Thursday, February 22nd


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Podcast plug Gibson's next game she saw. Home. I was supposed to. Make things. His argument that'll be an email somebody gets a fit over every everything every day almighty god can't we just take a joke did something to get offended about the little imaging pieces are made little things like these things I see that message. Well why it is so photos of the we said it was about all the southern between the silly right HIV aids cracking down on funeral strippers I know this is really a thing we knew full well what I'm sorry double in my way too fast what are. Funeral strippers China officials have launched its latest crackdown on funeral strippers to country's ministry of culture announced last. Month that it will be targeted a slew of oh well you get these these strippers for the obscene and vulgar performances at weddings funerals and temple fairs. As part of the new crackdown a special hotline is setup for the public to report any funeral misdeeds in exchange for monetary reward according to the news out ludicrous and issues. It's been a longtime tradition in China for residents are strippers to barge a gain performances at funerals in order to attracting larger attendance. For the mourners. Those locals believe that they hide turnout at funerals is a sign of honor for the dead issue. That's exactly right yes sir I'll want to format I don't know why not instrument panel. I don't buy if I go into a coma and I blame there are you you know your debating night if you're gonna pull the plug and I don't bring NA. It stripper see what happens. We will classical you know dads and you can obviously tell them if I'm excited. Yeah if you if you I'm excited you know this is my main part of my whole people in India. That's if you don't get excited unplugged because I'm Don did anybody. And how could. I need this on air so that we all that everybody heard it. Oh okay. This thing and it just gave us any protest if I want is that my funeral stroke yeah I absolutely Mikey. Now I think Pyongyang. So I don't know I want to operation over to your funeral and bring them to strokes and I. She's really gathered today to play Ian down now welcome can be. It will want to desks. I said it on air there is prove that I said that there better be strippers in my funeral. Apollo since at a football games on the big game we don't. Don't don't do not to go out people need to see that above the cast TV yuck it's important. A man called himself leading the unit all told it. How he had his shells broken five times as part of a 62000. Dollar plastic surgery transformation. In Argentina. The guys spoke to loved their version of today. To describe himself as being trans species out she says he told them how he used South Korea which is a place I would want to have surgery to I know these surgery to make it kill line more. Elf like no other class servers South Korea them vote the other 1:0 yeah I am. So battered North Korea yeah. I'm Korea. So you can help you know what that look at my health when they had Kim Jong haircut. Why why would anybody want to look like an elf and does what other races life we got. Three months ago the South Korea they broke my gel and five pars and put it back together with titanium. So when all this heals all have a animated character kind of shape that almost sixty sagging skin and you can see my jolly chubby right now because it's killing police said. And as we can call it L Tilly and LDCs el fish. This 1988. That's for sure our kids I guess they listen use your imagination ominously do you face. I think that apparently for some of you know I think time. Up for your deadline for a man any day and in the headline of the website page. They have proven they. Had to you know that the government regulators yesterday I had the freedom approves the hot breath as we know we don't have free speech and now org radio. And gives alias of deep faced Johnson after getting arrested. Apparently pleased for caller greatest servers went down this guy which got into an altercation with several police on the agenda of having to be comfortable on the ground and arrested. He told his name was deep face Johnson. Now I know enough in a lot of public record but what you don't measure name that is considered an alias any there goes on to your report just like Ron white comedian do if he has Taylor salad on. I don't it Milo if you ever arrested you wanna have a little fun may are they that they now are great alias like deep faith doesn't. And you'll always have that attached to your name. But he might beast I'm going to jail and being you know wanted the I don't know I know. It's terrible that was dobbs. Does really diligent and good hope he wasn't going there at all and they get paid off about it compared to you face. We're real glad that they don't worry if you like defense. Is that what you're asking more. Oh. 34 year old there's two of the twins or identical twins from Tennessee they went through the festival last year. This back in your home state of Ohio understand this this twins festival in twins birdie you can dad's work. They met at 31 year old mother of twins identical twins from Delaware. And apparently they felt the love at first sight for all of and they paired off an earlier this month. Other guys named Jeremy and Josh proposed the same time do embryonic and Brittany respectively in the win and they say yes donors are going back to the twins festival in August to get married any joint ceremony. And let me tell you sum up this twins festival this is the freaky is being kinda went through my entire life my first are working in radio we do an event there if you don't get high go to and these holes out here are so it's it's dude it's just like I don't know messes with your head it was way too many of the same people. The value this really great if they and they want to save on wedding photography just get photos of one of the couples and and you just make two copies. I could be this year and he did there's an awful lot of switching going on and I hope so I would think they way they maybe there is. I don't wanna tell you about olive garden is they don't give a damn about eating healthy. Okay let me we don't even try to fool you in the commercials and a slap these galleries all over and I think it would still get your all of garden commercial. Because you look at you I guess probably 3000 dollars that bread stick I don't care starving. Right you know you're all of guardian you gained five pounds. Olive garden is continuing the tradition and make it a fatter because that's what they do and I love all of guard the newest item at olive garden is deep meatball pizza ball off content. Up made at a pizza dough that is filled with cheese sauce and kidney balls got. OK for the price of just nine dollars you can gain three pounds that's also gonna go download unlimited salad of course who cares that they're just so they ransom policy of earned all I'll let you know. That is until I. And bread sticks because you probably need a limited bred stakes in the side dish for that thing I imagine fatty fast sounds good to. Ready dish LA actually just go we got to show they go to tonight earlier. Don't go to our area tomorrow I know here that olive garden. I was scared out. I Israel why good feared she the new study found that it can't prevent cavities in fight gum disease. Really is definitely dies her teeth ran. But you're looking for you what the standard he wanted cash. A Folgers is trying to attract young people they knew premium coffee called 1850. As CEO of the company was found lenders original name pioneer steam and no idea. The new golf he should be grocery stores in April. Not this contract young people don't. All muttered oh this is the big secret not by did you go begging eat it get them. I Gmail address within a period separate your first and last say in that period doesn't actually matter praised her name is John Smith to get John dodged dash. Or he should they Johnson did you know it goes the same person into the matter. No I did not know that I don't hold period mattered I did I did to actually only matter if you're not one that kind of baby. A woman in Maryland was buying a lottery ticket recently and the cashier grabbed the wrong why so she made him grabbed the one she won and instead and left. The guy behind your mind set to take that ticket this year alone you don't have to follow hot. Half 30000. Dollars just happened guy. Wow that's why I. Good for him toward the hell. I don't know that lunch and that is just in the news.