Friday, June 22nd


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Damn but get some bad game shows game shows and higher salary cap marina isn't studio she is our guests are mad damn couch just sit back chill and she's been taken pictures you can read your text council 62515. And one Friday brighter and Dallas I feel bad for because it's like a 110 degrees in the studio because apparently they ever is broken and out there. The funniest thing was she yelled down the hallways didn't. Aboard air conditioner and nobody does well we do it just doesn't work you are you right you know put it on cool and adjusted the 72 wherever they have the disease is not working just so honored here. I think I think there have any C issues around the building marriages said she can she ran down there and ask somebody in now our. So we're just so hot show today but I Abdullah marina. Because she's here the next person inside airspace and breathing breathing hot air and so I stopped reading Marino but there's no guests today are anything's twenty years. And go to take the voice tells us hairless doing let's go. It should go. If I don't know what is happening today with these voicemails Howard tell you the British lady I'm one of these clips where told me that her and a British sleeping. Glad I get her first and a lover had just it's amazing and she does not mind Richard and you the end and she does not like you at all hall. First a little find out what it is. Where. Do. I yeah. I just read what you instead and you're not surprised even better that is saying that I'm not yet at every tee and then married pop into wrapping. Yeah yesterday what do you Wear what she said yeah ice fog throughout her slut it up on her way through Sacramento or something Annan. That was yesterday night when she's replying you guessed. Collective comedy school do you schmuck I. I did I get at the command show saying that your colleagues on the run period do you backpack because he's done. I am a lady just stopped going in picking up all yes I. Big fat one none could come and maybe you guy I'm actually planning on coming into one of the venue that I can come. And me all that you expect in. At bike. While she saw a little angry that time he asked he not got two or he's not very nice I had thought I answered that IC is not very happy on drugs. I sense you'd be back so whatever she said I. When a header record and my own little thing for because I can't say what I want to say on there. So I reported and waited out a great player it's in your email if you wanna look for anon you do it wouldn't you just send it over. Ice ice percent last I had a few drinks last night what does it what you Connelly. Said Ian swearing. Otherwise I'll. I'm sounding thing and be sure bleep I was gonna ask that he had British or a leg pretty 90% sure that is played united relative. Find out if you have an a dump on me every so what professional 100% get a lot of hundreds members ensor keep your head on dumb blonde. All right this is in response I guess you guys are like have a war can't wait what do you ugly British what the only person who is pleased to view as your husband I'm surprised she can drink as much as he does because the amount of alcohol it would take for me asleep when he would physically kill me. I actually looked her up so I what I'm saying is is legit power. CE. Blonde he's stalker I I she started it. While she started at M and Chrysler did you know like. Oil was what's her name. This isn't the years I'm going to I guess I never liked her a lot. Cindy Cindy's money wherever they're less and I think her name is Shelley Shelley how it was I was close and and in near the end we love you eons jerk don't pay attention to him that was really mean dude she started it. Because you're an eight hole and you deserve it well she still started. Saying that you're always on the run they're pretty backpacks and run. And maybe it got going and picking at all yet I do get hot that. And none could come and maybe you guy I'm actually planning on coming to one of the venue that I can come and and me oh do you expect in. He's not. Yeah I don't ally looks good band the fact that she's telling the F fat ass so I. I know your name as soon means he's got it too could be stressed the parking lot of the time holds a lot of night she'll she'll probably eat me now count. Which you can eat me I don't care and on that we move on please yes next. Ain't that overshadowed term I didn't want to do food. Gloria let's ask if she completely buried around her. Whatever you dream French director came and yet he or she goes on there because she stumbled and fumbled talents like the dead. And I think it. I can't let the guys. She loves the guys would not Blair well. Some lovely guys play I know I'm not the best and I try to be better every day and all are you're the things you Lara. Next clip. Love them all. I located me there. Out of my caddie I'm aren't they. And I Dow packed the lane and he's twenty and and then listen to back down that'll only good part about it. People who could spell yeah. How cool how cool with all the pack I think that's really. Okay I'll I O. Are different today yeah yesterday's conversation I was Sonia sort of my mom now she said some of these young the younger generations take himself he's ever aware there are people said no Mike the pew of the church or wherever is that. And the next couple people actually do it yourself and with the casket behind them. We had a discussion at the that was sick it's completely inappropriate and clearly she feels the same way or CN. Did not think it was I think your immediate. I immediate family I mean I guess you could get away with a but the in this case he was in but I still think it's I don't think it's right and especially if your whole motive is the post and on social media it's like you're just trying to look at me I'm sad that call this that's when that's what they're doing they're doing the first tension. Not for what it's really about now in. But what you said if it's immediate family you have your going through so many emotions that you just do not may not be thinking clearly you wanna take this picture because you think it's something that you're gonna cherished. Forever but really why would you wanna look back on that picture that's that's just a sad situation. I can't seem to me is weird people we talk us through a little bit yesterday they'll take the pictures and they roll. Back my grandma took one of my grandfather had a case we ever wanted to look at it never did. It's kind of thing along a line that these birth videos what we've had a discussion on this. Back and watch is the birth videos of the Panamanian marches on virtually I don't think it. Parent I think Marino does Maria she's raising really. Get it can grab the microphone are ever a serious about the study think anybody ever watches those things they record and he watched your video yeah. As regards your mind wondered why you know because that's women baby girl came out into the world like my god give it's a beautiful moment. I cheered my daughter is born are getting about a ever wanna watch that. A baby being born is a beautiful moment yes watching it come out is not I've seen it I watched my kids and it's terrifying. I mean. Literally. Well one you can watch it remember I don't need another kid right now says what happened yet those old diesel for your. And he the women all your leg. That's looked in looked like their first puppy and I know you know her. Noted that little eight rose eight leaders are still not able now finally and you see you guys think it's gross you know watching your kids you know I watched myself. Be born on this show. In America wasn't what we were the first what month or two this year oh yeah yeah it was shot dead his mom if you miss this kind of a lot of people who's joined the program since but. It's mob allowed as I reached out and we converted. You know the dvd. And he watched it you were so sick bias I watched myself reborn it was. A hormone I go back if that was what we did was wrong there but god damn that was fun I don't think it was wrong if it's a little bit deliberate probably deserved it. We remember why we did it but he deserved it dean make yourself to watch yourself paean bore. He deserved it. Pictures now. Yeah and I look through my picture album my mom has exchange of why popping out of meat I. I'm mama apparently didn't take any pictures Alia on now I showed my plate and the pictures like the first time you met my mom she loved. This weird that's where your friends like you are strange yeah you're a dam itself. I was just trying to show how cute I was kind of baby and I opened an up and now the Texas. It's about the old album got you got you to a church you're saying there next clip. Some damage it did include dedicated they came here played at the bay got food matters. They did you do for you tomorrow. Something out of new Israeli girl or grandstanding we play. It. Yeah. Yeah Ian brings his plate back to about today and we go out. No it's disgusting due to please don't do that tomorrow home or at thunder valley until around wannabe I'm I'm an Intel you dozens asking you not to please don't it's embarrassing for us. Don't give a damn about you a world maybe we don't need to go at him. Can we tell on me reasons is we don't all right then you pay for I was gonna anyone additional ones that I had so you didn't have my. I appreciate it good that I just I don't wanna be at that that places very classy in and eat until they should look to the front door. Well I mean classy and hey I didn't like and I insurance classy Ashley got dressed that way you're just here's where's Amazon jacket it's possible. Oxnard dirty toenails are a lot to the casino. Don't know about these trucks for six dollars and again never get worn Kelly's gotta come under aquae guy Kelly. I and yet they are talking about people are taking picture copied with Barrett but dad heard it. Then I'm like an ice show and I'm iPod I don't remember what kind of glad. But they would actually eat they're dead Adam and somehow they triggered an old the bad end and every year to date late. Take them out just a take pictures with them they are dancing with the day's work. At the table they burger need to drink quit. Weekend Americans. Now this is just chainsaw massacre this sounds more like we can this. It I mean we're out of what they did lobby eagle bell might seem like a little bird. You knew that was tradition it would be normal yeah it's not able hey yeah. A lot to a group that because I'm kind of curious where that took place crazy world country I don't do I'm on it. I don't actually a two line. That's that's weird too much. Yellow more clinical that damn voice well. Bury their Carter it's. Just because they got married. A little didn't believe it's been delighted. Please sir lyrics Curtis. There is no my eyes and maybe it's sort similar in a lot of small anyway oh it's. Even when did you notice. And and. Just think about what avoiding those no it's it's Indonesia. They do this. In certain provinces slow night when he they dig up their relatives dress not clean and wash it it's disgusting I'm looking at images when Elliot oh daily dumb ass right after this.