Monday, February 12th


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Plug it isn't. Exchanged she. 98 Rockwell I anonymous and myself unpatriotic by no means but I slid zero. That can see why gene or. Read up on the Winter Olympics and see how. How great we're doing here in the US that makes two of us I think the Winter Olympics are really study says he can Olympics in general I know people are it's a big deal people and I get that athletes that are involved and good for US support you I don't watch you on TV I actually don't support you I don't think about it at all. Ever I need to decrease the time that NBC forces it down our throats every every year are ever for years I don't know what happens is that are you are you watching any. No let's actually not it was on the I was on our Saturday it was on and I just watched the only ceremonies you see any sports. Question mark did you guys see like CNN's gigabytes of heat for what they put about Kim Jong sister out like that. A prevailing totally defending her I. Water column up a puff pieces good days bad days Baghdad are they they they made reference or stealing the show. And this is is this is still ultimately put CNN knows this is despicable headline and article that they're beg inning dragged a line. And it just goes on Iran and they've taken down which is it's kind of crazy but this is Kim Jones the sister is still in the show they Winter Olympics. She's very shady bitch. I don't know anything about yeah right sure that we should not promote anything North Korea in any way you know. I'll at all we should never say it was a talk about them but if you do let's not talk nice because they're not jerks and not one thing is great about North Korea did you have time. Simon and you don't know a little bit about history what's gone on North Korea. On Amazon prime you can watch the whole big thing on an Assyrian or Fergie she's been a couple of hours and you can learn a lot or you can just Google some information and learn something as well yeah. Every isn't within seconds you'll understand that they will kill you when they do not like Americans and then he had little fat boy over there he's got a bad haircut would love the blows off the map yeah. Yeah I can't remember. I've ever heard anything nice about them like there's never been a yes North Korea's bad but the teachers today growth there are working extra weight. Really no let North Korea is they added that they in a big market for cola coal. Don't even know the only thing I'm really know about North Korea and the fact that the stuff that we. Look pretty common knowledge about the prison in the camps and yeah kill you to get to the top and they control the Internet in the if they had the and I don't think even had I don't think they don't understand their heard they have their own version of Vietnam War but they are in control and they won't be they black out original world from from the knowing the truth is crazier than us and is those three of the Winter Olympics are better of the article up factor BS so I'm out there on the sport and you tell me is it's a true sport orphans total BS okay. Barring. Snowball fighting. Is that a winner sport. I wanted to do I want to be so bad he wanted to be but I don't think it is my big concern I don't know. So winter sport I don't millionaires and I wanted to be and it's not as easily routed right now it's never an Olympic sport even though it's actually get really it should pay. He Melanie. AKA days and on skis. That he had. That's that's what they do now know you can't say yes which is definitely he was a comedy I looked over at my easier figure skating that's what's called the nothing even though they're on scale up skis I don't think is bigger scheme that could be deadly month. A badger me elements ABS on Israel slip. Yasser BS it's actually. L life. Demonstration event at the sort of the Winter Olympics in 1988 in 1918 it never became an official Olympic sport because organizers decided it wasn't athletic enough. So does that count and it's not out yeah I don't know around the police say the rules on us. Sled dog racing. Is that a winner of course. I I think it is isn't it yeah. Is sit still and it's still well. It's still not a net official Olympic sport but they elicit a demonstration and and in 1930 do. 1952. In 1994. And they still do it now they found none eliminating Disney movies about it did. The Olympic stuff. Speed skiing where scares just bomb made straight down a hill as fast as possible yeah. Now I'm pretty sure that's the thing sounds awesome you know dad's. Drill they hit speeds over I didn't know they don't this fact is this is crazy is that bottom going like twenty or thirty not Bosnian die we wanted to. Mr. Romeo area yet they hit speeds of 140 miles an hour. 1992 Olympics that's insane they got pulled out of first gear from Switzerland died during the practice round I also don't do anymore. But it has tried to draw enemy again. I assume that it acted out to me that's an actual sport yeah should be in the Olympics okay is this say we're sport are hasn't ever been ice skating. I'm sorry ice fishing. Ice fishing I don't. Sound I hope not I don't think so. It's not as there have been an Olympics pork from regular fish she was an unofficial sport a Summer Olympics in the 19100 cell phone. So yeah I think guys know we didn't I don't really care. I think fifteen game began as yeah well you might well put that game in the world just okay.