Thursday, July 19th


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Turn the game two on yeah. And Jim no doubt. They cheer cheer in did know what's in not too little revenge yesterday. I'm happy unless you know. The lightest full drumming his seizure disorder with a create create most of it in my head but I can start this. This time over one there was a text message that came in from this guy that kids and you you view says that in about it with all older guy who asked do you think your being route to a bartender someone that I asked the guy text back consider what happened union responders and more of the stories is full of drama hungry so so what. Abbott was Monday night I'm at a minute amount of bar and I stay for one drink. And the bartender recognizes me and I and I and I am stronger questions I idea I even kept her for one beer because she was kind of cute guy and I know I don't normally do that's fine. But I did and there was one other person in the bar and back I worked there but he was off. So he was a one texting saying I was rude. I was a piece of crap I was not nice and there's a reason they did because. He is basically in love with this girl that I am that I'm kind of seeing right now. He hates my guts for that because all he does all day long is harass her. Try to get with her and when it doesn't work he basically just creeps around and stairs and gays Saturday and. Text it while Miami Texans showed just the what does he wouldn't move was gonna get out of that but he got to give me the title round by you or something that I do that any day any day anyway it doesn't matter. These guys an idiot then so. Finding all this out and hand texting my place of employment talking crap and by the way you there's one utility got to point out all that when he when the when the guy texted you verified the phone to Harvard that it was a good idea agenda that I doubt it was him that's why you know so. What I did last night was this girl that he's desperately in love with I've brought her to his place of work. And we were both we both dressed up we look at super good we're hanging out next to each other at the opposite end of the bar facing the window. That his kitchen area looks right into your. So he's worked so he's worked in animal and watching us just how about as such like court once we're in love we're having such a good time did you did you. Did you play it up you don't. Like really animated with your lab guys lies inevitably it was it was karaoke night I sang all I sang her all time to love songs out. So I'll so everyday and I know smokers so I go outside to smoke and she comes with me. Every time we meet her would go outside. He found a reason. To go outside to talk to our. Let the very first time I don't this this was this is so sad this is and when you see every time like every time you've are you I'm not exaggerating OK so here's what happens were outside were smoke I'm smoking we're having a conversation he'd bust open the door. And does. Hey I was wondering do you know where the that the pump for the soap is that we use to clean the dishes. Like I hear only like. No way that didn't think that you couldn't put anything better than that. Oh my god. And every time we were we're sitting at the end of the Bart he would just paced back and forth like. Constantly every thirty seconds he would look to the wind up. There's no reason for him to do that because it's a bit of bowling Alley bar all of his customers are bowling were in the bar area. So all he does for three hours is just costly walked back and forth. Throughout the barge is watching us an average somewhere outside he would find a reason to come outside just interrupt and I found out last time that I slept with this woman. He went home. Crying. Down an entire bottle of Jamison by himself. And that. Many so Harry did lose out TU us every for nine no nights I would do the exact same thing how great if you guys like you just terrible. Yeah plots that ultimately it looks at Eli got. This from your life sucks and I am yeah that Sony Sony takes it and talking smack so I felt like yesterday was a little justified. Does lose or a little revenge weren't exactly don't don't don't take my place of employment talking smack only true damaged and you guys the are allowed to do that and I drank because of that. Neil and only tie yeah I. I got actually got to defend them a little bit like we're allowed to be on the Malone didn't have followed the book were all like Brothers and hear the techsters Tyson once in awhile call Olympic comments on two bit. If you're just in real life B unit. An addict yeah that's different scene there freeze efforts like marisleysis about Lara and I did but Brady just punch him in the face we will defend another eleven was on my favorite things and they save aleris all Matt Lauer about really love to hear with our also be thrilled a teller. I don't water yet I don't play well me I didn't know. Know it's Mickey and pride for me it's true he's actually he didn't hear maybe cry event Iggy just made me go home so this is the game that we're playing now OK now let's have a. Just Texan don't worry EA and he's hovering talking about the guy he ever make himself look worse that's true. Yeah he's a screw himself over and over says what's your backe he sounds like you're crazy you know. Well what I found out was. Every because I would what was she got off work he stuck around. And he wit and he would like to stand with his arm around her whatever like he was trying to talk to were so I would intensely go to the bathroom. Because I know as soon as I believe he's gonna talk crap and then she'll report back to me I well I went to the bathroom. And he tells her I give you guys one week tops and it always is yeah. This isn't his forties. Yeah. Yeah and I would I was sitting at the bar drinking a beer. Watching karaoke not paying attention what they're having conversation about and he's he's right behind me doing this. It come right. I hear you so late twenty year old I don't. Know John just kind of do it now they're Dayton don't know how it was going down this helps support your this guy sounds pathetic he is always sounds and it really was there on how old I guess I was. You know you what's great about this is this guy's the cooked this was gonna say he's pathetic he's the cook at a bowling oh yeah and he's this upset over you and off the bullet. Not only did this girl not like him but bartender was an honest she know. I was doing to our employees who had the night off. There I got eight a couple questions number one is as a girl made it clear to the guys on many occasions she set it to his face last night again. What our little bit while I am right there are Nextel car. Yeah you're scared why you. They are now and he's doing this week on weight right behind my back and she goes I will punch you in the jaw if you don't stop all the first class. What a piece of crap. Seriously I know life through a piece of crap but nothing damned if I didn't have one of the best movies from about lying on her he does have some editorial he sounds like a fifteen year old or some peninsula child. Can always out with what we should have been out there have argued that baggage. So where it was so so commute we we should final summing it all go to does does bowling Alley Alley to bowl. Emboldened wanna. Two weeks we'll get. That is totally find my care to bet she'll bet between these Larry you're gonna spend Halloween Alaska you know that is out there and stare at the guy. It's a stare at him give anybody any food and now I know is I'll just go. Back and sit on the end of the bargain by myself and every Thomas Ian watt conferred on his. Cheers. As in victory set. This thing. He did that pretty good case of revenge right there idea I'd. I do that I would I would guess that was all based upon his Texas that would. Really see any and all the information that she's given me before about how he talked crap about me and sexually harassed this car so I thought I would. Oh we went we've caught this little plan and and we and we did a recent we succeeded enough. I'll be damned if I didn't have a blast and obviously she did take his who wanted to be a part of that Saddam sounds pretty cool to me oh yeah. I don't care and effort but it's pretty funny. I could come on there's nothing better then. Sweet sweet revenge a true I'm sure I'm sure we've all done it I'm sure we've all been a part of a little bit of revenge revenge. I don't really play those games anymore of it. I guess at the right circumstance happened I might but I just let things go now guys are usually do there's there's been times I got the I usually go to bed at letting things go but this was a lot of her idea. So why you say yeah I did just come up what does on the fly seems like they here's what we should do and and I just kept adding to itself. Really. It was a it was a group effort they. There's only one thing better than revenge and that's the first time you make eye contact with the person you just got revenge on after you've done revenge that's true. I don't know moment looking to guys like yeah I won I don't know getting pretty gut wrenching thing going on radio show and talking about is pretty good okay I got an idea. Our satellite. As for repairs are paying these. Welcome and all my guys as close as you get back at at at at act act doesn't she do that. I don't know you can you can cool. If you you'd have to ask you just don't get any pair exactly say that their version slur no you're gonna do that that was pretty funny. And she hates the guy that much and people really like it crime of a bottle of alcohol and he's Rasner. I'd I don't hate the idea but I feel like this could backfire and in ways that I am thought of that is that you guys need to have that gamble and take that we do we do we also have other game that. Most thought I was doing it if that it. Well league. Or revenge Saddam is well like belly and I'm actually using a lot of eating that you have a lot of drama in your life which is fun for me being in a little okay racquets or back and watch it's fun for me say I like the drama in my life. He sure she's not into the united embodiment these tags Moses maybe she actually does like the guys she's using used to make him jealous. I'm missing out and prognosticators just say we were we were laughing about this all night okay. And in jail if she was trying to get with him she wouldn't be constantly sleeping and somebody said that he sounds like a cat is named Chad. Now because I'm coming at this present they're getting its head by from the spurs and I kind of do that he's not Chad we'll maybe Jeremy it's a very it's a very. Generic white name though I'll tell you that uncles enough Chad Jeremy Mike. I know. See I'm waiting for the galaxies over my front door I want wait for the sky detects any clearly listens to the show. A what if he knocks the front normally is back there isn't room. Yeah I. My daughter's gone over the two weeks that I'm just go sit back and Dolly hello is a climate. Yeah very good beer and watch Jay Gelman don't break my stuff you got to get outside of people Tyson and he wants to do a damn bowling night well we don't make that call necessarily. Our vision we ought to do a bowling night slash her dad's night let's not let's remove the word revenge doesn't authorities are the lawyers are gonna say that's why they don't hold back and 500. And I think man will fly without it ever want to bring pennies. And isn't it yeah. All of my life you know. He's so great do's look welcome by the way to look at out of all the damage that they're throwing pennies literally gotta look at Pittsburgh Steelers and their exit or just that's pretty funny. Hello. Everybody. I'm Dallas do this is named Roger no big ask him names aren't they yeah CNN and no it's not Dan Cathy it. Following spawning a religious bunch of time zone been guilty of that. Yeah I actually got some revenge on ex coworker who kind of did me wrong lied to it to me and a bunch of other people. And now I may or may not have slept with his ex wife that. And that's what she did yeah it was great it was good it was laws and it was fun until the revenge was. The idea that he's into it it's just it would have one person you think he's your friend screws you over then. I've done that's our new year do jedi tonight I know. That when you do revenge that there's always tense or karma is gonna come back and get you in I'm expecting that to happen to me at some point but I'm expecting it's all right I know what I did. And I know what could eventually happen at some point but whatever I'm that good without whenever he's with us. Howard Davidson throw pennies in the tip jar task. That's pretty good. 7665000. All the talk about that night revenge are. I've got a couple things one got meg on the whole story about day he'd said the wrong to lately my family. And the time the girls would like we had an idea and I consider one but this is a long time ago when these little stores may have Mikey now that the magazines in the the Playgirl magazine news got the straight guy so she ripped and I'll lead you the inserts inside and was able to fill them out in the mailbox again tons and tons of that. Holy crap solicited to amount also put people's houses up for sale that's fun to do it just if you could do yeah just say working late coal to you know work work work weird shift call late and then and that's indeed you probably give toward harassment we did it. I would like you and I also didn't movie must sell military got to get rid of stuff and have great deals on the Corvette and everything else people called La. And you can put somebody legal legally you can stand legally and hours ago I didn't Haitian penned up not once did he say that does I guess with eye. I misunderstood I didn't give up but he is an abiding us forty that was in my twenties and he was going to be that jerked to the group I was with his bar years ago. Elie is an ending to this effect Downey was just like. Insulting the women doing business it. The conduct active so he was distracted or Greg has beer went to the bathroom Nadal up a put back on the table about what cement Drake. Volunteered. It's awful. It was their order that table is like your mindset you analyze these drug gas drink it every secular. As a get a notice and he just I can't see any sipped it. He mule and had to be you know hot beer how does not know I guess you've tipsy enough he just. I feel like I would know god had sneeze or throw up. Don't matter a fact that I love this text I had a money for army and the bus at work when times are banged his sister that night. Terrible seasons the damage to crazy. I have been going guys don't get there it's. So. I'm what described him literature about two years now arm and before we you're both working at McDonald's. Together and she had this guy who insist constantly lingering over her. And they did everything together eventually considered him a friend didn't is a bit of that date to me. But now she's actually pregnant with my tea. So that's the best it's a revenge group. That's and a well. Did you talk. Not to say other than applause they killed thanks for any different to all who has got to love makes gonna come and I knew it. God god god yeah. So I had a coworker who's notorious for telling my huge slide in and get caught note. So we decided he let it go on to speed dating web site called to let you finish. So we created a fake profile beautiful woman very much good match. We traded that he took debate we had a goal for about two weeks beauty that Leo love it there we bow our own we text back and pulls. Seamlessly he. He would really love it there let another co worker saw me talking with them on this web site and batted me out. Yeah who somebody who we don't want him fallen man down Jesus Christ or and that paid for the call when we and that's why that's a funny line. I Heather is gonna come out for you hear about your situation Heather hi hello. Are you Gloria I'm good what can I do for your. Well I think in. Revenge should include. More of all hot women. At this bar I don't see I have to stand there and watch it. Play it's not that it's not that he's jealous of me first say it's just that he hates me because I'm with the one woman that he wants some multiple women would do almost nothing. So listen rooted. Yeah I think they know if I think he'll have more ammunition against may be in my he's over here with all these women you know being of being a Playboy where you can do better in light that's just gonna fuel this fire. All she would be their skills. That is true. Yeah it's kind of seeing here coming from skating on let it be like to run only do I have him. But isn't this great gang bang later in our house was probably as we talk about on the radio right now never insert itself would be yeah that would really work. All I like your thinking like I'm thinking out all. And I do think. They said there but that's not so we should do if it if he's not listening party got my wheat. We have all these girls and we invite into this or only sends the wrong house you hear about this town is small world Anthony you're on what's up. Hey I did have a comment about the the only thing you did let me know in hand wire. And they know what I'm an outbreak apparently shot and my bowling ball. Oh man died due date and Alexa. Alexis Alexis Sinai. I. I haven't revenge story that I did for my best friend or is this guy was trying to talk to her and found out he had met. Very serious girlfriends typos in this phone number on Craigslist men seeking men and I'm so I have been some interesting pictures flew. That's pretty good way to do it yeah they knew he'd be in trouble though at some type of slaughter of cyber stocky and our transmitters on the Mike hagee and be careful but yet that's why you're gonna post something you know on Craigslist for somebody else do on pats computer. So we did a good faith Alexis let's go to IK is next time okay. I. Was. Meyer I'm sorry. I've never gotten along with my girlfriend and she is always talking about people I am going. Oh and they keep it up they and I went about my ignorance here but we can pressure. And we'll put it was. Perfect clean dirty I was approached yet I'm on. And do things wrapped. And I like the bottom of mobile. Income on auto. You're gone you're going to have you are going dead early when I don't circle now no new guide that's great. Graham is as good revenge K I. Did oh yeah you're the. K state TO there is a story I know of someone who told me they got revenge on someone new you have someone who assault their pennies in the sink. Certain times they probably shouldn't do that will be discussing that can imagine that when. You know not only did the same thing with a toothbrush that's I think we need to invent that product that goes on like a couple lock or lock because. You we trust everybody even our spouses get mad list. Let's get mad of us in our toothbrushes or just sit there. And ultimately you get count down Sasha but your case your friends boy for most caught cheating you threw a party but. Yeah I was so I have a group of me open the good liking college what I think they're solidly and you know and I kind. Only she. And you look at that he would not Obey and you know that they are getting emails that she is took a look at noted that you've been doing some might be. And so her and whenever frank that have plagued. At a time ago following the date not to make sure it actually happen and it did though. And her birth we don't. Not current sewed she greeted like huge party with all of our mutual friend there and that it she needed to get like an announcement I like it being viewed at W I NN that you read like. All of these emails that he had sent to these girls in front. 900. Yeah. That's awesome that would not demo we did serve in and out of courtesy mind. Under is yeah I would say the size you think your call and reason it can't be. You rock so big a deal I love the all of the ladies listen to show we gotta get this break my I don't. Part of this all day long.