Friday, July 13th


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Turn the game and Communists. And and damn no damn. Black man but what. I went down like this and beat. Anyway I think some Lexus and a million through waivers on the Larry's got to. Other levels is things Colin Ebola but the ball and your clue what is he doing that is my pink ladies night I ask you. Radio so did you like Harry battle against the in my best I connect quite help may it will now I know are good luck charm wears domain. Maybe it's your Friday thirteenth good luck charm her pink feathers are flowing into our tacos and they. It is in the same way before we came back from there through the song didn't finding these feathers all over the dam building they've been everywhere and make it home just not here they've been everywhere even in the sales now yeah Lara is your late at night. Yeah she does weird stuff usually see yourself Casey got to think about that I have that she may be just pray and around the building by herself probably on the catwalk. I'm denying any. I actually can picture her doing that and keep building run around I spoke you know Peter read is probably still cut the sea of the basement access to the cameras yeah probably watching Dallas field boss. Let's just drink let these waivers Friday later about the same time to settle then you need to think about that because we Vinson has access to that through so when you're here related knighthood the weird stuff they do here. Like I did you think about that sometimes I look up at the cameras like what what are unity in the finger yeah. That's actually awesome it's good. Okay others to tie between you both five to five so that leaves today there's going to be somebody leading this parity like now I've everything's going to be. Wasn't too bad now. I have no idea exit and what I like about this is the sacrament you had a chance do you damage to vote on the topic and you'll have a chance next week so that's what we say follow the shell. On social media now and it was a big landslide right oh yeah it was a it was between. That the fair kicks off today and in there isn't. This damn sexes the ladies night there. Seconds what it is and and everybody I mean it was like what 60% of the people voted for these sexist ladies night so that's but the parity battle's going to be about. Sexism OK Larry you go first. So are you ready you ready yeah I'm ready again you like you need to say they he has set it up or this is just for all you can't. Who range ladies. And it is face partly this computers Kraft announced those of you try to get better. No confused Perry cal. Time close ladies and I. Give thumbs down reviews of parties back to big night. My game. Green light. Sounds and in due. So Palmer and them and their Family Guy. I'm very young. Nancy go around me any good get them home like Demi. Wow now that. You mean never. Layout here. Roddick today. Good job Lara Harley's net takes lady 65 on five people link you sign up yet until Sunday to sign up you'll be partners themselves as well as this sexist. Okay. Are you ready and yeah out of start this off by saying that Lara thinks that we're not going to be there and that's adorable. This is it's about you creep in and this is not this is sexist and I were to fix it. This is only for the girls it's sexist at its only plug. Michelle my DN you will so be day you should've seen this guy man. Form. And make this where it's sexist well and women can be. And even a plug volunteer. Let's say it's. You'll be up. So ladies night. Really sexy. This is okay. I DN. But a man. I love both. Of those lastly what it lasted a finger at me to think we will figure out what I had to bow out. We didn't know if people more regulators or third option right now today I think you guys did a wonderful job god I so I don't you know I'm taking you guys to do sells power back that was really good bunch of new. Some guys that can tell you what you view it you wanna vote like outlook for anyone to me obviously would be. Canada has been a great job and you'll think seriously could stop. Did you get to vote right now has itself what its five to five when he died at his pleading evoke powerful 7665009167665000. Or you can vote by tax 62515. Just tell us was that Lara. The.