Friday, July 20th


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Podcasts and then didn't show him show him. Well. Or right. Not since the voice of knowledge feel we have feared today got out. My key until you're talking my club plant and going to grow I don't smoke weed out Anglo choking my opinion week. Okay costs applicable audio and some are doing it Peter out I'll put at least it is do media. Maybe shock correlate here so mom now I interviewed a lot. The Dakotas to work onions on stored on your pot plants all right distort right now on the go ahead of the media center indoor and finding out a radio in your house are gonna talk to the point or both and talk to the plan are are going to be mean a nice but they would be nice to those who supply plan. Don't wanna yell at yelling in my get sat yeah yeah well make it there those little ones at the back in the eighties you can see here and he's. I wish it was thought to the plant gro plant tomorrow. You're a good plan to want we want good read and I think that you can do it you can produce good we were proud you you're good plan. You're pretty glad who's a good plan your good playing dirty playing here in bed and bath and beyond were done on the radio talk to a bear can go. Anybody. A CN night. Because there's stupidity we don't why nobody could still take this area. Over and they showed really should really quick question what did he leave it to sell only imagine this. This is why we talked about plans a beer bottles yet that's a problem. Try again. So like I didn't know that you know can I think he can he translate into one I would saying I want. So you you know. She's the one left leave message about marriage essar remember what the joke was the longest word in the dictionary here and she said marriage because it's a life sentence. Oh yeah okay time to visit her new jailed today. I came here and they need to teach you dummy you rule is that he copying. Later on Algerian men and he had his polished and it's our command spokesman and I and they can't do it. And they're daring television and he hears the commercial saying I did did it. Yeah and then they copied. There and he goes into aggression Erica well they believe your. And he witnessed that the man China demand he get there are so dead bodies are part please sir I am the prince Albert looks down at Hammond says. Keenan who killed a man to Kagan mean. And we. And the cop says well display and the kids can't score couldn't land forthcoming I instead cup parent 'cause very different patsy you know any elected to her and the kids care. Lagging it. I didn't. They should try and we appreciate your well yeah that was a though was quite long that was one I remember telling when I was like in second grade. Even that I'd I'd never joke I heard that joke before my deadly seller was gone. I've really liked what about marriage yesterday a lot better yeah keep milky trying. We appreciate the voice wireless the look they can she put it to you probably died laughing. He probably did the crowd did you change pants Larry in my you know what the method you can't hear that joke. If the other horse around. Hello human. Live in shadow and inject a little song. Iraqi growl local. Basically it like you with a loan humble continued decline that would that be funny you call like this. 300 nuclear Q whose whose my wounds. In them compelled to slow. Any. There's a guy that does this yeah I was just like a guy that guy's amazing to me does all these loans signs his name I can't I can't remember now I'm not going geez yeah Richard. There is very good Richard key wish obviously is you know behest Larry asked is did a fantastic. I love is down with a sickness yeah he's great but he doesn't do with the metal music in the back right now what do that go Louie was saying well. But he wound that you music in the back but that's just weird that would be. Next why him collender who they're letting you see conclusion publicly. But I the end. Is that Max is decade Mexicana and I don't know I'm hardly recognize that guy's voice. Well I think we've made a joke yesterday at the girls hit nine Lara molecular you can be aware of the lesbian that that we don't caller Larry the lesbian every day low -- we would issue was a lesbian does she was yes withdrawal to it so I think I think you should just for the reasons we call that now I feel like. She would be even more popular. You are he would be the most popular person on the show is if if not she probably guardians when you're probably right. That's kind of cool it's kind of hot pepper exe with these lesbians look like. Yet the ones that called in Nasr she was Tea Party mind our mind now but I kind of do I mean I am intrigued. Anna I have I have my fingers crossed. Well if you were in the office you're here they card catalog overlooking a call. Ahead like they're up front left or where we'll be right back there he's can see the lesbian Cisco look at the lesbians want to get an up or terrible guy lied. Well lesbian love it that look like I enjoyed talk flare into it you know maybe being a part of their lives being escapades or whatever they do if somebody just had you tune in with kids with let's go look at the looks of music. Right at that moment it got hot ticket it but I guess that's what it does delegates is they are subject and I know we may add. Known at all not at all now we just wanna see a third it would do look like it's that. Four terrible era met assists. I might eat a certain scientists he'll be my friends. I think if it is okay. Yeah Florida you learned in the jokes let me know at seven days yeah days I can always. That's exciting it keeps building that up the anticipation I'm I'm I'm hoping does something. There's it's all of us to pull back to be you're gonna bring in the beer so that he doesn't do anything like three and we'll see. The brain cramp screw that guy and here's our last always smell. Hi I just wanted to call and thank guy for every man being on show us. So awesome it may need a better person than people who don't think I'm cool conclusion that they don't show. He's the greatest thing that ever happened in my life. This was malaria isn't like Jason Jason at the beginning policy. Prince wanted to talk to them steal. It was times. I just wanted to call and tell you guys were ever met dealership. If you don't want technically you a better person and people don't think I'm cool completely and that I'm sure Obama. People in this thing that ever happened in my life. My street atlas did from the Simpson the group Christian did Flanders yes why. Thankful. He's a type people think I'm cool oh really don't go yeah that's what he's out of money down and I think it's a voice middle of the week you may player back on Monday.