Monday, August 20th


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The gym and asked him can object at the end she. You know. When this happens every week a lot of you don't realize is that you can vote on what you want their topic to be about we wanted to sing about and I think today's or hilarious because Mikey our. We were dying laughing between these two. What Oregon did with a Disney song. Also it's yeah it's Disney thugs or love songs now with a look songs where. They they had a single songs from each other yet let Iranians so just gold to the world is is posted ad and Honda that damn show. Official face of the girls go to the Phillies the official FaceBook page in both the love song yes we can make these two idiots saying love songs from each other and we you know what else you're gonna do we want we want you guys to locate each other. When your singing yet he always talk about guys we talk to the needs you. Around smashing the pumpkin were like they had to look each other ideas. Saw he hit fast I can write pedestal a double out there this is way too far now. What will want to look at the cartoon later in the lady in the trap where they had the Gettysburg College scene in the end. I on the same basis throughout the candy that's only if the Disney parodies when. So we're telling me at the Disney parodies when you tool suck on the other yeah on one side of a long pieces began utility as you do the middle and kissed Kenseth all. Whole Kennedy along like laughter caffeine Stadler coming actually enjoy. Whoever is like don't involve me an insight into what do we think. So first of all never say when you guys rather Smashing Pumpkins again that's sounds dirty play yeah. You're here. Get the ball so if we do this and the love story of the love a songs for each other. They're now are they not allowed to be released with insults at all so this is straight out of a love song for someone else I guess it's kind of a. Open ID DD just make it sound lovely but you in just look at each other in the eyes lovingly I don't care what you write that but it's going to be a slow love song you can make the words do whatever so we've got. Master tarot ring and Smashing Pumpkins now there. It didn't say anything about the spaghetti or the old one used a Laffy taffy or whatever I think around us is not gonna happen. But aren't apple we just made that a rule is that if they Disney thing gates devoted than you guys are gonna make out testing me to skip. And I feel. Why did you feel that you can. Vote online and our FaceBook page. Just go they look up that day and show you what's easier text social now 62515. Again tech social 262515. Do it he'll do it I'll do that later. But Dylan and follows individually and follow the shell because so much stuff is online so much videos. If so what we got to go one on. Which is what we can work continuously posting throughout the weekend in and night and whatever so he fall Laura all of our our our personal ones he's going to stay in contact with like to talk back with the guys here's a spot. And then this week we're also we've we've decided last week we would cut back on something we wanted to do is something we. Not addictions a bit of the week we have a habit of doing everyday I'm not sure how this even came about. But it was at least that they had things you should give a by the age of thirty all it does fly bodies and we should all give up something next week I think it was Lara. I guess I'm one complaint Lehrer finally add. For me was I like to have two or three Coke or diet cokes a day I start my morning that way I have a rival Michelle and that's another point maybe in the evening. I've struggled all day would that and I substituted that with drinking water that's good you should drink more water. And out and you Mikey I'm worried about. A bullion because I'm gonna give up some so I'm not as vocal we haven't smoked weed today at a market a smoke weed all weeks you actually put up a poll on the the damn show fan page is a woman other people created. And asked who's gonna given first Ian who is supposed to be queer party and drinking Larry has given up sugar and stroke you're given episode as. Ian is in first place right now he's gone he's going to fail at this travesty the pole but I bet you're number 2 I am and I sort out the first place Rihanna and second place in the third. Lara must place really ever want these are available through not even not even ten votes like 303. People have faith in I don't I'm gonna go to that I know well the women have fallen down but what's great about this is as soon as one of the U. He gives an. I'm done I'm going out that night until you right now I'm not giving it and give it not take off a lot better by Friday night people can say all the they want to buy an odd play to win no matter what it is I do and I'm not given and so. Yeah I do not are not quit competitions I win it. A listener text me and said that they'd send over six back of Ian figured beer and provide help the situation and a little bit citizen and over is that that's your that's your play really SA and British six accords line up here and see what happens to it not a damn thing. Our let's get this color creed dear crazy you can check in 65157665000. Many of the stories that creepy crazy a Pope who. Crazy. You know we really don't. They were part of the segments that jingle I don't know. Holly you know we're story I use them just as they shot and I see how this works creepy crazy or Bo what's your story gulf war. Are they guys so while we're gone. I went over this girl that I met on all of fumble you know via boot dating yeah yeah. And if she really wanted to get a drink so I agree so we go out there who have get a drink and she actually beat me there. He into the bar and like she's wearing those black top and a sit down whether we talk for maybe like. Five minutes and all the sudden success just go to the bathroom. Which is weird when we hadn't even finished first right now. So Lou yeah she goes back a few minutes later and she's like wearing a completely. Different outfit. Census. And in Europe yeah it completely different outfit and those late. Did I miss some things you what why those like so I have July why is she changed and she says. This year you look like. Didn't really like which you swearing in and it didn't match what I was wearing old houses. It. I thought Anita your new look at what were you wearing. I was we I was wearing a T shirt and jeans morneau what does come back out west. She goes back out wearing jeans and a white tank top. Our selves. I have a couple thoughts here do you think it's possible she would do the math and that she had an accident number one number two or a weighty issue. I publish its lines no I. I have no idea men like if we heard only their through like a couple of minutes so iTunes and since then I think iron. You know. We barely we didn't even get through the first row so. I'm only to be the jerked ask your but if she did have a lady issue for wasn't like throw up or anything why would she need to change shirts. I don't know so I'm just. Much more with what he was wearing. I'm trying to probably theory may reduce the words of the match and she another sure should budget now that is an. I just let's not like she was keep the stuff in her purse. As a girl I'm gonna say she is neither creepy creepy or crazy because I've been there see if you do have some sort of vaccine change something that is not a match sometimes you planning and you say may be I wanna start the day wearing this an and the day or in this but I don't have them in place exchanged notes on. Great accidents and crazy person under. Tell you did she is crazy based on what Shawn said in she said my clothes to match your clothes yeah that to me on the first date immediately says you're crazy red flag I'm Don you know I almost forgot about that department even though is an excuse because she didn't want to talk about lamp and we'll lose that's it. Let's put on the healing maybe there wasn't miscues but we have the base and off your words and would you cents a without a doubt it's crazy on the are crazy Hess is crazy. I like this tax a better as the twins when that decline biological deli guy again that I think that's a crazy person. Usually you know you met. Is is that I think that people do I never as I've never I had never seen anything like that before. Our Larry your vote I am. I'm gonna say that it. If she really did change in order to match of the year that she's crazy if not it was probably just a misunderstanding she decide to change her outfit people are thanks Ian Miller is crazy too so that's not trying to hang out nice job nice for the call bloody eyes and went crazy there is so. Also and fifteen weird. Yes there are one ballot enough.