Friday, April 13th


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Podcasts blood gases and exchange. Alleged miles on Friday's. My daughter and I enjoyed being so I'll probably have a salad pianists. Well it's still enjoys fishing and it's been shot an even settled clearly isn't doing you know pretty good about you know eighty and trying to eliminate some of those. Some of those extra bad things and maybe even myself so Miller two week event. So I've been like it does sound like she's in your beatable we always have a pizza are herpes or think scary movie night and I B and it's Friday the thirteenth. And he does you have to kind of go with Freddie thirteenth yeah. Absolutely dude I'm gonna do the same exact thing although I just be by myself phenomenal watching the and how long enough that yeah drink some whiskey and on the sit back and watched Freddy vs Jason as one of my favorites all IE I'd go I'd love Freddie. And I love the the price thirteen lead that this was a good while watching us. Kinda athletic combo yeah a little display down less than a great movie by the hit. I grew up watching them so okay mine is dozens of those two fighting because that's probably the one I'm gonna go with first out of all the Jason movies if you can remember because I'll be honest they they run together like everybody. Jason Goss a Manhattan Carey Jason Goss the space and the other numbers yes because you have no life. Then there than the first two and obviously his mom Taylor right Warren Carter the second word but dude I could name a mild care. Throw us off nobody cares. But which what is your favorite I wanna say any. Or but I don't really know why just remember being younger in in when I'm just they can backlit for some reason I remember four. Outside the Freddy vs Jason won I think four was my fair but I think it's probably just because I was old enough to to not be too scared of it. In can't understand it in the end which was your favorite. Part six pres thirteenth Jason lives I don't I have no real basis on why Bruce Allen. Was that the one where he. He was under the water. Like he's dead in his ideas. Now that's that's excited today it did them that's how many character comes back and they try to Barney skills and wherever nano or about July that was a pretty good once it's on my parents yeah they said that there really got to be able I don't know a lot of us grew up with this thing that's on a lack of so much the cut around us that are kind of crack me. They are and grand not meant to be masterpieces and I'm not sure which network there's always a line that pretty much run the marathon all day long. Yeah is not. That on the cable there's always one TBS or one's got to be you have fans safe and say in general do yeah. Here's some facts you may not know about the franchise of Friday thirteenth. Outnumber the the famous film critics this school unless it is Cisco Siskel and Ebert you can get any ethical our rhythm expect they'll do in Baghdad yeah. Know what they both the one instead I know I think they bolt on heartfelt and now I am I'm sure they're both gone get criticized the graves canyon high. Anyway. They they did not light. The French and then like the first what they thought it was so bad Gene Siskel hated so much that when you re viewed it. For the Chicago Tribune. He dropped a spoiler there was no warning and then gave the address of the actress who played Jason Gore he's mother Betsy Palmer. Who lived in a small town. Royalty and Connecticut I guess anyways yeah grass. That's Sox the other month dad that's crazy why did he wanted to have much I don't know ten. Come on jerk. The third movie in the series kicked ET'S_S. Why it. Yeah then that the that's true. I would have called BS as a factor VS yeah I would call BS on this do we have Friday the thirteenth part three hit theaters in the middle of August of 1982 at the time Stephen Solarz ET. I dominate everything in spite of being the longest received PCs commercial and history. A freaky part two three this said Jason franchised. And top the box office by the end of the year the only horror movie Poland bigger box office was organized mood. Well so it actually beat out ET. Oh yeah now that's amazing though it wasn't ET the movie they didn't release for many many years I think so but I think the history of that they they would often bring him back to theaters in the name you know we EB Lleyton for but it never came out on editing time VHS. It was years before it came out over I was I knew my number yeah I believe I heard you out figured you know that's for sure. But I company told me that years ago and I've always stuck when. I'd make sense in me you know Google they're just terrified they crystal lake is is is a real yet as well. Well we know the places of real what is actually camp no be both go in hard with New Jersey it's where the Boy Scouts hanging out. They do things like archery in the cabins and and I do think this is kind of cool you ordered. They did they have a lot of pictures and and then souvenir he's in does other things around accurate around the place. As Doug I think it really scare the hell are those little kids that is a little scary out. The biko and you know they can make I really dig it if the Boy Scouts didn't own the property they can read it out and calling me a lot of money through the years turn into like a museum or someone that I about. A museum with property to rent. Cause you to saying yeah I we have like for it to go camping or whatever or maybe they'll even if you you have these cabins out at all put it. You know during murdering you know amateur now I would stay there that I would love it I'd love it and have fun. Lou Reed gave the original film crew a free concert. The musician all day far that was not far from that campaign Richard Murphy the first movie sound guy said Reid played there for free right in front of us. He came by the sad and we hung around with the each other. And he was just a really good nice guys what they said well that's pretty cool Lou Reed Jason was not supposed to be the star. We interviewed. And I interviewed for the insanely long Freddie thirteen documentary. Crystal lake memories the writer Victor Miller tried to clarify his original intentions Jason Gore he's wounds just applaud. Ellen made nothing more Jason was dead from the very began and he was a victim not a villain so that didn't work out like we expected and also the original plan was not well and who we become. I'm glad they did that mean to but that's the that's weasel way it would have been what is mom and then what does that's the it's weird eighty I don't know I don't know. Jason the original name was it going to be Jason uh huh uh huh I. Oh I don't like about the article is it doesn't really say what they had to say is that wasn't really what they come up I know are supposed to be was it was Josh Josh. That's socks I liked Jason better. Yeah maybe it's because we know it. And I know I think it would yeah. Killer hilarious just I'm so lame deer Josh yeah Josh the killer Jason engaged pitcher but I think it's because you're used to Jason them you might be right. I'm probably. All right the heat famous creepy sound target display just a second ago. Parents are my entire life I thought it weighs kill kill you know kill kimco whatever it can't. That's not what it's supposed to say. Our does say what does it post to imitate the is stuttering. Jason and go even. KIK ma ma ma. So let's keep old. Maybe you can police say kill kills you stuttering worthless and again yeah. Actually. I don't believe this is KOK okay I'll I don't hear that MI you stay here huh. Me like yeah they're right we're. Let's he has try to fight a more all only the blonde survived as a we're pattern among them then the maybe even notice that all the Friday the thirteenth films of a young woman survives these so called the final girl. Chances are she'll be a blind the first movie. So maybe that 1030000. To a blind makes it out alive sometimes they die another day this happened wins the surviving Alison hardy. From the movie won and who buys it right away in the second film. Jason next survivor was a dark haired Asian woman and a red headed robot stuff the robot. I was a bit of a woman who played Alastair named Adrian key. She acquired a stalker. When the movie blew up she received death threats and actually had a home invasion. Needless to say she was done with a celebrity. Lifestyle she she pretty much gave up acting to him dude man. The creep really got to. Only to be killing. Tony Q did you think Jason is credited former Friday thirteenth franchise. That's a great question I don't know probably like. It's got to be over a hundred it's a hundred. Is over 200 now. 150 among my guess is we'll flying that close what do you think you know I actually no I'm done I don't read I'd buy it because he's engaged yeah I'm pretty sure we did. Presently traded back and Halloween and I remembered this question okay what is it feels like 160. I have 16783167. Times good memory he probably looked as subtly probably seen my paper over here today and there's no way he's gonna Google or in Canada yeah how would you remember 167 not a well bill as always is desolate and he glances article somewhere is showing me that your plane unfazed I'm not playing very close eye on the prejudice and help there cause. Cries here. I can hide. There are way it is vital fact about the Jason in the franchise sprinter TT real Jason Boris style triple murder actually happen in June 5 of 1960. Fourteenth were camping. At the shores of a Finland lake. Bottom but they'll be ODOM. In an area that quite resembles. Can't parcel it kind of has that vibe sometimes give that night a knife wielding Psycho. Went through three of the kids like a buzz also lays described. Bludgeoning the victims of the scale for good measure. And did this to aid that murder are those murders. They don't know did. I had no idea they're soccer there's a crystal lake and our hometown the my aunt lives that never stayed the night there. I'll tell you is beautiful like there's a lot of course Lexington who has won Ohio until it's nice yeah. But there is but this they actually give us filmed almost but can't know Bebo skills on it sounds great I look at this I don't really look out how good that is are able kinds of memorabilia that they probably do it in New Jersey.