Friday, May 18th


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But if you see that game show James Shields and it's right just a few minutes are going to do having another parity battle lines between Lara. And Guillen for. It was great last week I. Oh my god last week was so good we'll have weight was alas I was last week yeah and diamond eyes she did dissemination army clarity and I think that stupid that blue stuck in my head all you cannot delete your version of diamond eyes and really good. Good thank you thank you. It is a brand new hours that means there's a new code needed to listen very closely Mikey he spells it for you nick is easier I try to open. Sometimes I spelt wrong with and have the word right in front of me and I coloradans have an idiot. Other what is market M a RK text the word mark to seven to 81 for your shot or 2000 bucks currency rose to one day. I'm laughing because I know or relative to get into this conversation. Crazy if this true story of the day and I don't like it or but but I'm laughing over here because his stories cracking me up this holiday strip club in New Zealand. Oh boy. A former stripper has claimed a club she worked for allegedly plotting dancers for being drunk. Which you know they gotta be somewhat coherent so I had a guy kind of get some of the rules of of the drinking you know the safety they're only I mean yeah. Why at the other part is if they didn't take their underwear off quick enough. They were fine 100 dollars. Until the time the first song was over they had to have the drawers robbed if not. Is that what could strip club rule the Philly they should I guess etiquette it probably. Really is it universal or is it New Zealand. I would say it's universal but here's a thing. Ed depends on what kind of strip club that it is if it's one that doesn't show nudity is just topless then there there's there's 212 things you can do out everyone knows that you guys to breast three songs by the second song either the top or the bottom should come off because everybody knows that there's a secret bomb may have underneath. Or you just take to top off so either one of those things Symantec gotten exactly how to be the phone but. It wow if they download dancers from their club was working in another color of the cup competition they were fine 2500 dollars. Hell hole that's not that they had no signs an agreement is like made like a non compete for something when I ridiculous I would imagine it in his if I was server would never sign a non competes absolutely not many clubs possible now make no pro make that go home make that dealt. Here's film you read it first industry. Club etiquette. I got a little if Diego these here if this is an article we found out on line. LA weekly put this out by at least a couple of drinks and a few dances while you're there now. There's that you does not provide free cable than club or it's not bartenders the Taliban took the land you. Not a parasite. In I'm going on the buy feature I am having drinks here but I'm not required to buy dance I mean I might hit somebody but the damn thing that depends on whose work and that made me want a door a few dollars and UK yet because I'm not buying a dance all for alarm and a cocktail of her interested in spending time whether or not. And if you're not majors in a lab can't please be polite and turn down lunch on that before that all that makes it worse why would you buy. Stripper drink exact kinda understand this what you're not I buy it plummeted by lady you drink a minor during because I'm hoping that maybe she's interested in me if she's not that's fine but what my extra words ring she's not she's being paid to be interested in. Yeah exactly. Stupid I now but on your pace when he's out there and a lot of morons of ago now and they all man's use in the mean they keep going back most of my favorite people and sometimes I hope they're in my group like I F I go five or six people. I've tried to decide which one of them is gonna be that guy the woman's like I think I got a shot. Yeah you go ahead and then pursue that I'll be right over here in the corner laughing. If you're a sit around the stage you should tip at least one dollar purse on April 1 performer OK I. I think that's and I might also is that the metal speed of money if you give a girl five dollars she will spend more time reviews then if you gave her a dollar well that's that yeah that's just common supply and demand. Yet know the rules of the club each one is different some allow more mileage. Means contact. And others most adults yeah you don't you know schools touch. Even because this is the ultimate purchase date first data experienced guys are there to live out of Tennessee in the girls are there to sell it not like Q I'm not I'm not acting out these so no touchy means. No touching right quick question as president in this room going to strip club for a fancier you just don't look at that delays and Havoc during that day yeah thank you now to help. If I go in just rare yeah it's rare but I mean if I goes I guess I'm not going to install some conference elect free web cam girls and their all dumb as a box crap. So forth dirty on Friday. You look at them on Monday on Monday do you think you're going to be here I don't know who this woman is and nothing about her educational background and I know -- a lot about mine and I think maybe. No and out. And I got money on the on the webcam girl meets you will find out next we gonna have another competition between Lara. DNA whole thing they have their parodies. Yes I have no idea what they're doing meter man we're gonna find out altogether dammit it's meant to got a chance to vote who's who's better presidents.