Friday, March 16th


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But it seems that gay and she'll end show pimp. I felt like you guys have a competition are you guys are mean I got EN and Lara and another who wants to go first but you're have a chance to vote Sacramento on who you think is good. The best attitude always say these are gonna be like a scale of one to entertain and they're just. Who's better athletes and they play anyway and we rushed and we did decide that he and his in the lead right now. Blair has argued that so apparently and is in the lead when he won the either this or verbal battle thing that we did. Are you Graham of that viewed as a career and if that's what your finisher we don't know we configured all I ask you we issued in response so they'll end them all our guys are at Lara do you wanna go first or second. I honestly don't care what okay and how well do you know if you go first please just let Mike on the your mouth so would you be able to get right in there. So you don't have any excuses nobody can say anything and I couldn't hear you clearly all are you OK are you ready. Earlier the labor con. I'll guys here ago. The Irish. Our Angola and I need have friends or drink led. Mikey is a busy and so always strove to get some left to win this damn bloke. Let me just tell these elaborate con but he enhance throws his liquor. One shot to shot thirty sep fourth in is just getting sicker. I'd take one more I'll take another. In his now in the gutters. I think I did okay. It. Yeah pretty good I did not expected to be a while Lara and prone you thing I can't do. That's OK that was that was well written OK. Includes new. Now the end I think you have to really Reagan yeah I wish this might came outside and drop it later on June. If you think that's what people without social beautiful both freedom and a wife is you're an idiot men say things could get stable people vote love my feeling and they are actually listened to the song though Italians indeed ajar comes from over Lehrer. I would as an analyst I I honestly my digital say we our people do fairly vote on who is the best seven to not about personalities and what you do or do not like about the men's individual DI agree even if you Haiti in her if you hate there which caused that's not possible but I get eighty does it both from beauty Donna over the rarely plays yes I agree you are you ready. Hit. What I'm your parent who's got some he. Is saint patty's day. Woods raised some lies maybe take a few flights through as many struggle get laid to. And what appraisal work tag didn't hit on those guys. I won't grab a share on shouldn't do love those shots and storm probably isn't anyway. There will be green monster movie grade iron on guns they are not easy day colorful Ali. I'm stars shrugged he didn't delay the. I mean that was that's hard to reduce. I don't even know man that was good that was telling us that was funny. Howie in a voter you wanna wait either way away any opinions. Afterwards I. Aren't all right before we get the results we are paying these I think his death toll better way to do it okay LA got. All right you get a vote right now 7665000. Again 9167665000. Or you can quickly she isn't X 16515. Well this is Larry I did she would issue in the best. I'm going my little Afrikaner no okay little. And then he and and just you call me I'll get I was in the Lebanon on an.