Thursday, September 13th


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This game podcasts and that didn't feel the New Hampshire of pimp. Goal. Am not. OK we didn't that say this only glare as a new system with these voicemails she says there are six civil play today OK she says two other best and then it goes. Downhill only true. That's what she says a decent 3 this morning did she. But says I have to. Our area. I love your show we got a caddie called it earlier it down problem. Which critic went looking I was lucky. You know it's London. Certain it's. Oh yeah here there really wasn't there for awhile. He turned it really have a crazy and they didn't end curve that he that occurred in the bottom of your home and Peyton can't or won't come down literally got along great smoking but don't think it felt like yeah I'm Betty and Don we have the mountains and then seeing it happen. And coordinate well I had indeed that you can block route I'd love LA got a Jason Witten he's not igniting. A big way this is how lucky and not by. It feels nice I was very in exile so used and herbs help myself quit smoking so they can you just smoke and all the time national smoke that so that's he said there are a little needle behind the ear and out it stays there every day. Yeah I guess to stay I don't know much about acupuncture but I've heard other people I quits now why wouldn't suggest that some yesterday but I've heard other people they quit by using acupuncture. I don't know much about that to some of that little Neil why you're here walking around every day sounds really bad and does I just think I think that we knew it there's got to be some thing we when you have the craving you gotta think is something batter or pinch yourself produce something that starts to connect the brain. Every time you have a craving for cigarettes to something bad. So maybe over time. You won't. How that craving anymore that cradle coming out. Those are prince of the the other day about people who have. A problem eating. With eating disorders like yeah they danger whatever they can they can't control themselves really weird cravings they can't really stop it and it ended the article said something about walking leg. If you failure Hungary. Make sure is not because your board. You know the reason some people either BL of these different disorders it's it out walk fifteen minutes just want to do something and he come back you're still hunt refined to get your mind off of and that's kind of what you say your best a former smoker yeah that takes a great idea they really think about that skit that's Sylvia. Walk he had my work. And then stayed away from the co workers on July 2 people say it's Kelly they're probably drinking you don't go to the bar it's it's almost like when I hang out with the end. And he smokes. I usually bum a cigarette on them and I because I can smoke one or two cigarette tonight when I go I'll drink it which is very rare in an operative and other security got. So when he it's one I'm with him once say is when I'm with him and I see him smoking makes you wanna have once quit smoking around me I stress amount he'd do stress me out right next. And yeah person park pinch trick my won't. My mouth and just. So much and truck tour. Hits and tell him no yes. It's not next time I'm burn. Into that thing is it's time to do that. They wanted completes over an insulator yup this thing called airedale is he trying to do this thing here. Somebody that area and they asked as apps I'm not sure. Possibly. I don't know why we just let Judd layers judgment on what it was and these are actually gonna sell out of the six that we have the first almost great not a lie doesn't want to have as a part of a context we had yesterday conversation that was amazing but the second one garnish it is terrible that's one of the best ones in salt on the did put the number two or so and then this supposed to go downhill from. Doctors are. Okay. It's it's. Flexible and in the restroom I broke the seal this that's problem with that is. Lara did didn't finish she said changing paying. Why it's. You do me. Okay why did you even put that. I don't think you should say that here's some of your hand if I. You know I want you all do though a rude enjoy your show. And go. I got so all of say communism and the guys ordered food let reporters. That was we're on to say dog presage to enjoy the show would that you and Michigan just kept to discuss what do you don't want. The future so in. I am. Sure hey did you. I'm sure I had an. I have no idea that said I didn't who glared Q1 and tell us cage wrestling that he speaks stupid. You know I'm not an evidentiary said that's why I had an audience but Taylor.