Friday, June 22nd


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I am podcasts plug Gibson's next game she. They don't forget you can text social sixty plus 15 under way to follow us individually and as a show that a lot of that stuff from the very active on our FaceBook some not so much Twitter Mel. Instead Graham's and definitely Gramm camp people follow me on the Esmat Cantu and I never follow me back so don't even get on that map. Yeah it's pretty stupid you know like it now I'm numb all about and thrown ominous kind of word do everything answer Rehman and FaceBook yeah it's putters moment all the others have done. The best to essentially take social 6515. Brigade to a lied parity battle between Lara and Ian right now. Larry you lose it. But totally to Michael Nash yeah I might not losing by one yes and has heated up costs as 3232. Right now. In that that that game show fan page of the fans made we have nothing to do with that pace of people down there that crazy. International doesn't buy into it that was a very common segment people loved him too and they were people are mad about it because last Friday when all that went down I quit in your contract for him it's all in the past now but. People have said that take place thing. We cared that we were on the show with a guy like Dave Perry battle in Iraq is over people yet nothing we can do about that. All right Lara how do you feel about you or. Parity today I felt pretty confident because I am hoping that it'll make the damn actually happy it's kind of interactive you'll see where it. You put a lot of time into it active power in Iraq as a surprise OK did you put a lot of time into it that I've been. It yet but a good amount of time into it and I feel confident but it's an amount of time I got to be honest she got. The last time two weeks ago you got smoked allow. Just last time that I why don't you agree you're gonna seeded pretty good he's got smoked that time so we'll be all right I. I don't smoke but he's going to focus on every time I've beaten you it was a landslide. Every time I when I IE I just destroy you in in the votes or I would like to see a close battle today. While the ones she beat you twice and both times to be too she destroys you he did it yes. Let's go away go is say yeah you're right goes back and forth whoever wins and a polite oh really destroying the person I am finally just fun on any care that's fun. OK Il ever opportunity to vote when they're done so listen closely to some vote based on you know humor comes then laughed some people vote. Both locals are all of you sound off key you know as I would like Aaron but I have to say this every week. Don't vote just because you don't like me as a person that's not fair they can vote however they want to know what that's not fair of the game YE. Agree though I don't like I do I think they should not have the bite at think that they'll hold voting is on the the parity itself whether you like it hated it shouldn't be about you because you dislike him as an end of my I don't think you choose to be allowed to sit here and tell people how to vote and people vote how I. Once you feel like I know he's all like Larry vote however you want and I want to but I think it's unfair you've OK you don't like the I. I elitist or the quality of the period that a good time in two I agree that it should be the quality of the parity be you know what I hear out of eons. Mouth too much does not fair everything he's. Air time. I just think they put work into that he's it's true that if people voted based on that in Lackey then why should even try yeah. Already. On move on this. Don't just point out might might pulled caused by David what can help under vote yeah I don't want addiction and I was. I'm trying to defend you gonna think if you put the work Adobe did you get a credit. I drill on my little. Ball and he just might point out if you don't like he'd vote okay. It is doesn't because he wants to cry about everything let's do this all right let's go Larry you ready. Imus British never all right what do you do and. It's a little song for the damage and the voice mail. Voice yeah this is a casino and jobs. Their job not the high peek yeah this. They want. My son have made me. Now on six and ten and I'm not as well you guys. The best. Smokes not leave a day you needed. And mash loans that. Big guy and dream didn't need it's certain. I slam. In your I love. Please stay. Jelly chick has an accent cuts would and that. I'm thinking she was head winds sent. When he. Film this suggests jobs she Sharon. Tournament here nylon. X. Inside six damn. Million died Sunday yeah. Oh yeah islands. Mixed seven plus kids can. Thank you Ben Smith. Ricky. I don't blame our unilateral. I don't play great until you quit last Friday to Ferrari's general Pam we're that was donated and that was well put together because she's being typical time until he itself I think it was well put together and password are EG puts a time and yours now. I was drinking last night when I wrote this. So I'll let we'll save my own time is a brilliant happens that lands turn times we can tell you put into it are you ready. Yet this song is called. The dammit Friday night. Like say it's terrible judgment. That's what ever was busy July and I didn't know. I'm not hate us. Needs to do okay. Sales at the bra okay. All new man now some may do at noon long way. So man. About six gay man and soon. And say enough Burris ran the it's bad. I. Honorary it's. On my show. Games. It. Home. Or homeless on endlessly about. The greats like their version where I thought it was funny and I really like the song. OK maybe. Okay now is your kids to vote 7665009167665000. Isn't Lara. Or is it. Closer to a new thing. And eating wrong. All right just looking over the text and the the phone calls has came through and you got the map to do that. I'm not even bother Dumas because I honestly think it to me it looks like a tie it's too hard I tried to run down but every time I write them down more and more comments on it's. You know I don't know I -- one I think he NY NC based off the other parts but every two weeks when I say he won Irish calculated by one. Yeah it wasn't it wasn't my two or three or four I was off by 21. And then lines will what do you think one and why. I believe that marijuana. Stroke of any bit bad so it might have UK over the lives been like the last minute that you did a really been good job. Agreed. That. Thanks for the call out code too big and hide men who do you think why. It's got to be led this week in previous weeks layers you would only laughter in the middle overs on this week she kept me composed she kept that Lou and it was Laura Hearst. And the vocal sounded great side given that there. Okay fine thank you let's go to Wednesday and then. OK first I thought they want why he normally I'm a big scandal where but I think in eight opted out of the park this week. OK and be entered the all right let's still talk to Mario who won. I'm gonna look at Blair as well on this limb. Brian thanks we'll look at the phone lines to get more layers and Andy got Suzanne newly would you vote for. Based on performance of native Turkey and because I I was very impressed by his hand on it and he he was very clever way to where they'll huge shock to me very witty. All right thank you monkey who want to guide honestly don't know it's Ian wants me to say it was him he's points himself even even gave himself a check mark already. It's when you add that the that that Hollywood has called a matter earlier you know and and and I was off by two. In an enemy and as we sit here and keep going more and more and more there's no Lara Lara Lara Lara yeah Lara Lara Lara probably. He's got some of the vortex of 45 times yeah yeah I see a lot on the same number so that's who does mall finally he sells unfair in your life shut up it's not about you right now I'm gonna give it just because I think I was off by one I gotta give its Ian even though I I honestly think Lara won in my opinion. OK so is when a bye to him. There's this guy that was closer Brad closes one.