Friday, May 18th


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Podcasts plug Gibson's next game she. That liberty bell go down and less than sixty seconds. But there is it cold this hour. Context Edward Markey. MA RK. Seven to anyone's got a thousand or. That's an easy work price that is an easy one to spell him in in in seven to 81 as the number but he's argument is big words it's more than five letters really. Where he is going to be there's going to be a crumbled mark MA RKE seven to anyone for yourself 2000 bucks currency rules on day. All right Lara is not in her box anymore she is in the big studio and Lara are able as I know you're nobody much Larry and I'm lax that my god. And Lara. It last week. Il I I think you both did amazing jobs are really not telling people voted fairly with Ian I think he'd be Q yeah and I know yeah you're very competitive. I am I came back with a vengeance today though you know I've come to track she smiled her face and know they go about her like she's gonna kick your ASEAN. Now we'll see I wake up early this morning just to be beaten by her so we're gonna do this trip Hariri flew in first on Friday I did. And so I think which is Cutler go for notre that's fine. Lara are you you're doing to well up this period which one of parity that is dedicated to that damn barbecue happening June 10 at Rockland quarry park address. I'm what I saw that in the promoting what songs are inheriting. A sublime runway oh nice. All right we see each abroad are you ready I am definitely is not ready and how are you ready okay. Don't let AJ go. All this MacKey and she is is pure gold dollar lead any day and I began for Thursday's. Please go to your right passwords down and have things I don't wanna throw up tonight this needy beings behave. Strokes drug days honoree is its own messy in my eighteen needs a bit and. Indians and the damned. And play he's getting wet crying like a bids this strike did this hit or miss there is a big cheese tray. Although bandits just really close to you can even grill with a plan debug their bluff say. She came in our daddy had to give judges did anything in life his ribs. Another guy they're really happy grill Kona and I'm real this damn guy. Hey ilk well. And Norton holy crap don't go that might down but you could depend on you could that was a that was good Lara. Well. We have not had a chance theory is no we have not all of that I didn't I didn't I loved it Lara getting into that was great. When the self promote your house so and then our secure my duty the next promo because we have you know your group in the name. I think. Paying for our attitude. This song is dedicated to my fat ass move got old are you ready I'm ready diet is fat ass. I'm not need it yeah. Because I'll let me who likes wine getting together. Because I hated all know how big is the way hello I am I have is that male bomber's biggest so well. I must of the slave master you have a crap. I'm always have a snack and I'm Kim moves on my back always even in bad and my stomach gets thick and this is not in my hand I. I have Diego laying grass now I can't bad end. My sand. They're not just danced around Bombay. The pictures now. All of please let me. You reds then assume. Jail red. This day forward the I'm Swede. A move back. And how or why. I am hoping isn't credit should give these two feared doing this live there's no re do's and their personnel items like that vocal I laid down this is. Live in it's amazing you guys book are you both killed it again to why these two weeks in a row you guys both freaking killed it nice work I don't even know men are not even vote I gotta think about this and yeah I think I'm not implode -- so I think we do we see with the damage you know I can't talk smack Lara well done that does a lot of things shaking hands or. Responders falling in love yes well oh go ahead on CNN weather center. Beyond a simple mud all the dance. While men all right this is where you have to make a decision. Honestly my eye muscle in my mind Mikey I'd are not leading in one direction I think on this I'm leaning one way for a reasonable amount of another until after we can get is it for the see I'm debating because I like to hope for you no doubt the show but that's unfair it's well that's there's no rules here. Unfair I would put the I'm leaning that way yeah partly because he promoted at the promoted the barbecue but. I think she did a really good job but I also think he did a really good job some I think about a permanent in I mean they were both really good attacks are coming and is a telephone. Yeah I mean whether there's there's already a lot eons a lot of oil there as ms. right now is. Is pretty even or if your chance to vote right now by phone 7665000. Area code 9167665000. You can vote by text 62515. Just tell us in. Or Lara we're gonna tally these up right now I have no idea is gonna win will give the results on the other side. So calculated the final results are so common and let's get a couple calls that parity when between both of them there was a couple breaks actually man. I've got somebody said they had a beta pull over there laughing so hard a couple people said that somebody else wants a copy of they wanna copy and I don't know if it was just. Both are what should get out I'm pretty sure that's gonna end up on the tonight podcast yeah on the body of rod cap yeah. It's Amber's search already on this FaceBook page a media film and this is good quality because we we we don't just record it we mean you know we look to the board. But if you wanna listen to tie and have them do more easier for you I don't know let's go to the calls LSU people think line. Craig who you think of those 21 and why. You don't way to. I wedgie picker. That statement you it doesn't happen. Ali decal that vote honestly he's right there that's just it yeah rob we'll. Hey guys get an element I go but I know. Her. Only because it seemed like he would blow really nice and smooth. And let alone a Hawaii. Okay nice I understood that better than frank homeowner version the woman that's not the way we vote you vote on who had the best. Be fair about an immediate Ron hello. Who do you think won a lot. Let me as long of their cold little better the lives will be better. So is it better thought. All right thanks Ron TVs these crazy because those three right there with Valero one up when I can account job but those text messages I didn't calendar that portion calculate the bears they're like I'm got to listen to 5050 may he's. Really hard you did you did you use food mostly it's 5050 mile I had no idea how to say this next name Solon in Canada and tell you there. Saying I want you say your name. It really you know I didn't know that's what snuggle Michael scream both I can decide that they everything you want. Eating and gives that doesn't come Monday. There are sombre and Ambac and he's a fat ass content. That's what in reality Texan though that though you are absolutely killed it the best that's the best ones he's ever dated to promote the barbecue. Some we've pessimistic but I like both alive but I have to say and I hate this. I'm going to Ian. People talk about I bumblebee for Ian because I love the whole freaking time I voted for Lara because she sounded better she sang better since this is this is the most 5050 it's been at least from what I can tell. And. I never count it I never is one thing when in my head I never count against someone who doesn't have the vocal so yeah I'm very warm weather or not yeah I know. If you're terrible out of what your funny he had that you kind of on rhythm a little bit out out of our account and I never wholly against anybody but people don't vote they wanna yes yeah. So I'm really I mean I've made my decision but would you undergo flare up. Not just because the barbecue she did you both did a great job in your years was awesome to no doubt about it hilarious I definitely laugh but I think. There was just there was a good maybe a couple points remind him to remind you lost. You have got be a little bit. Lara Lara was on the whole time and yes he's a better singer but that doesn't really rethink it and not really because it's actually pretty good singer zoom. I just think I just think that she did a better job than I thought. Begin lair is let's kind of weak and that's not it picked up and became amazing in GI on and off a little bit you both being prodded yourself Allianz general I'm like a superb proud of both the put the time into it. Yeah I would have to go with. Lara if my vote counted all right well I'm but I mean. Since it's so close last barely Lara and and from what I can see and from what I'm getting here now. These days barely Lara. It is she made it just barely John's does I'm okay with just barely because it didn't mean I get my ass kicked no you did you do not you're absolutely did not address kicked the feel good about what she did down it was hilarious people loved in blood had to. Now again. And as far as parity battles go yeah I got once she got the evidence that Jesus Christ god to round three don't want you Dubai next Friday some of that that's for. That's the perfect for Pete Larry. I'd say it's super these things are Superfund just to do it in general I didn't care if we win or lose at this point like I'm competitive but. Even hearing his I just and cracking up all time it's so much fun BI is they are there real honest it is only time they get along and they both liked the I've needed wonder also when we're not here and warm loving each other on the hill wow okay he said it.