Tuesday, June 12th


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Podcast plug it doesn't next game. I think we all grew up. Maybe we still do we should draw more. When you have someone who dare you to do something. I you know there's never really got to me if someone dared me and these are not want to put. Now now do that I'm not dean they're really want to warn that there was a pay out. Like you made only about a fifty bucks is that that's more enticing right yet if he had there the little bit more toughest depending on the there. Now there's a moron. Who's friend Betty and Tony bucks to do something and at target. We'll suddenly something we would do not on this LeBron you know always and another big thing too far for EM IRS I don't know let's analyze it. A man who told police his friends dared him to expose himself and his store was arrested and charged with indecent exposure on Wednesday. He'd hold police. Did air quotes there yeah. Who he told that his friend's day OK whenever I I'm gonna exist now without knowing any more this story was gonna say it. Sounds like a lot do you think he's because decree per hour yet he discerned through told police that until the blues among friends but I mean to do whatever that's what I think happened these. Two way why year old is released Thursday and last week on a 3000 dollar bond on May 22 three women. In three separate reports told the Ocala police courses out of Florida Karzai her then it that a man exposed himself to them that target the first woman said she weighs in need the hall Decourt section when she noticed someone behind her. He says he then looked over at the person. He saw a man and his. John because twang thing you know this play out is hey you know this playing out. She reportedly is it good target employee but they've turned around and called the police. And they fit what does that she was in the another woman a second woman since she was in the cold food section which he turned around saw a man exposing himself. The third problem is that she was in the clothing section. What a man walked up and expose himself. Target boys found the man and today jam which I I don't know if that means I get it can you imagine being detained at a target. Who can technically good can entertain you or nothing and nobody. I'm Ben and targets live like one cop just. David Manning now that one near the station over here's dad that that's you tell me about that how does the Wal-Mart or target Pacificare. That criminal yeah there's a cop out they're most of time it's it's up front yes it's because people are probably being arrested like three or four times today and there. You know that that's a really and market for the federal. But he Opel apart the tickets could that they got a buddy Wal-Mart or target Britney is go. That's the best announce terror in its. Older women at the same pretty much story turn around there's a man who's playing out. The woman gave the officer you know the same description elves who identified the suspect in interviewed him at the store. I hope it was like India the meat section. When that call and put it okay. Which anti tobacco groups whoever you imagine that his wife goodbye and done I'll ideal ideal Algiers talking isn't guy you would you junk. The PLO accord itself. They don't believe he was at the store with friends when they told him they would give him forty bucks if he walked around a targeted exposed himself I can look at everything gonna do is does one point dead. We always is on the play this guy's a liar. The because there's gospel crap he admitted to walk around ability was his. Playing out to play out. Target officials told the officer they wanted the traffic past the guy knew they did. Youngsters got a warrant and picked him up on Wednesday which out of what they can do it all on the same day but not seem like you just don't watch the camera and Mary isn't just finds out since he's the hate. But the like get out that all the evidence is there on video. That are bad while. Fell on a diet and everything like that I'm not that kind of creep for neither is the end but verb for for money. With the craziest dare you ever done Mikey I don't feel I've never. And there for money really the only dare I can think of that has ever kind of come with me and my friends and I got instant karma on this. We I was paired with a couple of dudes to it to. Dine and ditch basically dine and dash at a Denny's in Ohio when I was there in the data and it was raining and I think I may have told the story before we are running. On the other side the park I was a little hill in this little hill let us to an apartment complex from my buddy lives. So we ran jumped over the book the little gate thing that was there that could to protect you from all downhill. And it was raining I landed slid slid all the way down the hill enemy tore ligaments in my knees or instant karma for me I'm never been a big dare me to do something guy to come on into an am I gonna do it. What's he crazy is Darren damage you've ever done 7665009167665. Double up that we get them when we got some people that are crazy things. I don't even though I would calling it a dare because there's money involved is more like pay for my services. Because Quayle again and has a way because I can remember a couple things one is I think it was. January 1 we're having a New Year's party and we rent a Condo on the beach and it is. It was about to maybe point nine degrees outside it's almost midnight we're on the beach drinking because that the you know the party in the Condo was getting a little bit to rally so we all decide to step aside smoke. And my roommates who I was not paying rent at the time I just started in turning with you. And I was working a restaurant job that I just gonzo had been paid yet they said we will cover your next few months Freddie stripped down and go in the and go in the gulf for a thirty seconds just swim around. I was like is it another we must. It's much can be said to my friends are I didn't yeah yeah let's do that so I I guy Iran and I'll freeze and it like I'd like you'd eat ladies you know there's a there's an age old joke about it being cold yeah yeah. It was there was freezing so I mean I didn't but we read this Condo I didn't even fake. About anybody else that was staying in the resort to whenever I ran through the lobby up the stairs I did he elevate our ran upstairs Rand the Condo let me put my clothes back on so called and I ran straight shower turnout hot water on Iowa I was the worst rated free without too much how would do that for a few months hell yeah. Well craziest thing I had to pick up my mind for another between bunch of fifty bucks but I remember at and I got I was almost eighteen. I was at least I was at least the age of sixteen in and out of money goes it I don't know how this even started but. How all of bicycle. We have got to wrote into it behind the truck and we're either got back I think I bet you can get it I get this bead to fifty miles an hour. He was 35 it was for it was fast I get nervous fifty or 35 via a tunnel like I can't remember he hurt. No I actually pulled off while. But Google in any way down again dirt road that was that's scary yeah but that the flat tire was wildly at balls and come off I was I was I was scared to stop it. Intra kind of scare the hell out of me. May look at a money but I survived that. Thank you surprised. 7665000. Crazies here you've ever done let's go to who led Ginny hi Gerri. Papers and hype yes and I. I was wondering rivers comp you're right that they NN that when I was fourteen years old. I got dairy department is scary to sneak past the guards and kind mountain stage and then states dives into the crowded. And I did and I split my April fan who's been playing the night not caught. I did actually what happened was I was on top of that crowd I didn't know I can't put my face open apps are actually compared just like attract talent. And my first feeling bled like running down my neck how did you know interface. OK so when I amateur Guerrero and when I did it against my Atlantic. I'm really tall guy that I have faith in his faith in my mind that his state related. AM wow that's why oh why would you do a stage dive you turn around sea land on your back you'll notice that the rookie move. And eighteen I hope you learned from ads and a damn do you have dead if I did. Yes you are never good saves dive they did Jeff it's 765000. Was the crazy is there you've ever done let's go to sue all I've done this there. I I. Some ice there was. Became were in the playoffs and they play of Antonio mine and my friends dared me thinking one for my elbow. Or Monday if they didn't put my Chevy Devi and her belt on your program. It's. General mark May Day game winning layup she won. Somewhat like a native went outside but let David Levy battle for the job well I'm we ran around the block double bass sort of fun. Hello at least your man your word yeah good for you men but I don't know I'm trying. And they take yacht hijacked had their onetime house. I'm 25 does things like last year. As a few years ago with the hybrid island street negatives president of jumped. I love those taxes as I got do you want baseball scholarship to a school Louisiana. My coach's daughter went to the school to her and I became sexually active and my teammate dared me to have sex with her. On the coach's desk and take a picture permit she was game and it actually happened while. Policy to pay terribly big surge in heaven. There isn't thought. Hey Vegas what's crazy is very done. Bob I'm so when I was in my younger days OK they're idiots like Albert. And I still haven't to this day. Thanks for letting us know that right either just said well I think held there they know element I don't know what they're gonna payoff to this at all or was it just like he won't do it. Oh yeah I'll watch this. Now they dictate or and I kind of wanted to get it done. Yeah. When I went for both on our yeah my biggest. They'll win nightly news now thank you let's not talk to run now rob what is the crazies there are down. Oh other electric is there actually scared my buddy we urge him around sucking cock carton motorcycle cops and you guys ready. And I aired my Buddy Bell a tennis ball at the guy writing. And wind up getting pulled over by the cops beat her and what it your mama I'm trying to escort these guys carry the torch the Special Olympics and protests are some of skilled writer nick they kill somebody. While. You know what is charged as. We didn't get charted bank say he might. What you don't have that you talk to us but let me make eye contact news broke off and went right back while it is true. Yeah got a little lucky on that you didn't happen. They hear rob I would think that we give it our brought that topic of we ever did we are pregnant go what it whenever you some calls on the crazy thing you heard it from buckeye Alia that sounds like there was a little bit we used to do that we may you know located. OKR. I never got it present oh. Chenault welcome this film doesn't sound like you did because he heard born my three years ago. Logan what I'm afraid that this question why you asking how come I'm Hannah Howell radio. Logan. Logan are there. I'm glad I'm I'm not gonna we're with the kids like that he's a dang it the end load in the the question the crazies Derry you've ever done what is it. Chris. My. He'd get me. To tell you and all 38 hopeful it would split. You write about freaking. Lunatic. Federal money winner reporter Greg and I thought that sleep much I get it. You go okay for you to give that money but Lieberman gravel says he did and I'm glad you asked cut your daddy is did I noticed is that brought down. And sent exec can't come on I just you know island they all. They give money they really dead man. Thanks thanks for calling in Logan. A little worried when immutable thing and certain there would have days or need to get dance. We'll thing I don't regularly and it's honest I don't dog or does not mean that time Bill Cosby in their Baghdad killed Hamas and we total authority. Dave. Crazy theory are done. Grade they're used to you're locking me remember you talking only to relax enjoy this Sammy ran between when. So you have to boost your self. Like sexual assault that is yeah no that's not like you need my 881 and 18 grade find whatever but still no. I don't say I'm not I'm not saying it's okay yeah. I think Logan's listen and I think that's okay Iowa examines little kids listening they've thank you day if you. Given a bad ideas. Nick could use there is happening here I don't know we're big element she's apparently. Yeah so all of a clear because we're feeling a bit over the mid Favre. It would ranch the budget she'd been important to route running freely. Oh my god offers its. It's this is going. Don't know how I got married. But it didn't want it ought to go and look I gone along so it now. How much out of Salt Lake thank you. Right I'm really had no idea where this I'm going anywhere past couple calls I mean Graham that that Soria to weed out Jesus man all right good thank you thank you thanks snapped a lair don't go to dairy are one of my favorite things ever if you need air most likely they'll try and do it. But we see it being on the show called dear Larry and I actually held a scorpion nailing the hottest pepper in the world but. The one area that I remember rounds like. African six years old my little my cousins were telling me I JD curly hair off and I actually did I was five like viruses and I. Got my mom's for the cycle all my parents should just say Lara yes I dare you color your hair off OK like slightly tomorrow night coming. I think federal shall I do I change my name and off yelling GI Jane did a little pixie now I don't know that you're here there's there's a daring you to shave your head you just said. We have it on tape you say if you dare me most I'll do it and worth the money. What kind of money you can say I had a money involved you said have you Derek did she not just like you know there's a most likely I'll try and hey here's your McCain's call. They say listen guys I'm neither one of you heard the fine print. Sorry I definitely didn't but James the craziest thing when you heard general there. Hopefully that's pretty well he's that was insane man that was the best one I was in sixth grade and I was my cousin went there he is nature and I'll tell you how famous friends and their damage all the stuff firm for couple bucks. They had they said I've got dare you won't ground he's a gun from under the table and start chewing on a hill got a lot because I don't win I would just say this moment and raise no bitch all right. Now I did I did it would game the players something tiger tell us the.