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Podcasts plug Gibson's next game she. A lot of times I do my best to follow people vaknin and we all do when they follow listened like this and it's great interacting with the U. I don't like somebody of the day was like I hate on those you guys that are you guys aren't always up partied none like what do you mean. I think people make assumptions. About us and radio. That we always were always party and tell me about it. It's actually kind of annoying it is kind of annoying there's a serious types are coming to this job and I'm sure like he damaged whatever you do for a living their serial types it involved I think is you know they think a lot of us are. It in a lot of it is true there's a lot of people in the radio industry who are. Caddie party years I think what I've noticed. In in his right. I'm single and try to talk to other women or whatever the hardest thing is is trying to get past those stereotypes that were all like raw alcoholics yeah rod he's organizers. Aim. No we're the son of the but those people exist in this industry but they exist and every damn industry doesn't matter what you do. Those people exist where not all that weight. Into tinted automatically assume I am or you are may be Ian is but don't just assume that were light Ian is actually kind of frustrating it really was the hell out of me. I'm not a good drug user. Grandma OK well most of the things are I think what got abducted as they authorities scroll through my name's Trevor sort of seen pictures running on my daughter I'm doing outdoor stuff from fishing and I'm like Kim there's more while I think he's being and Al you know drinking and are doing this are doing that. Assumptions are made that we're just regular normal people well on the SE question right when I have and we all worked. We all looked at a restaurant business that won't play right yeah. Now there's a lot of serious charge spec approach for your whole religion others a lot of serious ties and a lot of truth to that comes into view work in the restaurant business. Big if they're tied for Meehan in and I tell into the stereotype exists for reasons of oral sleeping together and they are well I guess an eighth in that restaurant in the restaurant next to them in the restaurant accident there all three of those restaurants are sleeping together. Everybody is kind of like guys like is say we can't we. Group the entire people but there's a there's a stereotype I would say a lot of our BM worked into this there's some really good people who just working all. Yeah yeah but mud mostly that and a lot of those people. Are a little bit older like I I said I I he always is similar the younger the younger waiters and waitresses. They're all if you got an Applebee's over here and you've got a buffalo wild race and right next door and they all know each other only had a one year old to the further about what he's so 128 year old. All banging. Because because they have something in common. They have a mutual hatred for the customer and they can talk about that by the dream machine or back in the kitchen and that just sparked some kind of I don't know I. I think a lot of things people in their twenties work in that business not all of the people recorder obviously but a lot of them to go to position your twenties you party a lot harder so you make I always assume and they got 4 to 10 o'clock they're probably going out drinking in the and we did. And they usually are you at the same bartenders to the slave lake on Sunday the same night and all the bars although all the servicing in the service industry in general the Bartow has gone on Sunday is yet in the party in the they get drunk and I'll sleep together. I'm stereotyping bartenders not there. But that's my most says this question to the damage whatever you do for a living Mike what is the stereotype that people having your profession they USA is not true or at least not true do you. Because yeah there are in every profession there are those people who are scum bags those people who drink too much in party too much into those things. But what do you do for 117665009167665000. Think about your job your career what you do. The people automatically assume you do he didn't have to be partying and drinking age but what is it. Like for me one time worked and they bad and humor to read we were together years later it's a big place where in our hometown. Yeah we it was a factory we us assembled on air conditioners. And people always assume that you know things about how to fix somebody's air conditioner at their house my mom even thought that all the troops this I know how to do one little area because of the factory just. Yeah all the par just pass it down. Exactly I'm an assembly line and I know how to unarmed brace copper. And that is all I don't know anything about how an air conditioner works. The completely put when I was a mover. People think that just because I was a mover that I would be willing to help them move a car you're moving you know I do this movie is your passion my deal to help me with a summary now moving socks and the worst job on the planet once humble and reason hybrids hitting it is for the money it's decent money but god their jobs sucks and no. No mover wants to help you move your furniture or anything. On their day off so stop asking movers to help you 7665000. Don't give you what you do we get every holiday alignment what do you do for a living that maybe you wanna get out go this is stereotype it's not true it's not all true for all of this. A let's go to Sherman first a German what what do you do. So what that does I'm a bartender are gone and as a few times I'm a bartender and people got Billy just think there. I mean they're going to school where I got some sort that day job is in reality I mean I mean I think you're darned now are on board married like I don't. I know what my schedule like I do them for their freedom Mike hacked and that part time. And the money that good for humanity. They might get fifty bucks is a good idea to say hell yeah I would do that too. I went yeah Iowa unless you got that others have not you know they're eventually going to school or daytime job you do for the money now I'm I'm gonna go ahead and make an assumption about you. Are you an alcoholic. That he's gone an under class I had assumption about bartenders there alcoholics now. They work for an alcoholic and they just and they drink on the job see that's the same time a lot of people think that through that they do all drink on the job and no they don't lot of them don't that's like assuming that a person who cooks in the back of the kitchen is actually eating all day now climbing a valid and I. Hundreds and that is. Absolutely sure that they're big enough. I wanted to know that I have to I snack all day long announce a cut and yet you make extra so you have for of course now I don't think bartenders or is he supposed to be drinking on the job I know many that do why do too but I ignore what they don't as well. I Chelsea what is it that you do what's the serious type people assume. I'm so I Wear it and Christian radio. And basically everyone who I panel when they do a beta is feeling that I do you respect and I. Get all these are it Bentley Christian stereotype wrapped around me I wouldn't I wouldn't say. I would immediately assume you just carry a bottle of where you don't have. Yeah ran Boston's scripture and blast people and help them find god I would also spare time to eat you're probably freak. You're probably right that's is that the good boy he's probably is. I work where it's time with a group of people who were and what you do Christian radio station and how did you feel they saved they imparted part of the red. And the club up rather call it breaks ate it Chelsea's it's just a job raises the sound radio rights act. A good job and radio you know that's what a pilot and make it which they got a number of people extract. I've got to say we are all. People. Am I gonna. I AD and look again but it needed to let me say. It out and the glaring. Okay I'm holding things so much for letting us know everybody loses half Christian radio series I don't think we Cheryl Harris tells me just in case. They'll know they are your so they're God's peace be with you tell the consulate here pentagon. I didn't go into it let us pray every. We think is meant for her column today you an idea rock thank you thank you. Can we discuss other radio people I don't know what the I mean that's awesome thank you well what are. So I think it's great mother radio person go on us to help listen arcades we're the number one show what do you expect and hey Max what do you do for a living in what is a serious side. Some of the woman employee and I do road maintenance arm like a city maintenance worker and of course. The stereotype is that we're all leaning on shovels helped lazy or those guys. A gerrymandered but the hardest work I have ever had. Around me. Get me wrong we we have of those guys that are completely worthless political hate them white or want them gods Jehovah. OK good because I I'm glad you cleared that up because to me only seem like the only person they got anything done was a guy laid out the tone desk is all you see is that. At a time yeah that's true thing about it we just it really think about radio people meet people or radio most out I would say eighty Barbara city people and ready are dish bags I don't like him yeah that's true don't. Not like it like a I used to think that most people in radio pretty much caught drinking all day but everyone I've ever known network radio down and overcome all the very intimate. Well you do need to do there's three guys you'll two guys here that don't do well well Larry doesn't live that yeah I. I live that lifestyle my twenties a lot more there's nothing wrong with a when you're in your twenties and you're young and you just party and we'll be live comfortably so. But they yesterday no Tonys are supposed to do that but to just assume all radio people largest. Party years alcohol and drug use whatever that's crazy or this man lazy because people don't shovels yeah troops are not as I was assume that have help I'll stop it. That's a lot and yeah unfortunately it looks that way a lot but not familiar hardworking guy so. All right thanks Matt as bad apples in every industry agrees it's true to what it is Savannah. High. To what do you do and what to Syria outside and what are you wearing. Jeans. I'm actually wearing our uniform. I uniforms can be at the sounds are young. Especially when our industry not pursued industry has troops. I think the stereotype is that we are almost lazy and we turn each in my church and service. I think asserts that the central sleeping together yet that he's okay. You do a thing about that one out without completely chairs. It's a fact I don't I met my boyfriend in its service and our job there yeah. So why. And actually all worked well all the breeding ground for couples Walsh. Was a lot of people know where you're you're you're saying about the bartenders. I will also say then I just dropped my bartender there may opts out we shouldn't get drunk at work. Wow these. Weren't doing it now a lot of barriers. All right Savannah thank you with a bit of buddies. That's what I mean not every sleeping together she slept with somebody that she found about all the by the somebody else text into a little bit ago same evade that they but the does stereotype about people or Russians living together sect actually true that's a little. It's around eight. I haven't heard anybody say it's not. Say there's people like her who's got Mary met their purse you've probably asleep on the radio we don't know how many people she slept with before she met that guy that is also after we went before already obviously it's just and it's price bride and that we might get Texas the sense that love we're gonna rush hour sleep and anyway yet he should be ugly employee bigs Ashley's. Eric. She's an error count what type of profession. They but I do I residential heating and air and a lot of army got to get under somebody's house. And there's always rats and like raccoon that all sorts of nonsense then Aaron everybody always thinks that you're like some sort of pest control expert. And you could the by the rat droppings by Howell they are how big they are how many of America and like why they behave certain ways it's. As. I have no idea about anything like that they've won some sort of Smart answer on that not just U leaders make something up. He just lie just. The Weiner who cares. I really well so I'm gonna be ought to tell me not not really my job but day. They've really expect some sort of answer it. That's sucks man but this but I can see that like a 100% we now saying is true move they carry us and you know it already got that out there Michael what what type of job and Michael woods had a job in the stereotype. Construction working in general I think a lot of you'll be there any drug you do or immediate. I've always have been gone there ought not to let. I've always had the assumption in no offensive that's what anybody does I don't think you're drug users I never think they're idiots because hard work I would think that they're just heavy drinkers. I'll see and this is my experience hit it bad that I was concerned shorter and I know this from experience they're not heavy drug users but they are all. Avid pot users probably already. Yes I'm proud exactly the clash of. I will say they're going to do about my politics up in a lot of spirit I've been at that there can't buy everything. Like including marijuana would validate you can't get married cop out a Democrat. Bomb there at that. They don't relate can't smoke weed is what they need to do and I'm an analyst and women on the job I'm. Yeah exactly it's. Yeah it does look at Michael saying I don't go to patrol. Yeah if you're imagery you can drink while you're offered the job you should be able to smoke a -- to absolutely I'm sure some do of our hope that they're not supposed to help that they do or state workers they should be allowed to go cats and what type of job and what's this year's time. Chad and there's probably an incumbent against he's gone. You'll hear nexus. Of Howard towards what is the job at the time for Syria the stereotype that goes with a. Okay each driver. And network creeps we've been a prostitute didn't think without either way and acknowledged. OK Daniel I was I was in business say before I was a mover and that was a cross country movers and we stated truck stops in and did those ages all that stuff around truck drivers or a lot of you are creeps along you are into profits that's only got to do is turn CBI and they're like there in the truck stop called for a lot lizards while business that's worked. Well and I do not you but most of you are so that's. I got a lady in their right and you used to not. Oh sorry bro that's. That goes back overseeing radio we get disappearance of the majority to act one way they assume we do we actually have our ST get well three force of the showed us now. Sorry Daniel thank you good luck without broke. A Sox and prostitutes and if it into a busy day at work okay Susan hi. I. I hit. It what do you. Well a. Well I used to instant tea and downtrend. On. It that question this search that you can prosecute but only night. I didn't ask him I didn't see your prostitutes or drug users I'd just assume that I just pursuing this in your does these. Per miscue I do assuming you're a single mom. That is. I wouldn't be yes and single mom that's still nailed it. And I can't shake it to ditch and I have didn't just talk cute and arm and it's kind of guy last I bet. A Sunday came. I don't pretty payments not just because I am sick and Tara are pretty long legs and DJ their word of my legs. That's that's also begun describe yourself I think. Club days right you're talking about the club DJ is right not married radio DJ I don't know. Now the cookie now the radio deejay would come in and do out. If they were to put enough grounds like. The club or whatever you yeah and they would command and and yet there was certainly a major radio station won't. We had a lot of fun. That is one thing to I hate to say this that Sarah type exists as well as that EDJ's a radio DJ is in strippers go together well. Apparently good. Thank you couldn't hear what we do you thank Susan. They certainly. Had undertaken a guy. I don't think you they Kevin got it was on that this disappeared now says he's and I can't get people assume he's always trying to rip people off I can see that their profession for sure. Early you're always worried if you know because I mean I don't know anything about Karzai can easily get ripped off. Chase them what do you do. Hey guys I'm and I'm looking woman had a car on the church schools. And the stereotype is that yours you're just basically all we got her out and there's just you know are chicks everywhere. CA your bag in the and edit human and how the last. No it is no trust all the access. I think it's I've. Or maybe years as an ugly pulled boy is ruined it for me man I always kind of thought about that it is to pull always get to go around and hook up with all these hot women. Yeah that's the porous sand how long you been working their profession. I'm a little over a year. Okay have you ever. And I mean they're they're out there I've done strongly like a thousand or so hopefuls. And that has been made Ichiro. He will G I a numbers game did you look up the two. Okay you are an embarrassment to your crappy and Mary I think maybe hadn't happily married men are you happily married man so yes I did are there you go out. And it's really excuse regularly. Go to who criticized. Chris. Based camera police officer and the biggest thing that people think that I know people I know who Steve networks and Florida basically allowed and it safety nick nick I know them are original check out I don't know. Although I think you all kinds that's that's another thing without a job outs that's pretty funny eskolaste. Actually called it our jobs the same way. You know as you as you got Chris and in the military a lot of you really don't mother and suddenly you know he has seemed very funny as you can be in the air force and they'll let all my sons in the army you know there are true different branches. And even here in the same branch are so many people here. Yeah well thanks for her that I tourists. Yeah I think this early point that out this pretty funny no I don't know your DJ son who works in Wisconsin wherever the hell I'm in California home when I know. Per and it's and is it even worse when did you ever really common last name. And let in my mind's not very very common but I moved out here let all there's there's a massive guilt over it ended near Modesto do you know him. No but tell Hawaii. I don't know what we're muscles do this information. Let's go talk to you were Jason hi Jason. This medicine. Failed go it will you please be a Catholic priest it's. I wish this highly badly on the ballot and. I'll think I would rather be a ballet attendant and a priest now I'm gonna say the the stereotype is you're always taking joy rides. On that that's always get a hundred every all old people young people hurt like. 220 don't crash and it's what we literally driving it 200 feet we driver or market. They're when we get that are backed bill I snowbird rubble partner manager. Hey didn't have you ever won on the you're right beyond a simple months. I wanted to.