Wednesday, July 18th


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And it didn't blunt weakness. And Dan. The LA are you ready for urging the BS I am okay. I am in full. Share not a morneau went on in mr. Graham and posted a picture of Ozzie he apparently because it was so hot. Ordered it 3000. Pounds of ice to put in their swimming pool because he thought it was just too hot to swimming and always jealous rage just had problems like this yes he has I don't yet ice delivered from along the beach and it only made the pool three degrees. Colder. Does that because read that it didn't do anything I wonder how much he paid for that for really nothing happened. Probably a lot and after it didn't work he wanted to order more per share and I was like no you cannot order multiples for your schools for yourself with a hose hose is always called two dollars and Ozzie just watching some of those. I probably can that's kind of funny how that those ice dispenser you get likes me five pound bags of ice like four dollars and hard about washing yourself on gun. There's the video we're just sorry that somebody sent me this lady. Some even almost I don't know she was washing her lady parts and a sprinkler in Stockton. The video knowing deny that I wanted to go down you can tell she's just played I don't mean he's death twentysomething a very real and the thing. Today owned and soundly it probably happens in a lot of places Stockton and she was washing her stuff and you know I don't blame though it's a hundred some degrees in your homeless he got. You know you very cool well Seattle they've decided to do now is make it a pool that you connection cooled down Mike unite and am heated pool now they can have a clue. Like they are for refrigerated pool system anyways that's at the minute you. Yeah hope Chrysler ahead goal hitter on down. A list has come out of the top 35 celebrities with do forum deformities or mutations and Allan Blake went F when I first read this. But it's actually just as good as that sounds so I'll read into it. God father actor Andy Garcia was born with a tiny conjoined twin on his shoulder. It was removed when he's young as a child any real memory and yet it was born of a little consumer into. Not cool baby just just this hot little pair believes is right there on czar oh my god that's for that's awesome. The pop singer cash show was actually born with a tail almighty god I shot an off I believe I do too is is that that that fits her she's a level she should be kept it. Harry styles was born with four in this whole. I don't I know. People that have three but the third one is is somewhat noticeable is Sunday slim multi he's got four. Yeah is in the I don't think he's almost a calorie they've they like right by each other how I would like to know where they are I try to find a picture and I can't actually find one really I don't know what did you Google Harry styles nipple. Get pats can I yeah will that I bet that I guarantee that if it's real there's got to be a pitcher Mary's thousand couples out there. Elizabeth Taylor had a a mutation they gave her double sets of eyelashes so that's actually a pretty good one for a lady found them. CEO how easy was under the how. Aren't there they're just like this little malls but there's third just below his regular Naples yeah well what you 10. By a one of his ribs and the other one's a little bit further south on the other side. But it Larry I don't lie and say you did something. I did a lot of people coming out a lot but that there's a percentage of people who actually have a third nipple it's and love Hillary really Sam why. This makes it a nipple is not a mole I. I don't know but hasn't had eighty idol circle I'm more concerned that she's lying to us because I tried it Harry styles metals first pictures a second take I tell you didn't Perry's style. Born in the. Sharp aim are just admitting you didn't do I didn't write this and I couldn't find it a. Again I don't really care about me that I'm just curious is wind we define it and nipple and got a mole that's and that's the gray color classic here because they like Mo exactly. And there's no airy loft is on sale like it's just a mole it's not a nipple it's a mall. And of the Obama had about this pleased to come back tomorrow with three search and others yeah I need answered I've gotten the full Fokker. In Lebanon could can you milk me you know. Asian diet 25. Foot now actually it's twice spit it out. Long ten foot high statue of Jeff Goldblum in this sexy doctor Ian Malcolm poses appeared in London bet that's. Pretty amazing you add that to name was put up in front of the London's Tower Bridge by UK streaming service called now TV to celebrate the 25 anniversary of Jurassic Park. That's pretty awesome did you find Jeff Goldblum sexy Lara in that Posey yes consistency is a circle but is he considered a sex symbol I think I can. Kind of is a little bit now. He he definitely wasn't but over the years because partly because of Jurassic addressing park and a few other things independent state he's become a little bit of a sex symbol. I think women I think sexy I think even now he's an eleven diesel refined and if it's much more than he was when he was an idea that's for sure Jack has distinguished because they just share he has is he had a budget surgery is there not. I think I just aged very well I was in the fly Keeneland three K okay that was the point yeah that's true aides like a Scotch. The of the twentieth anniversary of for the big golden bow ski in the film only playing in theaters again for two days only August 5 and August 8. So I will be there we will be on vacation and has now in part of my vacation I'm going to see that theater that's been awesome I don't somewhere around here's playing do you have bad news or like a list. A list of where it's being played. Figured out more about it. Come on I will as a school. And on pats computer. Former Chicago Bulls player Dennis Rodman is put planning to invite Kanye West to North Korea with him. For whites Rodman admittance that Kim Jong Hoon during a visit to the country and the two shared a friendship based on their mutual love for basketball. Now he wants to bring Kanye West there Ernie says maybe Connie can make an problem about the trip because they'll be there for six or seven days so he just wants or can north. Or you can. Phone system RF I do find it I would be pretty awesome if Kim Jong Noonan and Kanye West became friends I was I don't know I don't know why it to see the degrade the means would be fantastic and I love the means of Kim Kim done in and Dennis Rodman that those are great. The confusion to put Kanye West dude that's an even better kid till I don't know I think there are a song about it might. Many makeover is calling out Floyd Mayweather for another fight they filed back in 2015. And it was billed as the fight of the century but it was kind of a let down because Floyd easily out boxed Manny and now many economy house and I got the belt I'm ready for a second match when you are. If you wanna come back to boxing. Naff. He did it once ounce on policy that he and other it isn't vin diesels 51. Birthday. Par ever faced kid to. And I'm I am and if you don't do this but I got a list of quotes from either Vin Diesel are Donald Trump and I wanna see if you guys can tell who. Loans came from okay I think that's fairly it's we need a break here below the other side. You you got these Koji at all touchdown favorite. On the paper are different that to be bigger of the two next all right so what vin diesels birthday you were saying earlier has its today the head his 51 birthday. Kindle I realize he's not the best that really that old but he realized he was settled a toll was much closer sorry to my age authorities about. Yen middle forties I guess 46. I would guess like 4243. I don't carry sucks anyway he does suck I agree about like bend Italy's funny course you would tell you got quotes today we effort out of his Vin Diesel or Donald Trump. Yes so who said it basically what is she funny and Lara I wonder. Yeah yeah I. Yeah he was the president prior. Now that's the only thing he's number he's ever been even a little bit remotely kind of funny and he wasn't funny it was a vine are giving this. Telegraph I can say they have these him doing the act with a xxx movies not funny not funny and then nine. Chronicles of Riddick not funny not funny fast and furious not running. Can I don't have the Wikipedia Bernie that's iron giant now finally move on is not even a good actor now may moles movies again. I have this theory not open after three terrible they're judged as just getting caught the fact he's at a bad actors I find him funny. Article I've seen is that she's eighty. That's what I said about guys it's not so easy it is bad there's a difference you are cheesy watch the room. What's a meal Breen film if I want she's under the supermarket like anyone else and yeah let's do it. All right first I'm Donald Shumpert Vin Diesel it's insecurity that is always chasing you and standing in the way of your dreams. I guess Vin Diesel and diesel the diesel Coleman's truck because it's diesel season. But I certainly stop mix the I don't play this anymore. Anyone who thinks my stories anywhere near over is sadly mistaken on countdown from ten. I. I and the most ambitious. Person you anti government trump trump. Vin Diesel and diesel was. Most of it's. You know that was a trick question I think. Hi for quote I local woman more than anything wait wait we feel a little I loved women more than anything women. A woman or women women women and women and that there isn't one or more several I loved women more than any you don't. Donald Trump the Vin Diesel and I sure don't trust and so on set I like to guess Lara. I think they both. Point I think I can also edit but Vin Diesel side and that's what I'm going up for the both of those women more than doubled try. He loves he loves the women better than anybody the best women in the battle about it he sure does yes he sure does no dream is too big you know challenge is too great nothing we want for our features beyond our reach and are selling out their own mouth and diesel. I'm old car Russell that. And or Vin Diesel I'm gonna go. Cash I don't trump as a presidential state. Entree. I haven't had he cannot write that in our style and so now I haven't had that many weird encounters with fans saying god. Vin Diesel Mindy so yep yep. If it's an amazing role I'll do anything. The diesel and listen to if you would geez I wonder if he'll do whatever he can yeah I don't plan talking treat it then. He did twice here. Actually three times and at my whole life is about winning I don't lose often I almost never leaves drop through yet. Almost never lose both of us wins two more. My mom insisted on multi grain bread and never allowed soda in the household how do we know for sure that that's an in diesel yeah. I'm trumpets is drinks Coke every day anything that I'm easily go. The last one I've always said if you need Viagra you're probably with the wrong. Girl it's. You don't drop ominously Vin Diesel housing counselor because he's older and his wife is a lot younger doubtless have to I feel that trumpet. It was Donald sure. Thanks Larry how little he's taken like presidential Viagra now I think it's do you think do but do they get better Viagra. Now you know it is probably the kids until. President of IE 890 EU doesn't take Viagra is this ACL us just check in oh my money's not do anything political you know plus he's also mostly on the line and monster and he is or isn't bad for is shorting the homestand this through. Our neighbors and relatives you talk. Think she rose to a non public they muddied like freaks from the White House yeah I don't yeah. Well I just got like fifteen years about how trump for round of the white IDs and chase that are.