Monday, July 16th


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And it didn't blow a weakness on. Hand to hand. Always tell the truth in that yeah Brady doesn't smoke we drove Aaron doesn't lie. A lot. Made up Monday not that revealed the wires today. Mikey quickly tell us what you're we can against. Might do a whole bunch stuff this weekend but I was talking about I want to be fair had a great time compared him in the conference they're very recommend getting out there and went to the petting zoo. Then watched a little goat or a moment or something. But the back tomorrow we'll get. What happens via your weekend. I got overwhelmingly. Blazed and I'm Melissa put on some music on my. Windows Vista computer thank you sum they tried to call me out the idea IE do you use Vista so. I was watching a little Windows Media Player and when you listen music though that little laser light show or whatever help. I stare at that for a good half hour not even realizing that time gone by. Lara. I thought I was dying aunt passed out in the shower. And that was basically dying on about a four. We're glad to here with us. Or read your life it's bad for me I think overall the weekend now highlight was voted in table and a bunch of junket that actually I think I did use some pretty cool stuff that I found this other road in little embarrassed when the owner. I'm come out and to have a conversation with me has eluded into my pickup truck. Can often be embarrassed us and who is a liar. Looking at it takes all of the more recent of those the multiples go line broke quake Patrick what do you think is light and why. I think does the data got a great stuff but the man out. You said you're walking and then all but eat it everyday hoping attract you widget truck park but what else do. That's he says that's me thinks of me stronger okay is why they don't whine all right thanks yeah. Oh let's go to rule job I John. Only. I learned why can't let up I'd opt out. Church either withdrawn. Its normal and I think now begins. Issues like and it gets hurt her I think she might have called kind of paramedic or some foreigners launching adopted. I got a good reason I think K okay what do they say on the text messages of the tax all over the place only did try to call you know and so are you know use line because laser show died after Vista. Went away and who the hell still uses Vista I and then and then there's like is a stroke strokes full of it storms lined Lara Lara Lara Lara Lara might you Lara Lara among them. Basically. Every once a bit for the most further isolate. You when Valero stroke. Are through their kind of that people think airline miles all right let's go Mikey are you tell the truth did you see a little kid get back to die hard telling YouTube I saw little case it bathroom died at the state fair it was hilarious. And I felt bad for dedicated and but I didn't do anything about it is left. Festivals like the I don't know for water on the kill him up I have no idea as his parents don't know much that's never I don't akin job until side. That would break into the bathroom I think and Aaron as the rush chairman kind of wash him yeah he can go violent affair shirt or something and change is closer to where it. That sucks now. Paying forty dollars for sure. Whatever and then after paying another yeah I like 56 bucks Stephen do an empathy animals that look I love affair will pricey pile of millions did not. Okay and are you tell the truth. Now you lie and other people often go on a different order today and he had no I don't smoke weed. Yup that's unfortunate freedoms are you just I you have occasionally it very very occasionally but. This is not my list not on my list of things to do on the weekend so you're a liar is on him Larry are you okay. Yeah alive but I did think I was dying or did you pass out I mean I did bad past and shower. And this blurted it. It don't think he should my stomach Lieberman I should probably my stomach was really bad agitating for any preference my god are so it was a bother you still today so little better. I must be eaten something then maybe Amanda when was who. That's scary stuff I'm glad you're all right I am telling drew the guys had a walkie yes when I first was walking why is when I noticed some of the stuff and then I got my pickup truck. Later and I went back to see to that stuff was there there was more stuff it was treasure even more stuff even more stuff and at that at that point. When I walked early in the morning about 6 o'clock that morning and it had just the end table and node three. There's just sit and odd plays or even your house exactly knowing more about this one. Other kind of needed some of take it anyway do you. Every day and I forgot about it that we play the game of golf that I came back and as I don't go to the grocery store that's when I went by and there was all this stuff it was. But see I thought. In the marvel Spider-Man clock ASCII and it has it has not been out of the box I don't know why you just put that on the side the road. There was an unopened thing yeah biggest clock while I do. He's all in the comics alike even I didn't have asked me about this now and then there was he's wearing more to the marvel teacher he's got on. Yeah almost Purnell. If I knew it was insider Spiderman big big boxy opened up. And it'll look like a book there was an op and that was it didn't wash at your whereby your intelligence analyst on the small receive increases from my old. Did you should at least watched it. It looks Melbourne Adelaide in wash it especially given off the street I would at least Boston whenever. Yes I think. I think I'll live so that the game and share of those what you dvds in a bunch of stuff to me that the first on my flight stopped in you know with their people stuff on the side the road and attack could use that table Paula got about getting and eligible coffee table which I don't need. Does that you don't need to lead do you have now that's a hell of a coma meant as a thought I don't miss a good stuff somebody needs quite a little coffee table in his brief. Yeah yet break at that point nobody did he really did he walked out and I do and I. Eddie how much bacteria and other loans is tomorrow. Pretty well except he's won an egg what he just like the game. And and I'd take you decrypt my name's Ian it's the I thought to hate is that does that gaining share work is that how can speakers are working right now very wound will. It's pretty near anyway I can't see any entity wanted to unless they go get all that stuff UNAIDS speaker is a Muslim again anyway I. I'd imagine. There's a lot of you who has come across things on the side the road they got some pretty get stuck and maybe even something extremely valuable that somebody threw away. What's open lines of that 7665009167665000. What have you got out the side of the road even fell off into the highway that you've got a little lucky on a little value what are you picked up most expensive thing you got 7665000. Villages or about the final sings on the side the real life I've kind of excited I don't know the white trash and he was like pool with some good stuff. I don't think there's some stuff but as well and bears and it is a little bit. So ask the question what is the what kind of valuables or treasure did you find on the side of the road or maybe even fell onto the road who knows. 7665000. War tax 62515. There's attacks against a moment ago so my ground ball found a brownie mix. I shotgun back in the sixties and seventies took it day in and nobody claimed it so is his now that got passed on now hustlers and until pretty cool just a lot of shock. I can't. He can't get through comes out of time I think. They found one once. Really well are stationed back home buyer my former station we didn't in a parade I was and they are but the guy driving it down and prayed stopped and picked it up because there's tremendous kids everywhere like god man. On the floor and I am not surprised. I was right it was like a right or all the kids Allegheny easily ran the road these are kids you were not granted these detour him from them you know the fans and everything else like that it isn't just picked it got to think it was taken just call after you guys should concentrate all the time at the Florida thing yeah marathon where you don't drop and leave enough. I like Cody what kind of treasure did you find on the side of the road. So I do I don't we believe Mitt about three years ago I found it actually new brand new lecture at all or any and Elaine. And they all they had any damage. Well Betty it didn't it attract and and there may. Miles or Ontario. It looked at new brand new book out of four K Akbar what was the brandywine the column like. You call of duty addition wal. Some stole commercially and you've got you've got to want to bring one to me I'm over your radio stations or drop off. In a year I don't O'Donnell and don't just give me one single. This is explicitly states it can they do and it is. Gone now dressing has 5345. Madison avenue. Is that recent ones can probably about a 505345. Madison avenue. Were open until five we don't know it stolen so it's the gift as well the candidates don't you have no idea eater the only the last question I saw one brave man right on we're ready to go anywhere else I did I get a lot of acknowledged. I mean it's he sure give you teaser. All yeah yeah you don't exist until I'm delighted that dared to. Tiger nobody takes them so. I don't do this feels really illegal now. Yeah I thought OK if you don't play you don't have tier I Obama plane we don't know where it came from we don't some athletic questions got back into the room yeah asking them why it felt it felt a truck. I'm afraid the third say they we need out. I don't know what I'm gonna go at Wal-Mart theaters and I needed you usually think that he bought that washing machine about the guy who do you like you could use a lot of things that revenue may tech. For the for other needed IQ I think I did. Wow. Horse owner I would friends and Xbox and all I care about adjusted now we're talking my treasures you five other side the road what did you discover. Though. Yeah. The what did you find. OK I mean not just in his judge David adrift your. I'm a close not even close to. Build please don't think I'd get it. I'm Justin we explain real of one of our interns so we concepts of broke into my throat and yes he looks like Seth Rogen he's screen the calls and I apologize it is just all you know and your name is David. You yeah I've dated date that I really hope Doug I don't doubt bout that Xbox I'd be cool a recently I would you know they can't understand it a little business during the always in the lady called means she's OK I want just spoke way allergy compared to look. And I showed up this year are grandmother clock that was almost perfect it was from nineteen like thirty. And on she paid need to haul it away and I sold at a weekly or for an honor books. Wow. Well day down. I got lucky I've been told of a novel hauled out a way for furry and take a couple of things if you want anything else all the way they actually had used. And giving a hundred bucks just take take a reality TV get rid of it okay shared this on Craig list then. Week later had a guy call me from LA knew that I need that I wanted. I'm gonna get it. Try to pay you take away and I are not o'clock. Yeah she had no idea what you should not why hey man good for you that's a great. Haley outtakes man let's go to I'm afraid to say with a call screen say now let's let's just say it hopefully it is all wrong okay success over there drain. Well we're right okay hydrate what did you find. Well actually I didn't find it on the item that but along time ago why I held a grudge stale and I was selling all leather jacket. And so then umpiring error came up and Monta do by the death yet and I said let me five dollars well heat it might pay equity I don't. You widow made many came back like 1520 minutes later and the jacket was still there and we're okay I'll make the -- bit weird for money. Well but I think the death yet left. And Brennan the robotic and I I don't have it was. And there are like 200 what do you care. Danny was would I rob somebody gets somebody else. It. Lot of hey I buddy they need to honor and Donnie I don't know. When you need it. You put up more like a lucky day for you good for you but damn that guy Sox. Haley allies while they certainly let's go to Stephanie hi Stephanie. Right yeah I. Would you find on the side of the room. Well I eat and I collect Boyd's bears which are trying to real expensive players I mean they've they've been around forever but. One day out in back in Indiana walking down the side of the road and a note and she has and sure I have on the side there and I see this box. I pull within that box created countless full and I would have been. Got down in the ditch area where it was back and open it and it was full of Boyd's bears. And I've went and grabbed the box and took them home and stay in the Libyan war over 700 dollars. Nice. Math and make sure to stop accord on Mikey no I hated that look no I don't ever wanna stop because when I do when I was younger I called my mom bought the truck when I was sixteen years old. Specifically to send me up she would go out easy on the resale shops as she would go out into the look at all these people stressing and she would go OK you're this addressing get this unit ambassador to Zimbabwe trucker forced me to go to these things don't know I I have no desire to stop because they but I polygamist. Torture for me as a kid my awesome my dad would but he would go into dumpsters sometimes oh my god yeah and he Amber's Katie had microwaves and they got this guitar. It was a Gibson guitar but it was like miss in the streams and needs some work. Why did it appraised as he passed away and appraisals were the thousand dollars or get money out of it while no. Yeah I mean I guess people do that mom I'm sure my mom landed on the whole bunch of cool stuff she still hasn't thrown stuff but as is not my thing. You're too good to go on guess I felt were being committed to them what I'm lazy okay. Hears stories like these on page Jason. Yeah but you find on the side of the road. I've found a motorcycle. In 1979 ER law RV 400 at Daytona especially in a in boxes. Nigeria don't put it together that's pretty amazing actually it was about how that. Today's values about 3500 bucks. It's raises her way. Yeah they threw away and it was you know it Hudson engine problems but you know tonight and six. People don't wanna go in and get things done enough people who can fix it or has the money to get it do you know working right but to. Yeah I just don't it and you are bad. Possible. Our Jason Bay's grant and the question how long it. Can something sit on the side of the road before you can say you know what I'm taken us. Mike if it was let's just say like a second hits the side unlock like tis I just randomly it's all night amount dared to may be it's their meat is a boat that's on the side of eighty right now we're near Rockland. It's been her bumpy week how long did that boats that authorities take you don't these states vote. What kind of like a vehicle. But it is sitting this is sitting there mentally you're supposed to call the police. Moments that Sox announced that we exposed to them but no got them. Do extra could connect me I will I cheese. It was a man. So I was driving down the road and I can walk around here but all over and it's a wallet. Look at I don't know like you know credit card out there are about out. I thought I was a dozen different universe man he's late in the room. It's not. Her why you have that would body identification any and senator. I don't know why I'm not you could hurt I don't see it go hey I got another guy may be you know. LA let me know your result. When did need more doubt in your favor you tell us not gonna turn over to nobody. I cheese steak you Lara. So grown up in real Linda I mean my dad are driving along and we actually hit the jackpot there was a push lawnmower and like three cases of duct tape. It was like a I'm very exciting day I don't understand the Jack Andrew all right here's the thing that that was a sad look lawnmower Lara was excited about the duct tape for. He didn't read about both didn't really on the duct tape does this special commodity. That was not an exhibit hardware stores that is ridiculous when are you that anything with it it's not plutonium you get duct tape anywhere yeah I wouldn't Alan bond that is a treasure though made a lot more. Yeah Leinart finder it's she's excited about stupid stuff. Life is very simple enough to run of that aid bill what did you find on the southern Iran. I doubt about 8000 dollars in a backpack. Glamour from Iraq debate probably. And I don't know handled there were no remains no matter that day so I can't be. A lot of talent goes this. Right. He had to and his staff he's run out by now. There are good at all. Did probably involved in the good bank robbery you're looking towards obviously the cops indeed stay he found that 8000 not that you don't just finding you take it from somebody. They battle what did you find on the side the road. That can you pick out I found a comedian's flat screen TV and a good actually think we're at heart here yeah. Crazy idiot as part I'm really mount a lot cable. Probably worth some money I get home haven't whereabouts few weeks. And my ex I'm being able brew I hit it baseball fact that both the past seasons. And Baylor I was so those to have and he craft but port the port. Well why would why would discount bag break those just intentionally. You know pure fantasy 808. Pratt say they knew kids get all crazy if you. Mora but. I'm from San Diego what we call went quite mechanical keyboard and you have Hugh and I don't legally apple out of your mouth. Uses that same rule blog for the boat that's on the sun eighty. Thought the code on debt its legs off other cars can sit there. That's abide by. That should be the rule that should be a loss for O'Brien who would you fight on the other to value. Batted bimetal outside the tore it with the that they fail. Help lady out Mosul boxes tolerated the worst stuff that you did you did such a big help you come back next week to whatever is left you can have. However back that next week I felt my truck up three times. Mom over the value think of everything. God. I mean I got bigger machine that I got George Foreman. Bad. All this Ron put belt stuff apparently related died she was one of those people that spent money on TV infomercials so. Schooner. And make 500 baht free art that are rational thought. Our whole our good for you Brian Smith had to work dead an auto record town to town to we'd want to elect a pound of nabbed in the trunk of the car. Kept the week turned in the meth. And I never find weed that. Surely stories what you'll find we have and it's the pisses me off you'll give you Wi shot. Nobody asked you but it was a fine then I don't find it's different that is playing. Yeah. I live out. Rural Carl are counting on them much trash off my driveway so I was kind of picked all of Mecca McCarthy's Q ceramic within. Does and there are actually great he'd vote. And and it said Bauer on the bottom. Or grandma's got our stuff sort called urge you spiritual state and some find out the word when it Butler bunch repair intact. Nothing goes through and through your yard to basically your property. Yeah no there was rated as in my gut I go to church rock group or direct way and it just piled up for it there are so called wedge I got our our our our. It drama school. The first new littered. Is listening right now. Is back on your dump the trash talk and it just. I don't literate but while events did. I would never giggles my grandmother thinks it did you grandma she's got a. Oh yeah no he has been everything it was a first party server every event a year when he finally agreed bones. Never would have thought are. I'd added though that that valuable amazing Dan olds than say in a rise in year on would you find on the side of the room. I am had been buying out boulders in my yard in a charred meat for the found. For each rock stand outside of going back over swallow but it got an app thought more about that there remote. But started this ball is on the side of the road I've got my old back there are filled with them anymore all of our funds one foot birdie. The devil is about you know yeah I'm also really serious they are well. You hit on by the sound good for you brother let me go to war more let's go to war and this is history in my TK warm would you find. I've dilemma about seven years ago we are looking to recycle aluminum they get a beer but under. Gas station I found a backpack Internet wishful weakness is the books scrap this. And I have been talking my liking my basic. I can get rid of that sort of got 600 look credible backed a couple of weeks. Cons will award based on the call that database you but are never found any weakness in Phillip and most people doll but some people get lucky when backpacks and 181000 dollars in cash and all these things I think these people liars.