'm ever happy birthday Lara nobody cares. Well hi crystal what I do us what energy drink is associated with the aftershock here she touches. Monster energy that's all of its own as I would drink that is quest stupid monster recession if they mobster energy yeah. Moms sisters energy drink. I'd just tells white trashy. A monster energy drink stay or. Energy drink and I stared these monster all you think you're lucky you could. If he's. More political party called amber. Nice to easily interact center Brandon was a little. Let them or as assailant has stuff sometimes sucker born with a more. While her parents. How much you pay per hour for that. Test don't worry about fashion where are they did have tones from you Joyce's Sacramento California for that place this Sydney Australia now Westbrook Kentucky now Jupiter now. Tip. These are super Sacramento it can be all right crystal which you Joyce stick it in Sacramento shot that. Sack crystal watch a beer on woman stop listening to this that this man be independent can you hear me crystal it's Akron no it's not you want it to. But what a child learn a Phillies he might hold but longer than I think that's the what year did appear to dead man play aftershock. I actually these questions what years so there's the music 2015. And 2017. 20122014. Every year or never be. Garrett angry would be yeah. But at least know how that's important that yeah that's you sound like crystal this. I think the bluntly. Do exactly what puts you in the hot sometimes they're good what do credibility yeah. Crystal don't care she got tickets are taken titled can the wizards tickets. What's your tickets are you sure muttered under her glamour. How many stages will be an aftershock this year crystal a fifteen stages B three stages see go stay. Or. Eight. I got tired out but yeah I don't think they do I want. I'm John got them out what is the we don't know how many states they haven't announced that you're going on Monday the tradition three seasons every year more and try and we need to make better questions as well as the wouldn't butter knife sharp way over here righty Steve asked questions about Lara. It listed on the microphone well you know they I win on the map on after Zach as well dot com they have three stages yeah I looked already shot him again no doubt. She did a way to get my shot him again for the does he makes no sense. Don't Kurtz don't and or to drop it no cars collection tell you also can cost. My opponent thinking he'd be happy to hers had to take a negative into my son my present I saw him myself as we were banking on. No work no there's still a dog collar around my neck Erekat what was really got more questions. Belichick first though. Biggest air play after shock you 2016 yes or yes. OK we got another button what she's told it long enough you won't stop that's good. Yeah I I have no idea why don't you shut up people they should hold the button down longer. Hey have you people are saying and do you gonna have to shoots me you can trust doctrine of not getting into the quiet. There he hates bush and stops pushing each other grown OK you don't attitudes I've noted that lets just say. Shot it's. Day did we announced. The Utica for bands for aftershock 2018. This Monday the ninth of April. Four score and eleven years ago not that came to get that right tomorrow. Or six months ago as your choices of stated. Hey I know this. You gotta love it. You don't want it. Bloody days electroshock and 2008 GB 459 days two days they have day. I'll take Tressel I have a question thirty days I question crystal are you are you planning on bringing anybody kid to this. We heard you rebrand. Can't they don't lie I had my sister and her husband than. Leases are your sister and her husband breakup. Home alone I went there just right. It today or yeah you're right he's number. I see it hold it down longer now. It's just a. And. I gave it his forehead look at that Blair is like angry when she doesn't need. I got a real somebody she would enjoy this man and we're told that Lara apologized for. On this I think we'll do Kris Lara and what their policy 200 is burned them memorandum of the beatles' era but it's at least out once or twice a month you get to have a birthday again I don't think here I. Like more than you should this is the highlight of my year I know you hate him more than anybody else in the entire building to the super world. World oh perfect Jeff smoker while. And Kim Jung I'm still taken right to keep your worst thing Kim Jong. User are watching a live with them. This here and enjoy being shocked they according to lie detector test he does beat no crystal. It's just GoDaddy and now I know he doesn't know. Yeah the last question now does not have it. This is very tough call this the toughest question on the entire paper Oakland can't wait says he uses to pay attention to racial hate the I silence Hamilton is Michael silence me touched. Did. Do you get a blister wanna go to aftershock crystal yes or no chase. Yeah actually going to stress. Congratulations crystal you know that's where you do not hang out you play the game you're getting to take its aftershocks for the whole weekend Keolalai got to get some info. Lara had so much from of that. Dan. Thank.