Wednesday, July 18th


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Yeah. On weakness. Damn no damn. And Italy I was listening to you guys a few weeks ago he made you that you've all been arrested before no I have not has not Lara has not. Urges you to degenerates. We grow at different times shut up or venison. And we you know what we got to live our twentieth yeah exactly. I did you are starting and is not a Mac O clock that baton and knock on wood. At least that is of what I think you said and I was wondering. What is the most illegal thing you guys have ever actually died. I friendlies that I once tried to hide out and spend the night at a two day music festival because we only had tickets for the first day but a worker solace may just leave that jerk. Nolan muscle up. Doing his job likens jackass a great question I'd love the well entered but I love the you know the damage was he knows illegal thing you've ever done 7665009167665000. Gestures don't tell us about anybody murdered. I'm truly sit down and out there who kill well. I don't wanna hear it you can tell us support house might subpoena them. I'd hate to I don't wanna have anything to do that so don't keep those stories yourself I'm really have to tell you the mostly opening ever you don't have to like mine I'm not I'm not proud of mine. I'm kind of problem though. Okay what is it. It since it happened as a teenager over the Karen and I may have said on the show before. I sold drugs to my teachers in high school guys that man who did not mean that might be about the besides I drove under suspended license for like five years. I mean there's a handful are left on a lot of illegal things meant nothing like that bad though that selling drugs to my a couple of my teachers and hi yeah out of in the worst. I'm the state can do my life all the illegal things I've done and we've been really a make caught. For me. I regret this in this day but how we skip school my cousin and I. And then there was this late answer her house and she was gone in for some reason we've always you break hinder house. And every call we broke and took a few things are some gold coins and some other stuff and then. Not other forget that at the neighbor and other neighbor on the other side he kind of solace. We were Smart not to bring a baseball bat and the look like we had hit a ball over to the art and that's plummeted over. And now we did messaging up and how solid that you know we were inside. And they would believe that drop in those coins and it's behind thousands day of what that would metal vendors try to find it hasn't looked nothing that can never located five the Basil ladies alpha broke into I was probably in seventh grade may be eighth grade. I just I just that's just terrible thing to do so among a machine myself for but it did it. Never caught the Holy See you caught that true I just a poor lady just told that I should probably should've sold she probably thought she misplaced those points to. And a he always feel guilty about it have to illegal things I did I got caught and I never gonna cause all the drugs and teaches them. But almost everything else I'm not good at doing illegal things that they get busted 7665009167665000. What is he most illegal thing you've ever done what are some of the damage what are you here. Well as seeing. Deface public property I used to shoplift. All the time. I would say it. Then probably what I would sell my matter because I was prescribed general from a very early age and all the way until I sliced us when the when I got. To high school I realized fuel paid top dollar for those pills so. I would sell them to really whoever her one of them including. My gym teacher. Well you two have sold drugs teachers or audio and if that's true yeah way everybody needs drugs that are. Drugs all right let's go to larger quick glare of death Lara Lara has just disappeared out of her box she's an amazing and I'm not answering this she's producing the show from a distance Obama listens to the show you learn how you help us learn. Peres government turn a quake but yet whenever I was a kid in real Linda Myanmar Brothers we house is a kind of far apart real and then we found this abandoned house. And it was under construction we spray painted the inside of it. Because it was all open they were working on and so we went in we spray painting pictures on the wall. And vandalism you know fun stuff. Vandalism all right there. All we do we infinitely easy email so now you've heard everything we've had done. I was delighted sucks and damaged that probably don't way worse or does someone get around this road rash personal legal. Yeah. What's happened Lee gentleman's. When yes I drove through about 27 years without a driver's license. And him cartons both sides never had any action and and I got my drivers license back but at least forty years ago when I moved a road Dahl who opposes earlier this almost meant I don't know tribe and all that time not get busted dash Y greatest crime and I who loves. A GMT. Good job. I see around things were rational legal is it like I'm I'm guessing this is speculation. That an event Franken. He does like his ears because he goes live and that fan page yeah and he's sometimes like drinking a beer and I just make the assumption on our title goes live we as a beard is a beard a cigarette I think it's hilarious to 47 years amended and uh huh yeah style I did five years at the longtime dude can never get pulled over nog Abbas at the UEU Utah that you got to us and I got arrested for and everything this guy kept up the speed limit always watching their personal worst 27 years. Tom what are now if it was the why we don't know that if was he on the two would how many did he. That's. David what's the emotional legal thing you've ever done. They guys feel when I was sixteen hanging out with the goal young wanna colorless more than everyone else. A decides she's steel quite a bit of money from a department sort of work you know. Over a monthlong period. How much do you think you still. Oh I know exactly how much crystal. That about a thousand dollars. What I didn't tell on wasn't adding cameras then and 822 year old was stealing from the vaccine registered the I was. Oh man well. So they have we've both got arrested it was totally unrelated but yet. What was the total consequence for this. Around her she got big time Tony it was over grant is grant that for me I got a really good lawyer. I was in juvenile hall for two days and I had informal probation or five months the has it back. Miss him and that that straightened you out. Oh yeah not my dad pleasure Teracopy he's just or not mad and disappointed in you. And that's the worst luck oh it complete turnaround of a good as. I'm glad to turn life around Davis. Yeah that's it takes Davis. As for why I worked at a gas station for a little while yet and for me about the year that were there I can I was a cigarette smoker I never paid for cigarettes. I just would steal cigarettes from them all the time did you position your body in a way that. Nope I just Sarah would take him right out because they have already to discredit Obama talking they know what's it like in the back of the store owner knows I was thank you to take a pack or could take cartons invited if I took two cartons I'd have to go to the Bakken to go to the boxes in an open a month but using was just when I was. Restocking the cigarettes are only two Carden for you carton for me to rotation hopefully how it worked for a year you'd have never gonna bus without. I shot what's the most illegal thing you've ever got. What's gone. Yeah. A good take part and I've grown marijuana back before it was. Pursue illegal and I got caught. Moving his speech. Was that close of forty pounds since. Tickets to a dispensary down meant I'd been doing and urged in a long time in this you know fine. Went through a DUI checkpoint rationale being. You know we all got arrested on it and doing two years in prison for that. Sure that little. True. Just for weeks how long how long there was it was this so much in years ago Obama. Now we're uncertain times we changed the. Yeah we thought we organ way with me on everything was idiotic is it wasn't a big diligently but I. Now not a. It is tempting is that a friend of mine too good friend of mine that and he's I'd separate myself he was making money you know Thailand drugs and I didn't big time it'd make a lot of money consistently like he needs some of the stories are you so much money that might what you want do what you want it's just this did the temptations than us laws got run forty trounced him. Yeah I mean think about the economy ten years ago in town now. He would do it did do a big guys but he's. Iran let's go to who GI shoot our Josh. Okay. Oh man. So a bout but I. Jose outlet here back out almost got to cut IG HT up in Iraq are not done drag race. Pedestal this thing with the Clinton daylight. Man that was the consequence of that. Well thankfully I didn't get talking over guys did. He will look Dryden a bright red tried so that you need to be any I don't know why. And planet because that's outline he got off by the top. Oh. Let's just say kind of he kind of got expelled from you TI for about one. I'll. Are they tell you pay for sharing your story medalists got a record high Amy what was supposed a little thing ever done. One at an ankle is still a couple cars. From relative. I kick them out for joy ride but aliens brought them back in one piece this please get involved we now know once and never got caught. Well there you go good for you. What I refuting gig iPod did you really do it now he's a fine which orgy of the keys firm as they just like cats I don't know do you. No one on my mom Cadillac they take up for doing right and it just a mechanic boyfriend in mid back on faith. Get a lead and led my uncle prompted she thought her vacation and I to doubt our dire I don't then. At Sacramento River in front of backlog statement back relax and nobody knew. An area of the former car thieves thank you Amy thank the good thing is they car thief when you just when you take your mom your dad's cars call borrower got a lot of let them on different. Skiing I down I Devlin took my sister's cars my mom's car in the middle ninety's you know put to death. Stakes I got busted one time I took mine off where I was I drove the the talent like. Two hours away and somebody recognized my mom's vehicle I have what your failing cousins with me and my friends. And it there was a debt like in the vehicle and that's how they knew it was the right vehicle and it's a while mama mom only got on the me she never total rest of the best friends or cousins that's cool. That's good this comes those are local that is cool over my moment of black I'm called on your parents right now while you're here but I either way to get to this one shot apparently a lot helicopter yeah. Yes this is good that I got this I shot. Hey guys. A helicopter pilot and yeah at airports and you're out. There and they are supposed to think back to us. It decommission the we. Out for a little site they. Water out. Here's why you know bend to wind up like that. We ever got us. That sounds awesome to see how. They haven't yet GPS system and it always good GPS is that this brilliant that's amazing how weird. Oh yeah oh yeah it was it working. Oh that's public but the engines are like white guys over three hours late getting back to days like. Now some trouble at the engine. Dude that's not good for the story ran as a consumer yeah. I never bell helicopter bombs and what I need to go on one. Maybe fund that would be. I'll stop Tom I Tom. As I was of legal thing you've ever done. Well DoubleClick but what I wanted love. Still although you have Google. Oh it was just don't bet they'll be closed doors simply say yeah. A minute ago so which are actually truck. At about twelve midnight and our and a big electrical cord which could actually court. Sport that I opened a blatant action and that there there was heavy put them back of the truck out chill out there other. Shut that there are at the chopper juniors. Felt we had a blocked part of our internship and then all the Obama said. What you get the phone book. We're. We eventually did it political definitely got I don't speculate that he. Nice we don't want to and its outlook and you. The it Tom what is the consequence from that and to get to share similar. It got a felony right dead at the belly up big Billy dead in a general killed. A little bit. Nice fit for use that's a little magical or mystery around it a felony. Well. Thanks that's something that the millennial or never really now the film grossed almost half. I don't want one. I don't know what I would do within I think it be cool to just have one in the house somewhere like home meaning old read one from Michael Bourn from Britain some of the cool it's just so Spacey Mikey. You that big room I would turn I would honestly thought about buying one of those they've just seen among Christ listen turning into is gonna sound stupid but attorney says his leg like a vocal Booth for for voice over and stuff like you'd be kind of cool. Little Booth staff. Ali I think I can think of a pure big Superman got together about you know like I mean really love Superman get this all the collection and you have improved but maybe like this you know just some of the big. Now real life size thing as a way I think and a man came to be just a cool thing haven't Mann case I guess that he has to treat it like a when he made fine line 'cause in the what are the but he's at least I am sure there for sale. Finally those. What was that movie pay phone that a movie pay phone OJ am were and so is a gay disease is that this will be answer the phone and had to sit there are on the phone what are cheap made movie to be honest scraped over I love that movie just until the whole thing is super suspenseful as a pretty good movie and that was the key for Salomon most of which are behind Kiki for Sutherland. He's got called voicestream yeah. I AJ most illegal thing you've ever done. You're doing. Mostly seen in the nurturing nerves. We found continue to were sitting in the very soon old COLT must thing one that was in Paris unfortunately. And we didn't know how to drive very well also in the polite. Am all of essential that I'm missing and my turn this. Okay just go so we went and we drove sure lawless and into Jamie initially going donor immune stuck to the hardware we got out and jumped info we heard an addition that way but there's room for on the radar which. You're involved in high speed chase but your busted. There was total postage is and I felt like seventy. The strength of kind of high speed that is just own it low speed is like twenty miles an hour OJ OJ did for. Music and oh yeah high speed. And so we problems they do yes I thought I. Hey thanks for the call brother we appreciate it had seen that so we knew they don't do us a hell yeah dancer crazy like I still of the helicopter story though my favorite.