Friday, September 7th


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Podcasts and then didn't show him show. Well. You all saying you know everybody sings it it puts them in the Grammy for that's. I also like to think that Wyndham whenever rent a car here's James Hatfield goes severed so they do the same thing I'd I know I did yeah we don't have. Some other little things I've made them like this is gonna get the people's heads and people are gonna do it to somebody paying a lot G aging brains yeah. And voicemails every now. And he he. Around when it's tracking it on hand and I miss Connie yeah. Man alone hit a tracking its hand in hand rarely. I forgot that I'll come out with a bang a good job that was is. Yesterday in WTF news where people were at a restaurant here in California I don't over the place. And also in the scarred kid falls from the silly you know we talked about rating correct it's rated Greg Kenseth. That's the reason the lady had done Gannon and or or two way up into the attic I don't know that there's no trying to understand the mind of a crackhead but I do. That particular crack can I really don't get it at all. Lets you like it I'm rushing out to this place closes and what you hobbled tacos and I want. I get that. Yeah I tell you is that in the crash hit understood that it. So I guess I really valuable to our right thank you hope but you know do Ramirez that I can I could see that for tacos. And I ain't none other day you had the woman on it. Calling into that cam up lumps and you stay in the next thing you let your dog. Aren't locked eyes on the flip shaped do you huge sign. That says she let your dog I'm in the compact disc with a huge aero news that there buying. And apparently tripped out space Kirk. That is the greatest thing ever hurt whoever you are your genius to any door for us that's good we did not think of that but that. That sets you bring those you make other local news and we talk imagine you'd be proud of he'd told you you're still a seemingly do that. Take a picture sent to us we'll come on interview you will bring on the show. Elway got a big picture it comes in on that damn couch. Get a free pass since right up yeah not on Friday whatever day of the week you want yeah minus Saturday or Sunday. Right right but obviously because he considers once you're on the outcome and an item. All right Doug nags. All right guys yet cracked me up. You played really long crappy debt when I'm. You know why the people we all went up on the road to do little safety needing Q where do work. Progression out. You know it's hilarious about that is when we did play that really long crappy zeppelin song yesterday all three of us through your talk about how terrible that song is we've complains contact Tom and I mean god and god knows I love Led Zeppelin I had on this show but I was just like this song in particular we get it John bonds the man but you don't have to show off and greed are now blaming advances his birthday yeah. Carney I hear you talking about something scary seeing. Ian he'd. Smith had to have been able still at a she's great on it. What happened to suck suck bank. Ali that was a good one. Whatever happened that. I don't know that was that was awfully that all the lit a masseuse is ready Louisiana taking care some people some client files without doubt one clip they do. To do so to me. Buffett's silly things you know they come and go some times I guess election are latest and have the staying power that using ping does. I guess not changing things forever that Tehran for at least three months using ping hasn't it a little like that way before vacation yeah. Using ping pages had. Mary you guys are very well you know what that's what she's. Do themselves a solid. Teammates at that they all I say let's say this guy before before we get yeah I don't know how to I take back the bits you know a lady what the stimulus rebates may you concern yourself. Are very only thing cool she's pretty awesome backup I can heal him really cleaner that the data and computer be and how. You just heard kid friendly you don't ever change that. Well well the kids want us lady yeah we're we're popular in the elementary school kids love the show. My daughter's a little dammit and my daughter loves the show to issue dictator after school care and and in affiliates when he. Who face it what they have tonight we editor of golf group. Yeah. Oh my god that's hilarious dude here's LA here's a really good idea for the lady who started off being mean you can start podcasts and anytime pester you can and you can't tell me that there isn't time throughout the day when you don't ever stupid kids that you can't listen to the podcast. A lot of a lot of people thought it looked like literally the mormons do that you recall only the voice to the 5 o'clock in the morning. Hiding inside I just really nothing else good listen to the morning and William Weisel listen our podcasts site. Just auxiliary positions certain bad ass should get their award for being industrious dishing it looked like eight. I mean you're not us playing. Being genuine his best approach you have like a really strong southern draw and I'm wondering why doesn't he an apple southern drawl. I was Brazilian had a British actually do that Freddie Mercury. EU. That personal knowledge that a lot bigger stronger southern two calls that may trust me. And I law have to eat gives EU has enormous southern drawl I do maybe depends on the day I don't know mine mine creeps out every once while on first and tiger walk into my dad was Freddie Mercury would not be doing this stupid job for a living I'd be living off of his royalties. Ian self shows way more than yours does though stressed yeah I recently that then when you guys first both moved here you did you have that you use our challenger for myself and that's where you're from but he didn't take long for it to go away and and I don't hear much from Yuban. When Ian goes off a little bit of Iran or he gets me starts talking really loud that's when the south now. Yeah that's hurting with where it is vitamin that is my normal speaking volume and then I can hide it but when I get more passionate and angry and in Italy and I just start ranting I lose myself I might do it just starts creeping out alcohol also broke bring out also to counsel are you definitely your southern yourself comes out yourself show moves when your drink and yet to us it's pretty funny yeah. Keep hoping for the way. I think there. Letter that that's a damn right I welcome. It offends somebody I don't know whether it was on jacket though they let. I don't get I got. Is it. I don't know I wore a while when I was on vacation in mid. But if not they'll look at you mr. fancy jacket who please pray it's executive I've got this has a lot of bomb Panama city of people were telling you look you mr. France executives make you can't have a high figure for them like we don't go jackets doesn't ever make it funny you given they were doing it the other way like that you like the way you guys make fun is because it's do you think it's cheap it nothing but now we know you went into and must they'd like all mr. I got a jacket with buttons then. Thought immediately and she can all that they keep. I think Ian had these latest my Amazon now was so I decided the other day yes and it blew their mind like you living in the future. I am. Because I can have them delivered to me into hours late you know eating your groceries delivered to your front door what and public at a big big delivered to some of the trailers there in the south but you know I might tell us more about the future space Miami. He sets up a good. Leon here. Yeah do you don't just get this guys from the that's southern drawl yeah this is every day. We have here you don't have to but they don't iron and I gonna play. Think of I am not this player you're also and boom. If you could even. She always anything that mentions a Larry's name every single voice mail that says anything about Lara gets added you realize Eric Lara. You're did you see Michelle sent to the league no offense Larry fatigue your ego has grown so much like even today when you're talking one of the sales ladies. In India jewel like I got super attitude with her like walk away all my problem here. Clearer light months ago we had had a conversation her about you gotta stay in the ground don't get pushed over well yeah and that she went way past. The title Lara what they are to be like that. And this first of all their guy. On all the ones this say about Ian Emma. Chipper all of them entered and none of them are about your good. I don't I can't change it in. He sees right actually a lot of it give it to realize this because Lara she comes off as very nice and sweet but she uses the C word alive in the M yeah. Lol all you do I do not soul. The Siewert I'd also like to point out there was a point time and Blair would stay in the office with us. And like it talk about things on the show in common with the ideas for things she doesn't even talk to us until we go into our 12 o'clock mean she's too good even hang out. Oh well yeah. Studio doing best candidate and that used to edit audio agreed to of that and a song and everything else Felicia islands in our office for weeks I now cannot forbid the meat Sosa started twelfth we here at 1205 kids were threatened at this coming off had all better so yeah. Yeah she's so good she's on instead grant making videos about how notables showed up for the meeting there was secular opponents who doesn't all the time that no state is to rent videos about it I didn't do an answer Grammy even today or yesterday must because we were all late today. Well track and there's a third as. Damn shell. The best thing that happened at Sacramento time soon. Popcorn or. So Cold War and happened to Panama City we are lucky stroke. Didn't I don't know where. They. I tell us the best thing doesn't say for like 1415. Months or hear about it more today than ever done all right. This crazy it was a weird message I mean I appreciated the sentiment behind it you know we're the best then damn thing since taco porn. But. Four and so you couple that right tackle pull I don't know I don't know man had no idea what's going on anymore those hard shell tacos can cut you. That's why you go worse off show I do like our children and they don't use is important to. I'm home seems danger under the did you soft tacos and probably not a lot of sour cream where the girls from two girls and a couple of these at taco bill. I don't think other outlets and those things and try to forget about Fiat and a and I have done it out I've done so well with forgetting about it until. Right now it's nice job. Like really still those items are gross taco tacos are good don't you get she's another gunshot wound. Up its. I'm leaving. Don't play game now's got a new set it oh good what we can play I don't know Billy Hunter probably I can assure you that we usually it's a T shirt. Wind event and showed the other three as important Sergio after which one of a sentence and he was in my he wasn't even if you would have played the eighteenth collar for teacher.