Monday, March 12th


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Flood hit some bad gay and shield your impression of him and it's clear emails that came Randy ready and I am getting into the talkback. We'll start with a talkback. This is only ninety Iraq that he could leave us a message we love what you do that is some of us the we're the better but you know I'd like when you use them for other things like you complain about. Like for instance in my neighborhood people do not that big big circle I have data not data when they turn of the bleak Iran and if I look at Iran comment. What they are really just pick me up this morning and nobody uses are currently lie. I don't know what it's annoying especially your sit there and you're like okay don't go and another ago are they turn and they're going straight in your gear your debate let me just like you aren't going to be in new say famous figure does mean same to our boss Mick commandos uses downturns and I follow him in here at last week when date not one time did he use a turn signals huh. You know what they do in Dallas recess. He's from Texas Turks. And then. He and now I've I've followed a one day not seasons later. This is due to his quakers even work they usually your work yes they were you may wanna double did you do you you shirt. They wore to follow me I'm just trying to adapt to Sacramento and I now. And how about an hour. Everybody in the area drives I can't we if people get pissed off like ideas they're just a lot of morons that don't know what they're doing and by the way the job bad parking Sacramento bad parking on FaceBook and cigarette blowing up dude it is. A go ahead that they do and you you all tonight Devlin didn't just die it is just Al people who can't park yeah that's funds is on his gets up our first line talkback. Did you know. Readings on the. About smoking leader they're given a popular as far muff I give a just for a moment I noticed that a month. I don't know Lee does that I would know what I'm gonna talk hosts both find its mode and we that's my vice those throughout the when you get done wearing sandals and here we need to Wear sandals the commercial flops is listed as questionable or. I mean signifying melons and Zumaya and them yeah. Mashed potato and and our decision you. Well I'm not given a match detailing. How you have got you have lovely soft yeah. Now just so we don't need to know that but we do my god I'm work hard no not really. Not in my hands. It is mentally. Yeah what do you do with your hands on a daily basis is list. Knowledge this and that part of how does that automatically by Vietnam's singles around a lot more that's fine. Through an animal and I. It included an eagle let us I didn't have. The car. Another crow oh my god pro or I he's just skis yeah I just. Glad yeah. Oh Jesus walking off I was very disturbing. And then and there he loves that clip we played very disturbing had a right yeah he's yes it kind of sounds like the guy when I do and what comparison sales since it. Let's play Dallas I tired and they were sick. Illusory that off or got very disturbing because. Very disturbing. I'm big kind of help us distribute. Are we done fine. While okay. A lot Lamar it's not me then and instead you know yeah. Yeah blood on the administration to leave home it's. You knew he did okay. Yeah all the. It was treatable given that as well as funny now. That may glare of god and me we are friends of the police yeah. Yeah very good friends of the police and yes you what you're here Estefan and that 11:6 o'clock hour a story out of Sampras is going WTF hasn't really pissed me off today and you too my guess I don't like that's sorry but we defend the police RA does that made the cut to talk directly to those messages did you make Lara cut tomorrow. TS I wanna go to C slightly stupid would Mikey out of its ticket stand. I just listened showdown and you didn't win a mystery green oil leak they go OK my tickets and will be a third party independent. That Michelle I keep seeing that and show T shirt I lost and what's a brother got a huge yeah. With the brother got there well actually we we are given boy now this week so you can we you can win a more you can come up to one of our events. I think gum. Are we going out this weekend. I think shared so nothing to do with the 98 rock so we're gonna do a little unsanctioned Saint Patrick's Day stroke birthday party and on Saturday we'll see insurance for those just for that I think we should I think we should too but has nothing to do the stations or whatever we do is his own timer dissolve their party and he had to join us. Well you know we're going we don't know yet. I'm really early figured out you wanna go stroke you know on alert in the area and nothing not. I mean honestly I never I never really get Al so this is up and Apogee last couple weeks now you know I don't know why the north so. We should make your floor we should make it easy just in in my deuce on the lake and rose on bounce around from all the bars and all Roosevelt. Child Fabiani and have babies underlined apples are so I'm I'm I'm good to tell all right. Chris hey guys and girl what are you doing at saint patty's day we'll just. Have a drink with the best day of radio show in Sacramento Chris a mail in the week walk on April we're gonna be yeah it's again it's not function to the station but you know there's going to be a Big Ten out there dubbed. All that kind of stuff just we have some fun and we'll just action just be I'll be in normal didn't draw. Well yeah. Sandy guys I don't know how you found out that I suffered a stroke in mid November about about a the Dell received an autographed picture of all of you I had it brought me to tears and I was so moved that she took the time to do such a thoughtful thing. I just wanna say thank you my favorite radio show Cindy I remember that I do you do it and and I don't remember how we found out. But we were in the NFL we did was just cited Karol we we really hope you're you're doing okay minutes. And as always we can do we appreciate you listening in and I hope I'm things are in better for them. Yeah thank us GAAP and get better that's all we care about your damage and as Andy was right. Okay here's an email asking a question for us is this need it don't they don't put her name other cell only blond besides I smoke weed since I was 18120. Now. My fiance has always know all this about me. A few months ago he proposed to me I say yes to develop them very much. The following day he said quote I hope you know when we get married I want you to quit smoking weed. Does say that he has never liked my weed smoking he was hoping it was just. Pace he tells me that when we get married party time is over. Think Sweden is immature. By fiance is a hell not and has never smoked or even drink aren't really. He got into a 58 the other night over this so our guess we did he told me that if I still wanna smoke weeding he's not Marion may now. I have kept the same job and career for over twelve years I'd pay my bills on time and they are responsible. I don't drink. What is even talking about what this party time talk I am finally realize it is between the man I love and the we now. What I do I pick him I mean selfish about selfish pod and if I take we'd lowers my beyond Sabine and reasonable. They all jockeys below reason Roy hall and they can't you can't change somebody. But like he wants a change this person did he not know that she smoked weed either. Yeah in the first place now is it so we're okay there's this there's one thing okay. I wanted don't have my drink and medication Alex slocum and tell them the best laid the world is to slow right tomorrow you won't Hussein's there isn't there a storm the wrong when you I have got a responsibility. And it sounds like she's responsibly she works she's an old jobs have been paying bills. They've just sit here hassle any slump we carried a young kids are sublime. But the other night. I learned in life everybody has an outlet they have something made it up it may be maybe they had a few drinks maybe think they smoke. Maybe they play a video game on their phony are something everybody has some type of outlet. I do much anything bad for you. But for somebody tell you got to change do you are to be with them thought they knew they fell in love with you overt screw that especially what that's. Apple ultimatum saying that it's either we hear me but you and you you're you're running aces who this woman and analysts and your throw this ultimatum that's insane to me they he's he the key do you smoke or we do you live your life. I had Mikey probably have to England of great life and we've been in a lot of relationships through the years and I'm not in my younger years and they even still made mistakes and promoter years where I've I've changed a lot of ways yeah hi I've got from away from who I am. I'm trying to please other people right and at the end of the day at the end of their relationship you realize I was an idiot. You lose yourself. You do lose yourself. And right now just immediate goal to my divorce not saying this as an appliance and I'm I'm still trying to find myself into an solo life you know renminbi and alone right now in doing my thing in a whole new city everything else well there's so we are understood find yourself put many casualties completely take each. You you've got to be something else that you're not. Now you have got to give up because you wanna give it up. I don't think she needs to give me personally you'd. How letter writer you know give. I'm just live your life I'm the straight and say I don't think they should get married and not because. She that these because they're both too immature and I'll tell you why because not because she smokes weed not because he thinks she shouldn't. But because they didn't have this conversation a long time ago considered Blake you're gonna marry this person that you haven't told me don't like that they smoke weed them really. That's a great voice text and and it is or would you and I'm the morning they're asked what would you react the same if it was cigarettes at the man was asking her to stop so you know. If it isn't because it is the Wii which is this legal. It will you know it is legal and and I would freebie reacting the same if you're asking us are asking the letter writer I would be acting reacting the same way if it was for cigarettes or anything because you are getting gates this person you know exactly what this person Weis do why would you also and expect when they get married they should just change their life. Like completely change something entering two or something that they do not yet you're a smoker you should want to quit smoking in a way to tends to be healthier. But not because somebody said I'm not gonna marry you because you smoke. Yes same difference and fight just like Mary is right that has few drinks and socially drinks or maybe element in the league and now apology indifference says Dave Barry because maybe what he assumes that they're just gonna start popping out kids right away and that she better be you know nod smoker all the she's pregnant which makes sense but they should know that. Time blow. Of course it creeps into those things localized texts coming in and one of them just stuck out to me and I think this is a good point letter writer runaway now he's controlling. And I thought comes off it comes off kind of controlling. I think it's not a pot just start drinking and called her sucks anyway apologies if this could be an issue that. I know pod is. Smoke pot I thought upon is the way better than than we have today between the two when it comes it you know I mean I would imagine healthy and at least be able to control yourself and and be in control your environment at that time. Whatever it is you're doing we'd you're you're more control what's happening at that moment when you're on weaving your drunk. You have to admit that. Now I don't quote that's the turf we don't really. There is an okay I thought maybe he would at least feel again that's a good point but no. The worst decision I've ever made. Smokey and which as you know remains on an everyday thing as an occasionally is meego on damn I should need that right. That's the worst decision I've made. Usually the worst is about Miami is probably a good decision is is I'm not gonna laugh I end of staying in the house more than I do go out. Thousands drinking as a whole new ball game the worst decision I've made huh. I don't know what the worst and hope oh god do. I've got stabbed a guy named finds a Dodd I've broken up with girls and I would tell us why it's yeah all the things all the bad things you could think of happened. When I destructive as fast as your says seemed to handle. Yeah that's exactly what now now another guard is to guard is very is down and very loose and their alcoholic content literally makes no sense as well and I'm justifying it DAX. Sometimes it says they disease has assault I think maybe maybe that is. I don't we just ear for their reasons so anti marijuana I I don't understand I I don't know I don't get your fill against it added to it is injured. He just thinks frolic idiots if you smoke you can totally had your opinion and we that's fine there's the of everybody's entitled to their opinion mean you can be anti and all you want to be you can't sit alt. There amid smoke is a moron or make people bitten anybody people who smoke are stupid and that people who smoke she quit smoking and drink more I can say. All of those things I can you get that. I got look don't want. I just drop the last part of that my. Because because I don't. If you're context I you know exactly the contents laws and I was told I can't call somebody a name but what I do when they use it in that context they can you can be set and you could find drop me I don't get. It has to be safe I'm your own rules keep changing I don't know I'm just well enough that it just the I don't know. But anyway the point is it what you when he comes your mouth doesn't mean anything I. And you finally said it before but I. Mullah cannot. Gotta be rebuttal for the buttons like you do care that you words together I guess you don't. I'm sorry Jeff go ahead yeah you decided just got here what happened I think not the rest of the world opponents wanted to. It I don't I was let me look out for a long long time. And I met this girl and a pretty historically we dated. They're out by the blunt and I know I thought I need to get away the city. And I would look at it I was drinking out Bobby bigger you know the whole nine yards. He they couldn't really brought up but you. And then when I move appeared you know like the girl and my big you know. You shouldn't do that I don't like you that you quit and go my aid. Dumped bought it he quit and I don't know like I haven't I don't know you know it's good about our lack the wire Charlotte yet they called alcohol again at these. Hollywood perhaps a drinker I would do. And to be drink everyday middle and down you know four or five drinks every night yeah it or not. Bright light I don't afterwards. Government beard like that you bite all Harry Carey like wider gap than it did you know why I'm. I don't Obama is really don't like to do whatever I believe. I thought I about it. You can do you law. On both things you can do it did not not the debate until they're the real question did you actually tell you what you can't narrow and you've got to change your way and just like you gave an example here in this email alerts about road into the show you he can't let me change you. You're never going to be happy I like this person here who takes an iPhone like I told my husband that if he didn't match again. I would believe him was I wrong now we own Merriam that this person is comparing the mess let's weaker to somebody who smokes weed out. I'm just trying to compare those and you can if you want to USA but they're not the same thing they're not even in same category in real life yes maybe good maybe the stupid government thinks that. Marijuana is good terrible fairway look. Asinine thing addiction that I. Kids in the yeah yeah you saw your eye you Lucia to. I think ever killed any need body you have to literally smoke like 25000 cigarettes at one time in order to die and you would be died of suffocation not suffocation not from the we'd. Lara I almost married guy but he tried to dumb it could be a prostitute anymore and I was a site that's a deal breaker he can't change me. Just says some. You today that's true. Seriously. You know like it's it's it's basically British strikeouts they took us god don't. You know let me relax now quiet. Or just. There is now down now do.