Wednesday, July 11th


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It would do him and asked him an object and at the end show. We're gonna check our voice mails a lot of people leave voice mails for ourself first one I think is actually going to be it's a song that was done. Damned show. Caught. All right first line this is a song actually it's been bugs you a little bit Ian had yesterday. Jeff skittish he had she won't she writes you saw it from time to time yeah sentiment. She as she said we seminal crazy real weird yesterday I think the show of Rome. I just we heard oh in our behavior was little odd ones that. I thought it was I remember I said the removal say that they never mess is recovering sixty desert a weird mood we're always in a weird mood. Get over it people who we do IOC on the other show yesterday. Gain and I am sure you design. Have time Ain TE NN thank you drew. Bound. Greens. I guess time. Need an anomaly is my pain or. I remember now the he was he was fighting the harassment claim illustration. That's how like announces. A common. That clip Lara the UK that clip right there he was always one and whoever wins and every time he says is not fair so I was thinking we can probably put her on the on the the high keys perfect next. It has solution. I hate guy usually major mistake guys hey guys how to clear out really yesterday. Oh yeah you look like three of my totaling one and it's been busy yesterday we asked. This is against. Yes sooner we return a call somebody on the accident yeah. Probably eat every goal you cadillacs. And didn't let that set fire ball in my lips like a lit the fuse to Oklahoma on I just threw out all overlooked player. Also that Villa Park park have moved employed at our club people drink something you ever heard of anything like. No no but I'm curious what the hunt put this kind of looks like all right oracle and Cadillac as well that's who I'm here Putin anybody. I have other usual drinking pennant and you're done. Larry city Putin's I'm never pupil drinking. Or on any that's for example that's a goddamn lie because he and I both solar puke. Well do you believe those same Patrick Saturday at the port in the Doherty yeah yeah yeah yeah I was sitting damn but I did not view whenever we whenever where you're sitting down your hands in the. Hey I go out here yeah I know it when I. Am. Dealing. They've had Albania now. You know did what any direct PC. So yeah this way. Yeah. But it yeah. I. Am. That is the previous lap ever. Hello does actually terrifying. If so where did you sort of message I had to serve to pressure the gas also links these streams every single day from four so we just finisher good in evil he deserves a shirt. All of the well. That stadium. On. Now in that was Mac guy guy match who was among them yesterday. Yeah he's he's not gay when things are takes it let me talk with a figure I think we did did say at some point in the end of the show we mentioned that he he did the guy called into he's not gay. In bond was he would he would hook up with the and then texted into the show to give even you my phone number which is pretty yet. Yeah I mean it's pretty good patent next. Ha ha hey what can happen and we'll continue to shop to had a couple bruised elicited tears started around 9 o'clock am. And I just swarms diaries that just came and so I got much like slaughterhouse that was true or fly by night. And the battle is on and yes you will I stay in region. We're branched out. House flies. Out what you call house flies high in two until today I do not know that did you nobody in no iGoogle that money was talking. I heard sky raises highlight what the hell is he talking about scattering stroke and a look at each other that same thought like what that tells okay. Lot of talent like brazen CBS news actually is ahead of time so I don't have time to research and your stuff on grove always a Mano with how this is. So Scott raises the name of fly learned that today than they are on the mark down nine measurement that cone he. You know in order Florida to try to break her record cute cute girls. I just want. And two girls who encourages for a few of these and she would two girls hull. Because I had I look it's not cheating. If you are I'm not I'm doing anything wrong she doesn't tell me she's cheating. So I agree with that if you didn't know I know we're petty on a bit of that same situation you know we don't know I'm not a 100% by surprise when do homeboy call up and third and threatened to kick my ass I was a bit too yeah Bob I've been there too you find out that Georgia. I wanna be part of this. I wish I was one for the guys go fight do you almost don't be as somebody messenger or the yesterday say you guys good on their makes stupid news director for it as far as full stupid people do stupid things. Don't do that yet when we down miracle Max stupid. Either and opened the daily dumb things quote a regular store ourselves which aromas dumber. Pretty funny. All right don't you know and you rockers and it's. Detroit native started that yet and so get a little tricky and. Nobody have you by yourself they're good luck with solo act yeah I'd look down the line now. Are you going to call and ask. What should do when there for you can be done days you know you have format where you know you're doing show him. All people who lost two arms. And he promo political experience in the you can come on you don't really know he's in the top posts in this cricket. There's an independent you know you have been saying all absolutely. Huge load these. Aliens or I'm sure all the moon launch ceremony that we approach our country who are you doing for you. What annoying thing just happened I don't even know what that was tight that's what have you checked the voice now is anybody can call it. That was fantastic I want to got a call back 756 Danny Lee was the message might give played tomorrow here shot.