Thursday, August 23rd


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Podcasts plug Gibson's next game you should know somebody screwed up. No money gave out. Where it is right now. OK for me my. The code so I was and they completely kind of from my diet this week and I did I give up or did not. They do mean every night and for you. And for me it was that I was going to give up smoking weed for the whole week just CHC in general no no at the bulls no vapor friends but the my dad. That's what I was gonna do was that that I that I. That I fail you. I don't know. Many and there for me it was no drinking. Or going out party and for for the whole week which means no carrier team you know note no get togethers just me stay at home. Did tonight what you down. I don't know we'll find out and then Lara. For any it bush sugars so cupcakes donuts soda cereal none of that all the good stuff candidate that I failed we'll find out. We're tell you in just a few minutes into the personalities. And there's a poll upper body know about this about your five minutes ago but it's not our pace that we control but the fan page of the show that game show fan page of the words yup I'm gonna go home and go find this polar announced he was he whatever was voted on. My parents until they get the vote between which member they thought was the person who caved and actually the only one person gave. Only one person caved in and I go through this Alyssa I'm looking at this is one of the damage posted this on the page. Is the right now in the lead to the the votes on the debt potential fan page it's not our normal regular FaceBook raises is all about the fans Lara. Is in the lead because aleris stroke Ian and then I'm in last. Place. And so somebody drives come on is somebody is writes I'd sort of tell you that is just a few minutes of stand by for that. I'm curious who you think it is you can Texas show 625150. We'll take some calls to maybe some people wanna save your theories behind why you pre feed you we you'd be you know voted or you think it's one particular remember. A look at some of those so it was getting random facts. Hello Tom. All right let it actually try to make it as far as personnel the barn this team islands of the here. Will hard brenly. Was only 49 when he started as they grandfather and cocoon. For comparison sake Tom Cruise is 56 and he's still doing action movies is isn't it a diet beat a guy exactly does it is a diabetes. I'd be OK and earn a name so people look older that's sort of play that role America looks like he's a million. Who's always look old my entire life. Cash that you're just. I'm. Thank you Justin went through the plane brock's Annie sat down line Steve Martin Steve Martin never get those are gray hair yeah my entire life he's always look at your grandfather he. If you're even yet even like even in like that 70s80s when he did the jerk yeah he had white hair out. There's all the way that I began to take what's on your head but there's other people he's just always looked old my entire life but that's the first one I thought it. That'll all wheel for broom is on them dead heat yet he has to. How the first Wal-Mart target Kmart and Kohl's stores they'll open the same year I realize the same year. Really that 1962. Cole's been around that long. I thought that was kind of a newer need to hear the rest. We have heart came Marshall around now and many of them from day I was like eighth in the country now eight off just like Sears. In the past 3500 years there have only been banned approximately 230 years of world peace in other words there's been at least one more going on in 93% of history Jesus for pretty much then were pretty much always at war. Yeah yeah but no matter what. Our outlook he got some guests over to America drinks the most Mountain Dew of any country in the world did not surprise yeah. Number two on helping that by the way if you love your round and their who who is number two CBS gets on the against Mexico say China. And a lot of people hilarity of I guess what chance do you think. She's she's a nod her head now near Pakistan. Really I'm so glad so weird. I don't believe having ample wide and I hate Mountain View. Like get a little bit. And not this league in home. Add that Donald Duck has a middle name if he does. Both no no it is not Donald Duck know what he and he just he's Israeli knows that you know is that Lehman's father LeRoy. He's a goddamn cartoon character himself I know put to commandos weirdest stuff. I think our challenge to some Disney trivia today at it was late last week I'm at a bar this woman says she beat me Disney trivia like many can't in this great guy and nowhere is like what was really he's always remain in my Mortimer shop go away. Late and I know these things died I don't during nerd pencil is yeah it's. I don't weird things he knows that I know he does know what it's not common sense out the window. Okay we're gonna have your chance to even call it right now get like 7665009167665000. You can also text 62515. And up next. What are they which member caved. Who couldn't Hackett who couldn't handle it anymore. Who could not guilt and out of that we keep it away put as far as I did I day yeah. Disappointed and whoever was going into. I'm not at Daytona could even go into the fourth today. Now if you think about it they couldn't they basically could even go full three days to who this person. Who do you think it is college surtax right now we're gonna tell you right after this fight till what we told you earlier this was posted if he falls on social media day you kind of got a glimpse of what was gonna happen on the show. Which you should take social to 6515. For a link follow us individually and as a shell. A mighty sort of this morning new you posted videos and somebody ahead. Quit. Had stopped the whole challenges we permit was given up Coke. If you was to wean me as we TS the and it was going out to the to take you gonna do things a drinking and their anger out of bars now. And then Lara was the sugar. So people speculated all day hood wasn't it's just been kind of a mixture yeah. It's actually been pretty interesting because we going to look on the that a potential fan page and even just any on any missiles immunity the post that we all posted. People think it's you people think it's me people think all of us I think it's pretty prepared to say bad. People probably. Most people from what I gather I think that it's Lara I think she just caved in with sugar which I can see why did sea lions that's a hard thing to do. I should get there and everything yeah it's pretty hard to give up. That is let's go to our core real quick kick or what you think quit. I don't think she really quit my my day. I think she accidentally did I call her on it give today when they smashed the watermelon as she took a bio watermelon technically there's sugar in watermelon. Yeah you're right technically but I think we kind of clarify we need more like that the suite CM sugar based food. But my goodness I doubt in my yet Blair is my yet either way. A delay thank you let's go to allegedly recorded Jenny which won a policy think caved. I think you're glared down logical third. I tried to make sure you're barely won my claim about the terror inflicted. It's it is hard to imagine you know big for the golf. Lara that's actually hilarious that he or he brought that out I don't like a little demos I didn't about that I wasn't trying to enter each eastern. Oh yeah okay. So the takes a lot of open he says. Yeah he's just read over some of these sex real quick. I think CEN. And certify there was a couple really good ones I was Lara she took a dive. Unfortunately have to say Mikey because he has to deal with in every single day care and we all yeah Ian was winding all week so I assume that it was him I hope it's not stroke because the years ago I was not a stroke because myself. I would it would winter was drinking soda seven sodas a day for years AM and then went had no soda so this person knows that it's possible to be done. And they hope that it was not you. All right well as dole would do the majority it looks like when wind that was Lara Lara did you are you the one you cajun. Got a hold some sweet snacks now I did not eat any sugar intentionally may be a little bit of the watermelon juice gunmen lips but now. And united sugar and tonight Kate Snow okay. Nobody I am doing good I got mad and feeling great the last few days I can I do Saturday but I'm two to three sodas a day I'm guilty of and like the last few more as I've got to do about 4 miles each morning Soledad for the wonderful. Bomb brought you that. These last few days I have not been waking up feeling wonderful because I've been sleeping like crap because I do not give big. Because Hubbell not give in designed to win and that's what I can do for the only one person who yeah. Me. I quit the portion. I'm not DM yeah how we found out. I told him when I told Mikey last night went out at the volatile this book for that I already knew had a Kelly you know now but. Do any tides are out of the oh my god anything on it is my heart will go all my heart will go on and every. Vincent time I go to karaoke and this cool he sings a song I'm not saying he's bad idea about it every damn time he sings this song like he is. The god don't think it drives me insane. Damage were last night scenario over so the senate is ever. There's there's there's two things I wanna point out one I think miss some because statistically gets me the most amount of phone numbers carrot and true. I drink for free on I got a text from somebody like tank. I got my X 23 Beers here are your name on you just gotta come off a come out I might. You have now you have no will power and I want it now how does what he Beers I'm Laurie thank damage her for signing that video to me so that we can have that for this moment right now so there are going to be done Rosie you're correct guest like good news. Stupid Titanic song let's do some Titanic trivia you miss a question we is afternoon go putt on the freedoms. Put it on Mikey you've got that you promote their god and I got a new batteries I got the questions. Are you ready to put in the head on right now let's go get we have to do a test month they have got there are real quick. Thank you wanted to give up my iPad you do make it four days and made it three days pass I'm I'm not mad and disappointed. It was like parents know quibble about the price and now I'm kind of the fan myself here all of you wonder why am surprised because I watched you go weeks broke as asked. Unable to drinking you can even do it this week before work if you can even do I work. I was I thought it premiers of my name on it not surprised this kid he can't sit at home we can't just be in the week in the house or do whatever he's got to be out he just has to be out and sell that many don't tease out the partners bleary had a drink so there's nothing forming at the house. What do you think to do. Sleep I'll probably sold rob your body be like. I did that on Monday it was horrible Monday all right let's see digital the Titanic song I got questioned Soria let's give disagreement question was doing okay. I can't wait did he do we did a good remember people need to know our gay and never get you ready mr. question we Jackie high level to have. For. Wind and the Titanic sink. April 15. Of that silicon for the early morning of April 15 night for what I've played here in 1912. You know I know that because it's one day after my birthday a pistol that well you do in the I needed and say that you like you. All the more hate me going to be. I think 9 AM to screw you ought to be specific hour here's an easy question what has happened so I think you'll get a why did the Titanic sink isn't nearly icebergs okay I. Yeah it's now what alerted the Titanic leave from home on the voyage. England. I'm looking for a look at the moral more specific yeah I went to London I don't know it it is England's south. Hand to not come on. I was looking for you Mon man it lets you knew everything I didn't do everything I say it every day where's the Titanic get a New York. Knowledge that you saw. Going to be so. So that we did the same stupid thing yesterday he done know. The RNS Titanic was operated by no. Captain I don't. Don't know it's a white star on the and once you get due to city. You can lose the ability of the Titanic. The white star line I don't know but what led. But yeah question. The hardware and the wall shipyard. Blooms and odd Tom is Andrews. Her architect. Died where. When I'm on the boat sank. The go please don't think I'm institutional yeah. Don't I think it to his he has to me. He then went shopping maritime sunset. Last question yeah I think that collision Oprah and how many of first sixteen to water tight compartments in the same. Could ace. And the we'll look people mostly and I took it off to fassel's gonna go rapid fire the only thing or not. Hey David BS we're gonna get that a few minutes where what can we look towards you a female it's been in the news a lot lately. We'll be making appearances senator folds in Sacramento we'll tell you that is next hitter David BS three minutes. And gentleman you're free fat free blu. Careening out. Good for you.