Friday, May 25th


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Flood hit some bad game show you jumped into a lot of Fridays. Each end and Lara they use this competition in last Friday they get a life theory. Like charities and the week before. Usually before true yeah I've been doing its cash for careless in round three art as it is round three wells tied. And both you feel pretty confident he gets under way more confident a few minutes ago like I've got is Larry I got I think I did better but I am in obedience I evil still does not my best song but I still an out for. Winning a big winner at. Always all right and you're gonna have an opportunity damage to vote we think the best is be that guy we'll see who's going to be the winner. You can vote by text and phone in just a minute so who scored first who at first lastly dear Mikey I'll Lara went first last week. OK I think right I did end up to a OK perfect. So here it is. You you are going first OK do you wanna tell us what you're going to be this song is about my most recent one nightstand. It's about your own OK my most recent one right so I'm. It's going to be within radio guidelines are yeah yeah yeah yeah she'd be a very quick song guys who have just like it's. A you're ready I'm ready right here we go. Well I drank too much bears are not biffle. Unless someone laying next to me. She says the sex was grade and she thinks she's in love. CSS class lacks some of them need. Most Sweeney and Kansas. 'cause you see. Game. But you know. Blows. Relaying. It. The nuggets good. You all around leave my name's Sean do. Last day. Big time events. I want to hang down on the crowd and hey it's in done. Here's Susan one nice. Some. Could see again. I don't. I'm not bad. And marine well. We serve. Clean. A minute time. You Syrian. But I think did you insinuated that it was a letter that asked me do I knew these two were in love my new with this whole time. You guys got a thing going on learn until the brits betrayed by US failure lonely. Wow wow. And gun slinging is extraction Jimmy today yeah. I think it will be heard insufficiently attractive to me I like it knows how often do you steals the state to and that's on the. I don't like stake I don't even have stinks on the I was pretty funny men again bridges and okay Larry you ready I am this song is about yes Ian called my love for cheese but you know. I make it known because it's true I left cheese here we go. So flay and a nice cavern AM about Megan's easy day. Green now is about to go in Melbourne. Lover kind of doom. Plus leads them bad. Have we all agree meals from ray Vaughn do. Now okay. The hole that I would ease Craig can never and being back. Monsters so many do before I can never ever go. Please them bad. Every song free meals every time do. Our home. Your mind to me. Everybody made this season. Know my name. She said her dad can seeing Mike be even comes in blue. Glad I'm really attack hours. I says maybe. I. I'm gonna be the one who. Cravings you. Only. I need to seize the ball. You are old one just happened. I don't know. Command and I didn't like either of. They were terrible I. Was so much better. Kinda explained how it took forever to get into the play and then I would look. The timing India was great and then years but I guess I like she's would not like the way you've got passion you're out of you a 100% right about what he's sweet he's unions took forever to get totally okay what is happening here what are you talking about in the Blair's was right on both tees behalf. And it was well written. It it was that the sources. Ian Ian sang really well. Well thank you thank you think about it email the timing your your voice on really regardless his let people vote now 7665009167665000. You can vote really quickly by 662515. I don't care really hate them both on and yet take away though. What do you think line call or text the results next. Ninety wrong.