Monday, April 23rd


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Podcasts and that didn't show him show pimp. Austin Powers superstar burns' lawyer passed away on Saturday at age of 49. And I was at I think I was in singles at Six Flags and I saw the you shared it you share them most and are used to stroke and and I'm curious. It has the only released any imprisonment. How a first does it say that there were not very many details but I looked into it again and and they found that he had three times the legal amount of alcohol in his system at the time of his death. There's so Maureen. I know I'll put you on the spot anyway that's a worried about like a suicide or something like the families and suicides of real mental health than they said he had been battling the demons and alcoholism he was open about his. I'll I'll via alcoholism for a long time. And what actually happened is. And his body became unresponsive and end. They take into the hospital is organs are reportedly started feeling innings put on life support and then on Sunday it they said it was believed that his family had to take them off and that's kind of what happened. Well I mean it. It whether it was that kind of person but it's suicide but yeah it's if you're anything from alcoholism it is a slow suicide and away it really is and he went through a lot of stuff camera watching him on some VH one show celeb reality thing that they had were all these all these are the B list celebrities who live and house together for a week or two and he was a disaster he was drawn to usually go to the bathroom on the walls and stuff it was. Is that 'cause of the success that he was for his life you know what had to be tough focus counseling people making little people gentle manner I'm sure is rough yet everybody you know so much taller than you in camp in deep down you probably like you know I'd give up he probably would have gave up the same in them. Arm she's worth a little fortune he had to just be you know normal normal sized folk. And I and I think we don't know this by now it doesn't matter how famous or rich you are in everyone's battling something that you know I don't know about that's true that is true is that. And you know we've called us first family. An eighteen year old girl posted a video asking it Dwayne the rock Johnson to go to problem with her and that help their little piece of that freedom. Hello I don't blame him. I'm OK concentrate and I would like to ask you to in my senior prom you may be wondering. Why should I go to from a parent let me tell you why I am indeed biggest Dewayne Johnson fan. I want all of your movies I even dressed up as you for your column the end and I have good. They get stern Wayne Johnson immersed collection so Dowayne I have just one question where you play you rock NS problems. She is just personally that she's please tell me the wrong signal based on that terrible joke that only sending out people most of the awesome sweet video responding to her. There's just for a very special young lady her name is Katie tells a bird I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for inviting me to Europe from. Unfortunately I can't make it that weekend I'm going to be in Hawaii shooting jungle cruise I just wanna take a moment to let you know how awesome might think you are. You step out of your comfort zone to ask me to the prom as a surprise because I can't make it this weekend other rent out a theater post your house. A Rampage on me invite your friends invited fairly soda popcorn candy everything's free everything's on me I hope some super sport takes you to the prom you know what your book you might not even need a boy go with your girlfriend. I don't what is so let's cool this is a nice guy all learn from that is now after what's jungle cruise tact here. You got me again I don't that's about. Button my colleague told and it didn't interview with Alan and talked about how around Christmas time if he can't even leave his house because. Everyone on the front here haven't they. And ask him to do the hand on his face thing of course. So when it comes on which it comes on I'm sure every Christmas every Thanksgiving it you'd you don't watch it known that really and you don't go out of the house during that time so I definitely don't yeah it's my season do people come up to you and want you to put your hands on your face yet so my guys. I'm 37 new defense couldn't. These are so he he's not the only release may invite 32 hour suddenly I'm the older and these are my age you know Larry I do. Don't know anything also he's been in them. I used to stuff Richie Rich the good solid loan to your right you know as a hundred times in housing and NTELOS glad you could name obviously get home alone to. And nothing recently he was also in the little anchor the bees kill them or whatever you have on my girl a girl bad. I forgot about pal and also a pretty good uncle buck. I guess is we have the pool I guess in the morn to in movies I was thinking like five he's worth fifteen million dollars. I'll yesterday's rich could stay and I don't look. The rich kids today I. Monday is artificially raised its day yeah. I'll looks like. BBC documentary that details a long history of his abusive behavior while. He's been accused of holding woman against their will look allegedly demanding sex and it just basically dictating to them when they can go to the bathroom when they can eat all this stuff. Since I sell if all those people and dropped out of his life be said publicist she said attorney and lawyer everything yeah. And the his publicist says it has nothing to do with the documentaries is unrelated but only. How does tells me there's about to be some of the drop in really good day yeah. Gonna come down Michael J. Fox is recovering from spinal surgery. Although his spokeswoman that would not say the reason for the surgeries she says it's unrelated to his parkinson's. He's recovering feeling great and should be back on the golf course this summer. Let's go out of the box office this weekend was a quiet place it's number one well. Running point two million the number two a is the Rampage movie and number three I've pretty sure. Really great point that you don't support your so depressing I mean I guess super troopers is it is and it's but whenever fine if super rich and came in fourth. And that's your entertainment BS and Lara.