Thursday, April 26th


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Podcasts and that didn't show him show pimp got there. Pilot skills will start of the talkback let's seize the message you can leave us only 98 rock gather you don't have the money rock Abu make it very simple boy you Tex Al. At eight PP 16515. We do that was you two back to link. Download it UK and the right from right there you can stream the show he can do a lot of what. We're talking. With a with a guy yesterday that was complaining about a half hour you hung up on liberal whatever that song god we got Texas Tech guys is colored nineteen from yesterday tell that guy Allen Joan V. A guy. That guy got want to know do you it was like 7 o'clock less than they got a still wanted about those tickets are like I. Well at the part of my ego get. Guess the bitch is that why would we hang up and ruin the game had to get another caller on purpose people are stupid analogy I keeping tags in business Jacko was entering the line went dead sorry Jack it happens amendment to and we can do yeah we came up with you get disconnected we do not hang up on you and intentionally like if you cursor hang out for you she immediately probably will not get a game. Our topic serial first line. Came IKEA at a game and I last night though Jesus you give all Twitter created about it. I did during the year Stanley in my family lived together in your kid came in to show me a Pokemon card. And that he was leaving. He started in my kids base plus. Oh well. Well thank. Take initiative not a major yeah. Yes are now good and got really we heard dad he looked so uncomfortable for should come OK well I mean and they still have comfortable he's dreaming about my family and they're far no news. This is what we hear her to go through another U. I SK yeah I needing special and not Jeffrey. Who is that let's start. See how Ian it's. Yeah. Okay. During. Count me in little sense grew worried Jessica thank you thank you very much another class. It's an investigation get a hobby and make some friends that I realized everything sucks I hate everything and everyone not my fault. I I guess I can hang out that if he gets contain the world together we could. And I don't really hate the world wedges does is he people kind of suck that's true it has now if you do just wanna get together and hammered out. They're people suck in general the daily basis and you think you know forever find out there serial rapist and killer there you go exactly PeopleSoft. Oh yeah and doodle is Dylan the duke of dame it's our number one fan O the duke it dammit we should hang out Dylan and you guys can hang on only one next clip. Hey guys I just wanna say thank you might. How that how much that made my day again loyalists errors in the eyes every single day are yet have a good one Dan and Andrew. Thank anybody had a birthday them and then drove. Like that would oppose a post I see people's Britain pose that little they have British prime time show I do the same thing as well about follows social media say the message a message going to be birthday we actually like a lot of you to have. Kinda somebody we don't want to set I don't like people I like the Dallas though only at the light our people that's it I'm all Indians fans. All in the NHL stupid are we not call them damn it's important that we can really get named for Indians fans dumbest. And it's a community and the remainder of the Dulles is comments apparently made a music store later caller we don't call that Saddam to come from Africa. I I would powerhouse the other night. And found I had I mean transitioning into nineteenth it's probably not seen an outlet for ten years my eating and. Under another ship them all away. If they like this is where you and we know worried 06 I was a corner out to discuss the powerhouse he's all over the place. Who's this guy Mike I have no free cable to call this a generic Mikey did call dollar generic Mikey actually you know what you know we should do we should have been come to the union. Think D'Amato yet come to the union next Saturday generic Mikey global talk coordinated. It hit on girls claiming to be meet a man like it well it's funny. It obviously didn't work so you're good. Yeah it might be working what is it under its best loan yes she's species in that's for both teams. To their mighty. Isn't really go for me because that's for both teams seem to be I can now more numbers and you are. And his average is a lot better I don't even use me as to to pick up girls and I'll say I'm happy from that potential ever for I don't think it would work you say here he and I don't I don't really like that he Beagle he did know he would not be cool. I don't have a good time for him and EG UN and he's more a default for because somebody wanted me go say I'm Mikey I know I do like let me go grab the website to check out the people we're gullible. Man north Connie thanks economy going down on them I'm concerned that this guy's gonna get give me instant crap. I love it and honestly I know I all right. And I got to grab their. There's really well again he did another show how. TD asset JR XQ dot net hi guys and Lara. I've seen the new ladies tank tops and they're really cute but so was aren't really built for them. I've I guess she's changed she's on the bigger dammit. I'll maybe. On to do we are we update they're not all smaller shirt on we have side we did freedom everybody asks we all sizes not to say I'm battery thing I'm not but this day and a gal is going to be 62 next month off. Nice and I'd love to have a lady's style T shirt more like the ones I'm wearing in the photo. Madam out of photo attached regularity in a nice scoop of Teaneck in little sleeves may be. Maybe you could sell iron on TV as he gals so we can put them on shirts and our choice he's just took off. That's a great idea actually. We've become what we can probably get the coming up by some months and he tells people to put logo anywhere. Maybe I'll put me that's how do I say just love your body in where the shared that we give me if polo shirts will be on sale I thought there's holes here on sale this week but they they're. Soon we just did that photo you within they're ten. Here's the big news that I have that she told me today I wanna put this out there's a lot of industry and the show moves into this yeah. They're gonna be online yeah combined they'll be smelled Deke is that people like I somebody destiny Texas. Oh wow in Texas I mean I of course against Florida Alabama Georgia Ohio yeah yeah Ohio. But what do you listen to the showed stream it RPL followers of the shell out and they want about the shirt and I thought well damn I don't wanna bias in pay for shipping in Arabic media middle man. But we told me today that people ordered on line they'll be just put in the mail that's great news yes. If it is gonna is soon as they're putt as soon as they're up for sale you'll know and everybody would give their gonna sell out quick I can tell you that amount to get more so let's go to our national hell yeah. What's the I love your damn probe problem segment eight special the mom who was putting her kid on blast the other day about and disrespectful. Yeah awesome car. Spot and I have a snot nosed kid too I love to. Daddy who loved her dad I love to dead all right take a look to death. Yeah really creeping out on renewed I'd love to read I'd love to dad but are not clean his damn room. I taking stuff away his video games and all but he won't clean it all well. I'm not sure exactly and that they issued this statement number 00 well sorry. The I'm glad he. I won't say we're sorry he'd been thanks for watching mark I don't know thanks for listening yet they deal does that this is dammit markets. I was listening earlier and you guys were talking about fancy job titles might fancy job title is an official gourmet pie artists. I make pie I'm Israeli pizza for a living room I think eons official title should be a little crabby. But that's not fancy. This fancy it would not be advancing crowd it would be more like miniature crustacean. Ha there you go what I like but I help you. I don't know I don't know why do you help inaugural insults like I did not like that at all the dumb it's a really. These aren't just going to send us those not bad they can be called Indians now like Madonna sat down on us than them through the dominance. Hey guys this is dammit Kevin I eat used to work for many Iraq in the promotions department. And I don't know I really don't know he is those are primarily a lot of people who work here and Donnie Moore. This was about twelve years ago though so I can't help but feel like I am. A small part of the stations still hear that. Yeah let me go to. I work I don't know you guys wanted to be the ones are saying but I will a year not to down play EV may be feels like he's part of the show guys you're not yeah. Still as we appreciate you listening to you not only he would somehow you're not I worked with there was that guy eight years ago I did you work with a little higher than he had been the station for thirteen years and he had middlemen stationed. For five years he was part time make weekend like maybe four hours a week and he has profile pitcher like fifteen years later on right. Still sore about the guy from that light you can I go I've every worked for I had some people who do that letting go I still think about in turning this coming semester so maybe I'll see you well maybe. How long did you start again. We can use an intended to replace the built the ones that we have because they're terrible. This goes from dammit Margaret did that mom would be thirteen year old son named Jason she was hilarious she totally purse on a blast got his the other day and I. Oh we learned from what you guys were saying it does not resent her for enabling data back to that these or this or that last in the last week. Both of basically the lady had called in new during our Bardem problem segment and she was just having a hard time whether Sonny wasn't listened to receive a single mom. That is in the picture so she is definitely he's trying to help but. You know how those situations are single moms have it rough and so when you have a teenage boy could be a jerk. He was listens to wanna some advice I think we helped her a little bit yeah I really do you bless him on the radio and she didn't hilarious news right now Karl listening to us it was awesome yeah. I think dad and then dad he. Of these. I have the feeling that you likening.