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But he sees and game shows game shows and OK new hour new code word 1000 dollars you have a chance to win this hour let's in my he's got that works for you text. Terror TT RR OR terror. The seven to anyone terrorism to anyone for yourself 1000 bucks courtesy goes a long day are right let's think it is stupid news first segment is all over the news today. And that house is is very famous from full house you know it's a tourist destination. In San Francisco people like in else ride the buses and stop by and people that live of that residence they hate it all I'm sure they do in day out that would bug the hell on me. So officials there have banned tour buses from these so called full house home after neighbors complained about large crowds. Who's on Broderick street that home which appears in the opening credits of the classic full wells and the Netflix equal Fuller house. They say after about. A thousand to 15100 tourists come by at home on a busy day causing driveways to be blocked and streets to be double parked. I do not gone their a couple of times so I guess there's always people around their taken pictures and only actually seen. By a couple of times but pretty cool here's a part of that news quote from the story. All over the news is we spoke with today say they get it. I think that's a good thing because the buses can then be allowed and so they think people should so we have a common congregate and look at them. Hey I'm OK that. So the municipal transportation agency board of directors all agreed to banned commercial vehicles or bus or other vehicles would more than nine season visiting that house I guess that's not so bad because really it's easy to park great round and you can go walk over there it's a decent walk it's a nice park across its its a good area to to just you walking around and anyway you don't need a boss yeah. Got a call me that's I think about Khaled that's probably where I was really introduced to San Francisco you know by TV ever been but you know just kind of that area first thing I remember that. I think a full house of think of San Francisco yeah. Didn't meet it was on like the video we just made though that we did little promo video we got rolled around Alley cats upon her faced a page is gonna take off that that show. Big big show major show back then yeah I think it's ever Cisco the mayor is she's quoted as seen more. Who in the streets and she's never seen her entire life did there was a map and it was just recently brought down that had it you can go online and find out where all the human who it is on the streets. Or is about two weeks ago we talked about twenty pounds of it coming down but it is not somebody acts was nice enough to back it up. So gross hit it here's the mayor Sanders what she's ever seen her entire life I got a problem there I. I will say a that there is more there's more feces on the sidewalks and I've never seen you know growing up here that was something they did not wasn't. And the norm. And that is a huge problem when I'm just talking about for. From dogs were talking about from humans and how half until at least have respect for the community. At least clean up after themselves and show respect to one another and people in the neighborhood. A diet Niguel this couple things I wanna see the Golden Gate Bridge it's an Al pitcher as of their sure there's more than I want to see about one locker wanted to see if I can spot people to open industry does. Very easy you'll you'll see that I don't understand why people why they just go on the sidewalk when it does go into it there's somebody parks and so many wooded areas around the area just. Just get off the street with it how else. Two identical twins in Michigan are running for political office. In opposite parties. And they're both running for county commissioner in different counties so they know they both could win and and naked in that working together in some way. It's kind of flooding I think that what we of that father's side that was in the news and they were talking smack yeah they were the same house yeah. What are against each other that's great and this whole area so here's part of this news clips right here. We are not that I'm so hurrying. We'll figure out what ever way it goes. My leg I'm. He's finally. Always have. You know what I mean. I know but you know what I mean you know when they know when I know you know I know. Our age six Republican campaign volunteers since they say they were in no Raleigh, North Carolina on Saturday night and day. And they were having a conversation I mean is that people talk about politics they were talking about politics and over and over driver suddenly stop until we get the hell out. They're unhappy about it which is having just just drive may ignore it seriously it's so crazy over politics here's his ladies out there. Got in the car myself and five other young Republicans are just not being polite conversations. About our backgrounds and our drivers said he needed a stop and get gas heat it. You know quickly it turned off and saw the car and said you're right has been terminated. And you reach your destination as I have the right to deny you service and so we are all shocked and then he drove off and sent welcomed there. It's one computer assisted so yeah. Yeah why well there problem Republican congressman mark meadows heard about their incident into it to 200 off 400 dollar gift card for lift to those involved in the incidents so. I mean I guess these guys these these drivers doing the right to -- to kick other car I suppose that I mean if you're walking I don't agree with your politics and is gonna keep drive my destination ignored arms trying to make money passengers say does not wanna make money is is Republicans and is that money too good for you or whatever it's beats you it's like these business owners who didn't matter if you're Democrat Republican or whatever you are what we're gonna serve you know what I'd be quiet I'm just giving your money if American money I'm happy those bakeries have home baked cakes for Jacob for homeowners are given everybody thinks this is your wife two little do -- -- each other on chocolate cake I don't care some dumb. A Wal-Mart in Tennessee had to shut down for six hours on Monday after a raccoon wandered into the store. Shut down the store you have but I don't know but again big Alia I guess makes sense at least some of these Wal-Mart and I've been to around the country some of Mercado then. These there and their wooded area as in other kind of on the and the outside so little bit it's like the one store they have within like seventy miles of of the area yeah. At a different stories were retired by Deere run inside and that's trust in these clergy crazy man yeah. Which is due under the deal the deer than Iraq you know although the deer I would rather zero deal with the love raccoon because it did I do here is gonna jump around start kicking stuff and going nuts thoughtful sore raccoon is just gonna run and am trying to catch it's a rabbit he's got to point it got an update may be directly to our direction as it can hide easier than the dearly sad note the gears like knocking stuff over Michael must stay away it's a good point as a reckon just jump up jump on your face I just don't feel any animals other than those wall beside. Those people you can. People to people about it now there a guy before it got arrested earlier this month first swing and an acre around the beach and tried to fight people he was met to consider any message this shaky and he said he screwed up this chicken does grilling. So swing and anger and around a big gigantic anchor. This young discuss combat hats kind of a debt I respect a growing up my entire life of the beach community that remember watching radiates on a beach. Concludes there's no video of this I would love to see that I know why canoes and they were fifteen hit a new survey asking women if there's. Anything that gives them more pleasure than sex and the majority of them said yes there is. Night they ranked two things above sags shopping and traveling. Even though it's not quite the same vein of 95% of women also said they would prefer great love over great sex. I don't want anything I want great sex steamy sex yeah. Padres national hot dog day you know. And there's they asked people what's your favorite thing to go line. Hot dogs and the number one answer the number one answers catch up they'll talk about majority of people here catcher not a surprise gross number two is. His surprise it is chilly I would assume Muster what do mustard beat out Chile. And outcome although in chilly December Chile was number two Muster was a mystery death followed by cheese relish onions sauerkraut mail. In the fallopian euros income colds well hi I'm not a fan of that the coleslaw Dan five it is not bad but. Give them some mustard in Chile and I'm good man I think that's not a dog right there. All right to another restaurant that's an EPA that took them stupid and they had to take down their FaceBook page of Virginia restaurant is slammed for a shame we need generous seventeen year old boy. Whoo boy all his friends Blige. And left it 30% tip in quarters because it is the only cash he had now reading into the stories is this kid was another server somewhere. And he's not the British friend to lunch. Is that they total bill was 35 bucks he left twenty dollar bill and a generous ten dollar campaign almost all in quarters. Now day. Goal line and this place called beer 88. How not to pay any restaurant. Cause that's the nicest thing we get paid to say about this ridiculous from the ridiculous this is what they posted what people were pissed because 30% tip that's a hell of the Pittman who cares if it's in corners are looking at some pennies are times. Yeah as a follow Gore's idea where I think they gave the hash tag no home training. Well first of all the kick gave a really good kid at 30% is a great kid that's a really really good tips and then they gonna bash him. While what a bunch of jerks yeah people are you just there's like our budget images of people just called out this restaurant Kunis and they should be passed these. A bunt alcohol with Corzine forward a fact that they gassed for sure we'd I tried to come and take about tried to review journal. We talk a little though he was good with a Dicey maybe you I tried to pay with them on rolled up easily roll my open given to me how much contact. Hopefully I'm about to say to try to go to that that the cooling star whatever it is it's stored in gas stations now are the grocery store should use those but. Back then the back then there was no points aren't so suddenly every now deceased OnStar but if you but if you're restaurant you can you can use quarters. You can use anything you want because money's money. Not what punch any holes out. A couple in Florida had no problems smiling for the camera after being arrested on drug possession charges last week following a cliche a similar high. They had to admit it. You know I love what the police department did a year of explained that the sheriff's office posted on social media this man this woman were captured on Thursday after deputies spotted stolen vehicle. And it fled from them eventually coming to a stop after the vehicle hit a set of stop sticks. The man a woman fled the scene but were taken into custody custody short time later after the arrest the duo took a picture with a deputies the broken hand got group of cops. And silent. I love this because this reminds me grown up honey you know if you can't if you are if you're a grad reply hunter if you got the big bucket of the deer. He killed the big deer you know he took a cure that we. Think more cops should be able to take pictures where these scum bags they arrest. Yeah like the united Europe this is my and I got back acted and acted I got that big drug dealers the big catch of the day make you smile. Don't smiled at this stop because you know I think it's a great idea amendments to be same in these criminals. We should all right and there's a recent survey asked a thousand people. About how long it takes in a relationship before they pass gas. Well. Among the four former. Maybe a month two and two months three men and women and the survey. Average out about the same amount of time they say it took nine months before they brick fast brother partner nine months that's I'm a long time nine months. I thought oh I'll hold them in new. Million relationships also in the survey found let their partner pop their pit bulls after about ten months never know you're never going to be a lot to do that you're getting meanwhile women wait a year and seven months before they'll let their partner pop their temple I'm never gonna wanna do that so you're good matter quicker to use the bathroom with the door open. Stop working out indicting and stop dressing to impress whip literally ships are only quicker to cry in front of their partners. Yeah I guess that's all right via that makes sense like it. A small city Japan is basically his his body out of the interviews these two words back to back before my life ninja shortage. Need to shortage and additional orders sort Armon just isn't a town that struggled with deep population. We would do that isn't it meant well. Until this story I was IRY there's a qualification and they need to maybe change around a lot about ninja stuff that the job is. You have to be born in this city. Again I guess I GA ink and sir yes it. It pays about 85000 dollars a year. The county has about nodding 1000 people any age sees nearly 30000 tourists each year for their annual major festival I'll know what goes on there. But the town is. A lot of the young people are moving out and they're going into some of the big cities like Tokyo and things. So they don't have enough people there who are qualified to be Ninja's. So you can make 85 and his wife goes he'll be 85000 dollars a year to be a ninja for one festival year. A threat. Down well I don't know it's just for the festival or for state if it's four overall but I K 30000 tourists visit each year. The city and they have a festival so I don't know if there's other things to do the other parts of the year what the hell doesn't need to do all year round. My money's not an festival early kills people I don't think so I really don't I think they got to change there. They're ruled information yeah that's a terrible role behalf because if you're short and just to figure it was just be a Japanese. Does that does that give anybody just be in danger out there to be the only ruled to be a ninja kick Chris Farley of it and be a ninja be a good black belt ninja whenever I. How the whenever that is is being ninja. Institute can how it did left Chris Farley movie yeah MS Hilton into hip yeah. Once about five years ago maybe the last my wife's that it was still funny it's so dummies are stupid funny. A New Jersey what made lied about. Having brain cancer and ordered trick people into letting her stay with them for more than a month I -- these people and horrible person like I need to say is not always diseases known people but these people who lie about having cancers and brain cancers and then all the stuff like you can't hope they get a young woman just asking for that's right. This twice control on the was arrested on July 12 and charged with the exception harassment. Of this alleged story the one and ask are are you the woman met this couple to a mutual friend in June. The woman reportedly claimed she had a troubled family history and nowhere else to say so she kept the scam going. They said that she even played the nurse and nurse. Who text messages souls like you know now like a per phone or something. And then she would be up all night long they said the couple said in her house that she would be moaning and making noises like she was in pain and they would try to massage your legs a helper. Little more comfortable. Tell relatives of the couple became suspicious of the wall and went to police another suspicious they looked into and I found out this woman's life and the couple's been about a thousand dollars due and you know suffer from the kindness of their heart. Police say this in the first time this woman is done this to them. But it's been documented that the woman has used similar tactics. And other occasions and both Pennsylvania and New Jersey but was never charged with a crime. On each occasion he had prayed on the sympathy and compassion of others. Receiving services or goods but that is that they have enough to charge one of PC crowd. She's out of good job. Don't these people are insane they need to be locked up that's just there's some wrong water. According to a new study half of Americans say they haven't traveled outside the country since they've got to pet. Touted what kind of heart yeah a thing about that you know when I'm traveling a couple of general have a pet that they'd be like I guess he'd bring you Indian. We are you well I'm depends it's been you know you're gonna you're only going to be gone for we quote you on it just a dog sitter. But it's not easy to get a dog sitter have a book you know we'll put it up and dog hotels or whatever those are thing. I don't really know anything I have I'm not really had animals much my life it's a pain in the ass and I mean I have a cats the cats are easier to go away for just a couple of days is given enough food and water your pin in the box yeah you'll find the dogs you got to really take care of the if not the at. Stuff all of 2000 yeah into the bathroom restore rule and to fly and it's like a whole other hundred it's it's a hundred some bucks to fly your dog in oh probably not the best thing to do. It's now looking doggy terrified diet then the big deal give usually will not all not all cases but the good Madsen who go to sleep here your vet well yeah. Keep him calm at least. The study also fell one and three people have changed their travel plans because of their pet. And 87%. Worry about how other pets are duly when they're away on vacation. I would hope would be close to a hundred yeah I think I would hope and it did inside it should be a 100% for sure and easy change your pay plans we can say you're gonna take a road trip and you book go to dollar. You found out at this hotel is not yet friendly the other have to make me change of the plans a little bit if you see a road trip it's a little bit easier with the dog bit instead of flying a little less money is easy get a hotel. Mounted to a -- guys who braved or motel six they've pretty much all take dogs are just like a Hilton or something that's the usually don't believe you can find some that do if that's what people are alive and and by and those. Little tags were saying their service dogs there really aren't due to dog wherever take it everywhere. You for your claim to the people bringing peacocks and stuff it's ridiculous posts but my. Peacock. Service peacock my service peacock that's something terrorists or analysts say that I get out. Sounds awful ever right now just they serviced because I don't know the windows let everybody goes service pig got. It has tag Betty and yes there. So to speak up. According to a new poll the age you would quote. Musical paralysis said it is two way guy here is an eleven months publicize your age of thirty not because people want to do us stagnate. The majority of those polled say they like to expand their musical taste they just feel like they're stuck in Iraq listened to the stuff every day. What I don't get it if they feel like they're stuck in a row then maybe they should look for some new music he that would make sense to me to do. Then at bats with the all of may and other ills the culprit here is a boldly mirrors. Demanding jobs are cared for children make music less of a priority. Depends on the person Mann music as a priority for me but I but I don't go searching for new music working radio luckily we can hear it they eked its fed to listen in lots of different aspects laws of ways but I still listen to the same stuff I've been listening to since I was a teenager. And I love it and so I think a lot of people do get stuck or believe part of the survey he has probably partly our job so I agree with that. But I also never I don't ever want to get to the point where I'm just stuck. The best thing to do though I found. I shouldn't do this because I must say this on radio gonna say this and I don't care what anybody says. IE I pandora and their algorithm for picking music if you pick a band when your favorite bands and type it in there. They do pretty good job of a feeding you music and I've learned I've found a lot of music now. If you're all over the genre like I am. Like different things as best way to do it yeah not not only that but Spotify is discover weekly he's usually pretty spot on not only is on the new agreed to I listen to that might lead like every week and I always find new stuff I like and.