Thursday, February 22nd


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But can she bend in the shield him jump and you. You know sometimes I'll read these stupid surveys they do they ask people I think a lot of people are trolling. The pole worse I really do. We mean. I think they're just brought out weird answers just soared to be printed or maybe. Out of courage inside so they leave in a recent survey asked 15100. Adult males. How they would like to die. Would you take a guess at what the number one answer was being asleep. I would say Celine that's a peaceful way to go out or. Thanks I mean most gallons of two ways yeah right goes really taught to do now I think he what do you do then that's not the answer by the way the number right now. Actually it's not in the top three with joy and not in the top three sex. Notice that's great I'm out I was here same sex. These number answer according to you 15100 adult males is how they would like to die is by gunshot taught me and that's what. Rory easy. May say that I'm not I think men I guess maybe he had shot link right in the head Lincoln hopefully you immediately die each of you almost can't go yeah. Plus that's credible and they give a bit where the only options like we gunshot heard you know you didn't stab yourself on the next play everywhere the options here the movies you. Seen this mean regardless of the actors actresses been in his there's no big guys like it until we had a gun towards him acknowledged they go to the barely champion had it did shoot a crazy idea. People like QB and nobody wants to get shocked the court to answer baffles me to. Okay I'm Tammy Jones and extremely horrible way to go out. All right. Drowned and that's the last thing I want you that's not easy at all I'm sure in the worst dancers they give our. That's what it sounds like man and I'm surprised and it's like to burn a bit of fire. Drowned nobody wants to do well so much rounder I was born up in empire all right mr. painful then number three answer. I need a heart attack while in bed Mickey with a 45 year old supermodel. I won a heart attack usually dads and this sounds painful. Yeah man. And ask. Crazy people think it I don't have a home phone early and home phone and you know. Okay I've relived it every time don't have dinner my so where are you watching a movie called raves about somebody pulling yards of the that the COLT pistol people it doesn't shot just don't make. Just give it to be off this phone call and I drowned Bloomberg may. Whatever it takes to end this call yeah we did fall back. You kind of funny 15100 adult men said they wanna go out of a gunshot drowned her heart attack on shell and essentially supermodel no way. Now women's 15100 women were asked. What is the number one special thing a man can do to win and keep your heart. Now these aren't that bad number three a wooden bottom would have put it in our top story cook put a ring announcing. The number one imagine they said bonds and flowers. I know a lot of woman alive flowers. Q how can I could see that he is top five I'm not I'm not gonna go okay this crazy event gunshot but yeah yeah. The number two in writing poetry now. That's cute idea was that her answer number three on the list again these are 15100 women were asked what is one special thing a man can do to win and keep your heart the number of the three the top three. A number eight put the toilet seat down though that's its best. That's easy that's gonna lose all of these things doesn't belong type situations like flowers poetry toil toilet seat are yet. Jenner gentlemen a second man on the way to a woman's heart is with food instead it's as simple as that why should cooking. About three yeah bring me food and you'll have my heart expression amazing cook or so do you say just bring food or or actually play do you strokes and call it honestly doesn't matter of form you can cook is eager bring it wouldn't go get some food and I think I think I'll. When I am happy to a man's hards who may just bring me tacos and a man and also he thought. Hobby people who do this at least three times a week a little bit twelve years or longer what do you think the answer was. Eat right. Run. Exercise number one answer to number two had sex gas now gotta add three housework in the nude. Oh right that's another one that doesn't make sense well okay. I always thought in nearly studies alight during came in 02 Beers a day. I was gonna say now one and it's not what I I've read a lot of studies this like the size that I personally went searching for. If they're the ones that were written by Anheuser motion and then with you companies instilling a day in Johnnie Walker says that the blood pressure compared. If that's at two mayors today in a glass of whiskey on the weekends that's what I'll know the answer and stuff ourselves. I'm Mikey. Yeah lined up oh how you say you know they're doing the flowers and apologize. Kind of what I was thinking about Blake do I not gonna bring flowers to ask surely there's there's no freaking way. But I don't know what really what is a good second date that's why I lost here that's the most talked about earlier you. I'm forty go for what you do know Larry I ass lawyer is well cool apparently has a second day was somebody do. We are both got. But what wait a second base kind of important. I just got to move a lot more pressure I think on the second day there is on the. So I would eliminate from this survey right here flowers I don't know. It may be erosion but I. Saturday you know probably go there for a second day that's I think that's all too much first day Amber's got the Garnett. Yeah get to know which had a little bit normally you do it right I think it's a quick kind of mean to maybe 45 minutes of the better better than that little longer yeah. The second day is a little more guard down a little more conversation. I just don't know what to do more here's the thing I I asked before I throw in my. Opinion what did you do on the first one the first day we went out and just have a couple of drinks okay Roseanne was a good date we talked you've got to know each other pretty well and in case it was a good day if the first day. Is that the second it has to be dinner. OK so I don't hate us because normally when it's in a way around the second it is usually drinks that's it now. Source for me is able if we go portrays on the first day this Sunday's dinner. I told first date have a drink herself not drunk how I drink it to loosen up. Let your guard down somewhat yeah. May lead you've got to have your pitching your look at her I think you are thought dinner already did think you know and I wanted to be something a little bit more urged the creative. All I did is I I skipped admin during par on the first and my dad did on the first date with the girl talk to right now. I did I didn't tell your restaurants are two foot shark fast yeah yeah I didn't think I think outside the body. That's what I'm trying to that's what I'm doing it but the problem with the way some of that it is that it meets tomorrow night. Mom and so it after we get off their social little bit late not too late Friday night so it's it's not that bad but there's no food truck mania gone on the weather is not that great it's cold so anything outside is completely. Don monogamy would do anything like that site I do think dinners probably the best way to go but do I go big or do I go you know Applebee's. Am I gonna Applebee's on my way out how we would Applebee's Vanessa how the second is gonna go. We just like sitting go to top golf so bad side. How does he could talk all we were they respond to you still socialize and everybody you can. Average other who view where he could go suck a golf. We can laugh that's fine but in the restraint solely because there's booze and you can't. Everything there I guess maybe that's maybe that's. Always I think they were over the years on and a lot of thing in this you got. Duration dinner and movies one place solitude. Studio studio negro house last. Last night the only thing I'm most human we all know now but I I just want us to be able to talk a little bit more we've talked before the movie star Gina. There about a half hour early talk about it commentators say fifty shades freed girl I'll go. No I don't I don't like movies in the the first few days I I think that that's that is weren't dating. We're together or it's we don't really wanted to meet again eight yeah I don't want that I wanna talk only get to know this person I want instances these talking. Talk during the movie DNA whole new hair. That's like dinner and a comedy show somebody tell us and that's about it you can bail us laughing no not really stand up comedy now. Why did you know it when I put all honesty and she likes it a little too much of it didn't want that. Kind of like a movie as well because he can't do a lot of talking you're the performance and tell your ass out. Yeah let's throw it sell Robert Shapiro would top golfer my dear every second day. Yeah I think talk about the the great idea because. I mean you get out there's alcohol not pick third are billionaires do. All you sold me Roberts we're going. Thank you. That but I mean you undo it need to wait hypocrisy because it. The mood they're so just upbeat and everybody's so happy there I don't think that the best place for a second date is because you can cover they called it all. But I mean I should come about somebody you're married early took us only second there aren't so. I want to hear you're the worst advice and understanding your that's actually pretty good bustle somebody's been texting and Brandt thanks Robert I'll ask both you guys and even learn one volley completely Dave and buster's. Moon. Drink if during the games but there's food there's drinks there's there's entertainment I think he got any money brilliant games but it's fun just to get a little silly and play some games and and capital fund I guess get drunk. You're not wrong. I like the idea. But that. I mean there's so much going on a day must as you might lose out on conversation again that's true because of all the things that there isn't there by Helio at the time. At dinner before you play interactive millions or wherever they they you have that time Sosa a bad idea. Only to censor this and you can look there but when you guys are top golf. Most of them right iris and it doesn't run the second and Eric I'd try to help my you this decade date option what you got. Hey I I think you know I should take her to endure because everything like go hurry and saw. Yeah I've blown out but I know billion light you can kind of let your guard down you guys and trying to compete at your Marty you let your winner being do yeah. I see it at that you can gauge and you go have doubled during third go to Dave what were. Ever see how would I I think that that's what I would do it. I think that's a good idea areas that I did things during all you can wait until Saturday you know where he went a couple weeks ago dodge volume bit pit area Jamal. There to especially on opposite teams of men from Nelson names him protector you know elation you're dominance I'm not when I'm gonna go dodge ball issue. That's terrible night.