Monday, February 12th


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Plug Gibson's next game she. 98 rock let's get to the Lehrer energy may be as. All of the Lara hello my yeah you are ready ready to go oh. How can make you quit copying me half topped the box office this weekend it was fifty shades freed Ebbers and a fifty shades of gray. Brought in 38 million dollar X did you see him now I didn't did you EM. That cucumber and. My guys that can do about she's nasty to. Yeah well I can spell so. All out. Metallica's James Hatfield has landed a role in an upcoming film about serial killer Ted Bundy. He's going to be playing aim Marshall who arrests turn Ted buddy who's going to be played by Zach and for on our legal. In South Africa play Ted Bundy you have to. Also can. Hey here's one thing I know but I like I like three million and reading and and watching these things on serial killer one thing about Ted Bundy do you know a lot about him a moment you start a bad and believe in Washington State and he works Israeli down and explore. He was to oppose it is good looking guy women issues but he now did this. Is that that good looking guy can play a role in the air at. An accurate level I feel like he holds true pretty for an for the role exact front I think is also pretty for the role but that's I mean I guess Blake said Ted Bundy was sort of womanizer so. Ever since he played High School Musical I can't make taken very seriously they're trying to break out of that or he did great they watch until they can. They can take a beautiful people make an uglier because look at Charlize Theron is fine Allen added a monster good points man they ruined yeah. It I can't watch a movie out you and you're not gonna rose Charlize from a glare and just are now that I'm excited I loved the serial killer shows damage and it actually saying that he had Phil and Amy got the role because. The aborigines are helping produce it. Also worked on their mentality is some kind of monster documentary really can work together and they're like yeah he's great. Good I'll watch dot com there was something on at what you so much as Amazon prime that finally signed it thank you. A nice job like he does they had document earlier this like this guy that that this Arab coast or whatever else and medium or whatever she followed it went all these different places where supposedly Ted Bundy limb and Kelly revives her really dad pass and watch that stand behind him and I saw. I hear stuff from Ashley Cole yeah. The mission not too long ago there was a rumor that NBC was gonna reboot the artists but without Steve Corel which is like let's talk let's appoint a. But then John Pierzynski was on Ellington and was taught and she asked her him about it and this is Lisa and I heard that they're gonna reboot the office to do here that's I didn't hear that on the Internet. All you media NBC's like you know we didn't like Jim now. I think we'll then they're not doing better not be too noisy yeah I hope you like oh my god are you kidding but then you have to get that didn't make any move back here. So I need like Cuba. Big news probably now I hope they do I hope they don't I hope they did that would only watch it the white in Jimmer back and that's it they'll say I can't watch a nasty crow because there's so many shows that just suck after the main that's the main character laughter and no matter how hard you try to get. Ever met the other and I see gross not a word look what look at That '70s Show look at scrubs look at to have meant all the suck when the lead left. My idea I think you're right if delight in gym where the winds are running the office of then it would definitely be worthwhile because there'd be like that back and forth the power. That's what I think I think those two they always had great great chemistry and I think that the show could be it just based on an idea because although I do agree it was Michael's comeback. Course maybe that will not be my guest appeared about how good they should do it they won't. Jalapeno Phoenix has been chosen to play the Joker in a new standalone Joker film produced by Martin's guerrilla cease. Only we won't Ku school worst score lazy. I think in this is our bread hello. Call Larry he's got that name up I don't hear you talking about saw rolled whether OK okay. Maybe another ten most. Yeah me and most of America would know you know everybody knows you talk about more Martin Scorsese and we'll tell you that you and stroke fervor rather quick clarification. Joaquin Phoenix he played Johnny Cash and more to life as you know I know. I don't know who sources say you know source home. My god I'm in a place is not good celebrity name he's a direct isn't right either collected some of the almighty last time you showed as a member okay. Thousands upon closing days yeah Leonardo DiCaprio was supposedly the generational intervention happens now we got Joaquin Phoenix which I think can be pretty good actually I would rather see Joaquin and then Leo I. Think I don't quote me on this I'm sure he was in the short rate was in the running for the Joker went Dark Knight was going about Heath Ledger got instead so. He gets another shot I guess since that time that Janet can't be a particular.