Monday, March 12th


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Podcasts but Gibson's next game. All right I'm Mondays we liked him to mobilize and food to more than 7665009167665000. We do this thing won't creepy you're crazy. A lot of eagle on dates over the weekend and you know you you have some really weird experiences and Presley or some strange people. On this planet and we hear strange stories. If you're late reached it data over the weekend and it was a bizarre. Circumstance he can't figure out of the fifth leg category creepy crazy and then we got that third one where we got. Both forehand then it's a thing that is a thing so let's get to email they came over the weekend gone creepy crazy. And he made them I love. Hariri is the email print your crazy rules figure out opinions on the 27665000. I stroke Mikey and me and my name is Mac it. And I had a date over the weekend and I don't think I'm going to see him again so she's she like her she's done she's done already. I agreed to go wild with him after meeting him on OK cupid at the fedayeen got yes. And he seemed cool and we were talking about tattoos 'cause I have a few in and so does he and he showed me a taxi he got. A his niece is naming and footprint on its back. I mean don't people normally do that when they're older children yeah he said he has three nephews but. They're worried any tattoos of them anywhere. So I just thought that it was a little weird. So what do you guys think creepy or crazy so I can't imagine. Hey guys got band is new niece is named footprint and name on his back that's weird I think we're not a melodies where. It's a little weird is how a lot of questions I was she was on the phone because like OK it did is the dad is this kid's dad there. Because maybe maybe he's playing in the role that maybe this is his sister's kid and ended dad's not around and he's going to be a part of this kid's life I'm only given in the back of the doubt it's weird no matter what did not anybody's name tattooed dummy besides my own damn kittens are. Yeah you're the uncle dude that's weird now I have my daughter's name above my heart tattoo but that's the only name Oliver put on me yeah. I love my nephew I do I love him if he'd be needed anything this is a dare call came through an Alley and if so that my sister would do everything I could to dig everybody I'm not put to shame on me. GAAP disease or some thing I have all three in my case I don't know my mom's name tattooed on me it's only kids that cities like didn't significant other just had a name tattooed on you that's. Well you're guaranteed to break up on becoming a moment and luckily my mom or dad if they die Sacramento what do you think I. Let's just outside opinion 7665000. Or you can text us your 6515. Again this guy he's one big wind got it that is to niece's name on him right back with a good friend. Is it creepy in your opinion crazy are a weird how it's it's possible like you said there's more of the circumstances yeah because we could be missed may be the disk to maybe a life. We don't know I mean I'm still under an assumed yes based on the email but we don't focus doesn't really say I appreciate Lara actually don't see why this would be creepy or crazy I think it's just sweet. I think it's weird weird my. East yet great ear liquor yeah OK you know what I'm going creepy your creepy uncle. OK I need you guys with creepy your tattoos and that's it ended does somebody with thanks and maybe he's the godfather. Us an employee. That's one way to look at it I don't know that it's that it's I don't know that it's creepy. It's definitely a crazy it is a little odd know that he would give his niece's name and let me tell you law in different does it now. Fairly mean it's wrong no no not at all I don't think it's wrong I mean if this alien open that's what you have to do the nets then that's okay he's about to leave us any and three other nephews one any event aims. There hasn't it close connection bear for something that hasn't maybe maybe maybe you know maybe that the dad no longer in the child's life until they know that walked out the bad you know someone tragically happened to the data. He is gonna take on. You make good boy could be the godfather roll yeah I don't I mean without really knowing some of those things I can't say if it's creepy your craze I don't think it's crazy at all my my best I don't want my best friend is my is my son's godfather you have a catcher that I. I don't match actually or my son's name yet. My got Mike and his got closer still don't. All of total Luke Luke though it was his creepy or crazy about clean they both but where do you think this story lies. It's creepy. It's why he's. Okay good night and can't and I'll understand that. If there is it did get bit then did did you do any better out there understand that at my class a pain. I I get that I have another theory here from text her and I think as I pray for the golf this could be a this is this they met a dating site and this was their first date the F. Maybe that's actually his kidneys liner. Why why he has wanted to know this can't why why. Good to me you know there's some truth there's just a good parent there's some truth is this why would they just might now back to my daughter are not about one when I was. Don't illegally sold out just a single dad raising a little girl yeah it was there there's women they told evenly it's hard it's hard to find a clear single guy. Taking care your your kid so I eat you know just go up theories well ladies his dad told me two years that it's hard to find that women. It's not they're kids they don't really intimidated in any situation like that is always a mother and stuff like that Tony is possible even as it was like to have to Wear. It may you don't say but it can be up Friday Saturday with somebody yeah. I have even woman I'd say they know I have a kid I don't think it but that's another thing to have a kid that lives with the full time general. This is just the other string this is just that this is this person's theory maybe this guy just the this guy just didn't want you did there though look no email writer Tom Knoll right off the bat they dedicate now look I put it up there right off the bat do that I have kids on my god no reason to do that none until you meet my kid. Or at least the good at least at the very minimum three months on public person like six months before him and does your girl smile again that's perfect so I don't know what that made this is an idea though Lara. Solos is planned to tell her that it was his kid and then Sunday down the line Wendell relationship actually works as a oh by the way I was lying if I. That series correct which I don't think I don't I. It's hard to now it's just this weekend too for somebody that he loves I don't know why would even care about it that much this season as she saw it. Yesterday. Or volatility is against Michelle Obama OK okay like I mean in anybody's really easy cold we are talking about tattoos to that a few and so does he and he showed me tattoo he got of his nieces name and footprint on his back. You know what there's another thing to think about just the spot in my my daughter has her middle name is Antoinette. My mother's got the same may mean. Still make it may be a mother not a lot alive anymore and I'm just thrown out the latest second mother's name to get me yeah he can't have kids. So I yeah I mean maybe you're right there's the there's a lot of theories here I don't think that this is is I don't think this falls into creepy or crazy for the auto run in my own opinion I don't think it's either one of iPad and I say it's sweet it's a little weird that he would get his nieces or even nephew or whatever. Name and feat tattooed on him but it is and whenever that's what he wants to do with Hamas and their high pick. But the guys that they got a little. I get a little. Little ball I don't know I think it'll I feel. He'd be delegates more grave because that. I don't know I mean I've got a convoluted and wouldn't I wouldn't determined to originally LA night everybody's different but I can't feel like it's more so. Teddy Kennedy mentioned that in here I think it's his daughter and he just montella. Yeah that's and that's what somebody tell disease or do as a and not the case please. Don't miss platonic but maybe he was an indoor maybe you like to take it just didn't really want and the day just ride out the Damon is no reason to say that have kids is a need to know anything about him miss my daughter's care is my sisters can't insist they were close and I'd. Missiles and the point Larry there are. Lara yeah I agers think that there's not normal that people get tattoos of the weirdest weirdest creepiest things about people accepted because it's art like Donald Trump's face who knows the but then they questioned this because of the think it's a failure ever compare like why Haney an explanation and your first day. OK that's good I feel about it all right let's go to a more skin today and again. We're gonna bread and what do you creepy crazy you Latin. I'd say creepy really honestly. And I look at a bar one time in now also on. And there's this girl that had a to issue in the tank top and it. She and attack Scowcroft and copper back that said daddy's little girl. And manages really creepy because I raised my daughter by myself for twelve years and utter such as creepy. I really I agree with data on that I wouldn't want to date a girl that has tattoos is daddy's little girl. Is wintertime. Since we looked at. I'd let you and is you know during the saying. Am looking down on our own war I'll rights are really CN. You're a decade and yeah. That's creepy okay did pay per call 87665000. Nothing we don't know because we're based in not just a few words here and a paragraph. It is possible that maybe some fabulous sister he's raising the girl. It would be as niece that's truth to what we would there's a lot of stuff we don't know because there and then that information doesn't isn't in the letter but you know how can we know that's how we should call him. I reg plus call hi Rick. They get. I think it's a little creepy but there was something cool like a complete game of his grandmother was somebody deceived he will follow that up with a story I got the statue as important how to beat. Then Amy makes sense and if that's the case but the footprint yeah I make a little personal some attacks that same thing and it's like it's weird the other footprints that makes a little too personal I agree. The name one thing that defeat to. It's just weird it's a little weird how are things called a boomer allegory it's it's weird I'm still going with creepy I wish I knew more of the story is just an off does that paragraph it's. Now you know basically million everything. I think.