Thursday, February 22nd


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Jammed flood hit some bad game show you should of came to new heights W ladies are going to really appreciate whoever about to tell you. How might that you guys to hire them with you I love this particular toll. There is day at new product out it's it's actually not available to you yet. But how will be soon and that's unfair. The website the metro disaster story. Add that it's able to wait it vibrates. And it does more than five Brady which you know the ladies love that when they are are you are you are done used in the toy you know imagine what they're dual led away. Which by the way I should throw out the name is called the rub rub. Yeah. You know my. What I think you may are what are you guys should really love the ground will order pizza for you after you. Reach your happy spot that is awesome would need to move from the bad or talk to another person. You simply are able to press a button. Your pizza is ordered and you'll have time to recover from what every minute you'll eventually. Here's our work before you start and and imagining what you do why you're with your to wait you're able to go any kind of program what you want you your food base needs. And the vibrator is paid within Internet connection but networks in the same way the Amazon dashed by the words next here alone. We treasure pay may details and Europe or premises. Saved you are able to push the button and order. Your pizza it's that simple that isn't grew arrange best thing to do is post a bud before you started. So called time have a good time yourself and your pizza guy. If you normally order and it's been on the busy Friday night at 7 o'clock Eagles could take a little longer she's climbing out perfectly and you can't know but I think you got to know your average time when you're you know you're and that's solo act out for sure and I'm. The last times when he'll listen factors Erica and mr. Putin process a little bit. I think this is a pretty brilliant thing I hate love this so much I wonder if it tells the pizza place where that order came from like if it. Grub grub and then that didn't pizza delivery guys get on the biggest laugh and smile as I say no they. They want to know what road grime is going to be an isn't it while we go into this toward becoming very popular. I'm sorry if I worked at pizza place and it's a new order came from grub grub I would immediately Google that he actually how we had was robe ground oh my god let. Doesn't look look closely this do you appreciate just what time it is to be alive I oh my god I. I never thought in my life I would I would see a product like best. So great I'm not a wave there could be a story and who knows maybe guys you see one of the few years but. A story where somebody has their moment withers away and they are. Electrocuted. He went there they went there I'm just. We feel we can make anything stronger and getting more creative way to make another ordering food. I I don't think he you plug it isn't is there a way you're getting me open. Charlie got a target somewhere right I'm behavior once you hand do you still keep charged and then something can go wrong. Thank god I got. During this tax I'm listening and delivering pizzas geez I think has made its pizza delivery person's day with a story. Call my god. How great is that and I don't know maybe even a bad day for you it's a Thursday Thursday's only suck but I tailor make you feel better right now even larger say rope around. Yeah rub it's OK I can't not laugh yeah ground ally get food and.