Friday, August 17th


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Turn the game and Communists. And and damn no damn. Odd thing about thirty seconds so get kicked off for these Liberia battles but there's a new word this hour it's worth a thousand dollars. So hard to read it's it's abroad to be our only. 7288817. To contribute what. 72881. For your shot 1000 busters was not a science and especially when that pat rode on the back PL and Michelle on right yeah he outlined his entire show on paper and shocking roadways are leaving the room through the disaster the paper right. Actually have the words printed out on the real. Yeah that's right here and he did is look he can hold and show on the back to this thanked the I'll. Takes mentally thinking he's got nice Erin does Tyson really nice and also not in there kind of saw what I feel like I'm supposed to slap the window and I yeah. I'm alive so yeah and is leading sixth of five I'm correct yes sir if there were other units to five delight purity battle now here's the funny part easily especially six or seven month month. Well a seven to 60 OK in Belize and the six. Not really screwed up today because this is what really is terrified me not that both of these two are about to unleash another of their life. Charity terrifies me because they knew computer engineer brought it here today Brendan Brando. Right when I was ten I can't download can't do anything can't play files I can't play their beds and eight their voices. Peasant is Jim Lehrer is box right now and he's going to be the wind who's going to you and control the volume on he's like he's he's given palms up like did you security thing he's. Headphones on using knows that this is going to be a disaster. It is already well I. Well I feel that may actually a lot more it's gonna have to go in there they've the other would come back letter just. Just deal within my god she's yelling at him Jesus likes he's like also. It was the volume on August divergent I guess or my golf don't you girls or if the Mike was a what are we ability to hear her yelling and about that can pick and anytime. I'm well and I you know I am my commandments not out for you can go round did you no lawyer wanted actual radio. Anybody AKA I love you. It can be here this is thumbs up and saw that happen on Wednesday I wanna go hall did you show president or the microphone. All night and into the it's not a stone unturned to. The that you do you have paper as it did just started out just just to really test you for a second but let me just an hour and a microphone not out just play a snippet does that make you can do right. Yeah let out any other surprise. And I'm known as I said can I heard it I 76 in Leeds you'll have a chance damage to vote do you think did the best care he battle between the two whose horn first today. Other firsts and the damage as far as everyone did vote for this team okay happens when ninety's right the ninety's the emea. OK let's do it. But he's dealt hasn't dealt. Yes. The ninetieth soul and do I play is gonna be so grave. But masters broken ankles but his defense he's gone no way EYUITJ's. Tankan around Philly years. Preston two and still looking great gig eco highlights on Britney Spears but surge whereas now on ten do. Famine Tom beyond low flow or all of dad's learn names you. Butterflies cleans the lower. Me need baby you know. Then I'm he's dream come true. I. This is the favorite season atop the south just might not. But that was pretty good sense of those ordered that those are some great nineties references on Philly she did typed in the ninety's in Google in disaster cost. In 1995. And I know Richardson OK okay. I was gonna hear you ready I'm ready to live things monarch and devoted most of us. Now I mean still doesn't know to tell you president. Move. I love young woman into a muggy stuff is on the night before. They'll make sense. In the ninety's I was small but I remember it all. Didn't spend every day trying to make that pay a liberal wind outdoors when Nintendo 64. George Clooney was bad man. No besides me. Have you ninja turtles it's minds at all. There's some capital. Enemies. Mostly every night. I'm really really. My team. Not days. You both Gould nine years ago. American and cancellations is going back do it as they both Purdue and they get back again Marie Hanley a flat back it time flies for united here was her oldest on though he's good all right damage you get to vote right now 7665009167665000. Beatable by phone or you can text in your vote right now 62515. Just tell us if it's Lara. Or Fiji and we will take a letter after these words.