Friday, August 17th


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Podcasts plug Gibson's next game should allow. On the show this hour including this segment had voicemails sorry coming up we'll do that again a couple of minutes. Created issued to Amanda she's here she's gonna sit on that damn couch. But first let's go ahead give that code word is worth 1000 dollars in my he's got that word right now that word is product PR ODUCT Texas product system to anyone here's some money Curtis rose to a Hyundai try to every Friday which I've been most classy guys still do it now because you know we technically have missed the last two Fridays vacation has been in Chicago on the business trip a young -- do this every Friday and if you text count to 6515. Healing back tell us why you wanna be here you can hang out with a for a whole hour and if you're nice like command he brings food. Two to promise not as she brought us more just food you brought us tacos from Jim boys thank you so much from the best tacos. And then soak you want to explain what that is until they kcal you're taking cupcakes and fireballs watched part of. Cupcakes are snicker doodles could fix that little snicker doodles and and. Dinged a cake is gingerbread cake and I mean. Karma all with some fire ball in the end win and put some of that in the but it's interesting so it's critic in the right ginger on top two. People are cool thank you so much are glad you are here we're real that apart and not from Auburn it's beautiful that way. I was just for my diet today's hearings unless he brought Jim Boyce I was one up and Auburn you guys have taco tree which is so good story that's puppetry yeah do you get a dangerous so. Yeah had a gym blazes that frown because of my friends just didn't need to stand thanks Justin. We appreciate that or nice guy yeah man that you hang out enjoy yourself bringing in the studio take pictures do whatever you want your questions behind the scenes that's what it's all about right. I think I think you for us English at voicemails. Gone. Allen missed it sorry. You would Chapman got a grass I hope you have an outstanding weekend I know it's Thursday like this it's more about us trying more. Voice mails won't you'll probably you don't write hey yeah CNN has the kid yourselves and others have an outstanding week and all you do payments due. Be safe out there where it crashed out. In what is suppose you do every time he says be good yourself since it was I picture him actually do that putting one hand on his chest and one hand out BK do you sell amazingly it was what the bill and Ted do when they say be excellent so that's another yes. I could pictured the road rest doing that yeah. They're yeah hour and you gotta be it can't even got our good. The good I don't. What does he thought what is he talking about there will be our. I don't I don't know if he had done it. No Kyra he talked yesterday I think when I was mentioning that dudes always wanna turn the lights off when we do and I assume you'll ever be our. Uh oh feeling maybe we need at their you know we don't. Let's keep check and then. Caller yeah. Yeah yeah very at all it's. Late bird didn't yeah it's. Yeah. It's. Now. I don't I don't think that police say John Rich secrets and not that other German and British couldn't talk about just wild car. And he attacked and so. Exactly how long does not appear to be dealer. Also signified the end. I think that I like did not know they can't fight can end his block he's bisexual he's an eagle opportunity slots well if if you don't need a long beard for Ian. He likes to wind tunnels and less but I heard now you need lady parts. I think. I think he tore it weigh eight Florida. Where eight or. Did give a Beers same ritual. And it's. A thought for sure gonna use using ping or something yeah I now terrible. You know all the end I think it's very here. All of doing the dirty you know breeders they can Indians. Feel like that. And admitted yesterday to keep his mind off of the dirty if Fraser's on he bitch in the remote isn't wants is for sure enough. It was awe and I kept I had to keep my attention on that send. Stay in the game and we play it out she think of Frazier jeering. You relations yeah. More like Daphne but what are. He's speaking of is remembered. Exactly my feel. If you could only do Norman chicken it. And home buying can point and one of. I don't know what's happening right I don't know that guys keeps calling on British sorry whatever you spun to pony up and then I think cells go to next. If you get your putts. Since his thought I was like this team. I had a friend named Emily who owns fourteen. To go to Kelly troublemaker and to be honest from here and once when I was he painted. Working at a mcdonalds. Freaked him I saw her. And issues aren't absolutely sick so I wasn't completely sure but the way she would do the all knowing noted that a parent would call the cup. Tell the details but I'm I'm 41 now announced they can probably eighteen board that hell is happening. All right I've been called sorry bro the Levant phases segment of the Hejduk and I think needs it yeah I don't want to get this five Hinton. We wish it just sort of substantive. One of the many years has heard my voice mail and his color. Here called me up they can out tall and you guys like the war and I think John. All right so just. The sky's the worst thing guys and we don't know that he and mom of those times Colombian cocaine but it is your real dad billion. And they got a lot of step dad that father figures in your life and I'm looking at photos Freddie Mercury. Media sort dental records from an end processor for the beauty that it is here as well get to keep him. You like the scene unit karaoke. I don't did you got all team pretty shirt pretty hurt you're you're dead. It's our aides have bottle. Mikey you wanted to northern lights. You've got to slip and I hear trips or sheet that is exactly where on trips from Sacramento but 4000. Bruins got a good. Split opinion. A commission on your bucket and I did a Dario realized it was antibody totally go a sell tickets and wanted to go to Norway don't do it. Not not Iceland das I think you said. This spring the bush tells them and make a rule from now on even if you put 700 voicemails and I'd pick and one of them but. Dana asked to pick the best one obvious area I think there'll should apply.