Thursday, March 8th


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Podcasts plug Gibson's next game she. Back rejected production and Mikey worked his ass off behind the scenes trying to make decisions on really good what we call imaging in the business and he said the production room hour after hour. What this is stuck together and just wait to get approved by the boss yeah. And now the we have a new boss and we finally are certainly getting guru going Vince McMahon is now the guy who either approves or denies in the production so. L tell you did before we even play what are. The first one here. Com he's a lot like PM that day is a lot. I'm painful day on Sunday programmer to go to school and just to get you know what I mean like they had that single attitude and her I'm I'm feeling they all started off having a sense of humor but then over the years the radio was just Stockton out of them. Armour the creativity. Dole out in the majors rejected notch but in all honesty when we play these things you and your gonna be here and handle it I got married and I get why projected all right filled air. Five of these I believe right yeah New Zealand I think justified I think is five today OK then the N eight that we should do you you you mentioned it before before we get all worked together yeah you just don't actually buy yourself to that time. You let people vote on their top three likened the worse for the best how did you do it well it was just you know whichever ones they like the best OK so then a name and then and we did vote and and we played like three come back I'll get mentally when same thing. Okay Greg Garcia works OK first why this rejected by Vince McMahon let's see what happened. An Irish man. Boy you all. I hope I don't understand anybody would believe in a white kid that played between sons I. I hear I mean you're stereotyping I don't now. I thought it was good lad that was good idea to give him that well I was your boss I tell you why aren't you the boss I don't know. And let me messages have you prove these things okay this is strokes and a spot. That Lara. That's clearly treated him he's been sucked out of their doing good and it was always so worried about offending somebody Laura Ling up this. Any this spot me yeah. Gruden knows if it's eight you know as Julie said the snowflakes Justine on the just crying they try to listen music did you hurt your feelings winning my belief. Calm down trying to go. Friends always friends not my friends that's all your friends second line. You rocket I don't know it is both of me other than just that was that like so many. There's it's exactly who was. Is this silly to subdue way to say balls and fared on the radio and promote music and I am I get I appreciated that trip down memory lane you're welcome. They might not dozen balls far to say you listed electric company that led us well here's yes all. OK I later cleared you can identify and had to be offensive line no I didn't even. No offense to but it was low hanging viewed through my OK thanks Laura jokes okay jeez I'm. On odd man out that quite elegant but it is that he's Aaron. Here's a number three and rejected production Wednesday and like. A leg running this week and it's not a bad word. Knows we get a bad word is something like. Poor. And the room. Mother and what did you make. A couple of really good good combine for like king the third. Adolescence but what a mind. To those of Edwards when he. These are the inner dimensions of Mikey said. I would've thought maybe as if he were to go made it a little too long then and there was and I think that's probably the complaint and I don't think he likes you know people encouraging people swear kids. But. I don't know anybody muscle I thought it was funny I did to you mobbed Tallahassee you know there was a a test you boarded our reject your production is with the boss man did not approve of the station. You know. You're hungry. Encouraging people lead compounds not a good thing. Our I get that down Masterson needed and units should know better they showed OK final one day he said Ellis and Peter may and no longer with the guys will meet might as well even numbered do. Always. Mushrooms winkle. My drums as. Is it Lara low hanging fruit yeah yes it's funny I think we are incredible a vote for the Irish man one. And eight and that's I can tell you the most from one was my favorite. That's my fair mushroom tea might mush are never your favorite the magic is in the Pope come online then god didn't. All right now this. The average here right now there do we want to know your favorite was. Out of those three picker grabs are those five yeah I take your favor or pick the top three next. 76650091676. Eggs by.