Thursday, September 13th


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Yeah game you plug. And able to handle a damn. Actors are scary and they can happen. Any evidence no matter what part of the country you live and from hurricanes or earthquakes tornadoes. It's scary stuff. Seriously and I learned of the day we don't have these out here but the the waffle houses really big on the East Coast and why you're here from they would this this franchise think they don't they don't close their doors. Ever did on clothes for anything ever went there was always. No matter what is going on. You can see if you need somewhere to co you can go to lawful house I mean it could be it had to be bad yeah like extremely bad tonight goes there. Still there's this thing called the Waffle House indexes restaurant pass. But there every heard of that all I don't know notice is when storage right local officials will put out a call to the nearest Waffle House and find out what's on the menu and they got three colors don't take. Mikey three colors. The last things are what's on the menu is not one of them people who never well no it it's green yellow and red tell it if they say green. That leaves the restaurant is open and its full menu that's good okay. And I benefits if it's yellow. Something entirely different means. They scaled back in there's just. There may be water. But no power at the restaurant consult nestled dedicate the pressure on its sole woman in that case. Why do all it does the local authorities do if their yellow. What they realize at that point that. And it's it's it's a little more series to powers up okay and that there and then red indicates the restaurant is completely shut down and is very serious. Yeah because of a clubhouse is closed. Stuff is going down but instead listen like I don't know Jim Karen Torre or maybe you know. Fremont or get the government they call the Waffle House yet again. Where thinks so. Mile away had not make it lied and all over this Turkey situation no only good news and got today as the hurricane going from a massive looking at a category five which is. 150. Six miles an hour over Wright is now it's in the category to arrange so it's a lot lot weaker than it was if there's any good news for this yeah and that's not even the best news but yeah you're the above the red stripe tweeted a photo out. Other employees of their corporate office and it said the Waffle House storm's center is activated and monitoring. They're series at their their bread is serious about their storms. I put it yeah. Great series and now don't have their employees that work that needs it we think about that even if it's category one or two they still like you still work don't have their employees there working. Oh yeah well how is out what are still running we're told yellow. Unless you've probably got from work. You know where got a amount. That's been a real dangers to me not for the wall while some are going there are they'll talk about surviving kilo QG DP do you have like right now ask yourself this question. He had all the is that you need. It were in the area of what earthquake and earthquake it could could get a could affect us right oh yeah for sure so do you have what you need. I don't. I don't know that I do what I mean I have I'm always been kind of to try to be prepared that's had to dive on the conspiracy is always the about the other world I have like I have a bunch of water stockpiled. I'm a little bit of medical supplies. And camping gear. That's when I got nice out enough for sure because I have no MR I he's I don't mean the food or or or like a real Madison. I don't I couldn't survive longer than probably than maybe a week at based on my supplies that I have not sure I can live on the wilderness. Do my own thing but. With well I have I'm glad enough. But you do you told me before you have you have gallons yeah owns the water water. Put up I don't like in which tells me I should probably step on game out that's if you drink is this if you drink bottled water at the house. Yes just when you're done what even the small bottles when you don't things that is that if on the plus we've always thought of water go put it somewhere distort what he did yours I have in my garage to have an accountant I don't use trading although it is strictly designed for emergency stuff so it's the water it's my medical stuff that's all those supplies I might need time otherwise but it could be tougher the closer to be in a closet to be under your bed could be anywhere. Under your bench a great place it's a within canned goods and things I don't think about space lot of it's just wasted space absolutely inflation could there are until we eat you definitely need batteries you need your flashlights and the type them. An earthquake two men there's. Those things just come out of nowhere. So you basically just always need to be prepared because there's no way to say OK guys there's going to be an earthquake in three days kennels that go to the store to to break everything that you need because candidate if you can't do anything seem to have all the stuff in advancing the same batteries. Flashlights water medical food. I don't know what else survival here. I'm with a weather like he's herky you know you don't come and see you mutually bathtub bumpy got the water you got the one in the closet you go down Home Depot wherever you by which you can't he boarded up you have a little bit of time but we've an earthquake which I've never that was in my life. The the only thing you can really do for an earthquake to prepare is is like. You know secured I don't some but you do things around your house you know late other than have food and things stockpiled that's the stoppage would normally stockpiled GB per view secure items on the all on the wall TVs and anti semite fall over dressers and whatnot. I just have a have a kit ready to go everybody should have. A bug out bag we'll conspiracy theorists call a bug out bag case things go down in case that S hits the fan you got the stuff did you rate ago. Everybody should have I think most of us probably do not most of us probably don't in all you have to do is Google Google those exact words all bug out bagging you'll get ideas of things that you want that he should rightfully should double I'd choose to work or at least these waffle houses and who knows how how how dedicated they are to working and feeding people rightfully should. I had no idea where grade. Yeah I thought I you popular in like 4 years and I am. And you are making it clear open conflict and it's well and honoring holiday though. Once we're pandering like thirteen Matthew or at barely read Tyler and we don't end though it now we are allotted so going to work instead and then we very regulate it well people here are currently are like 00. Engler and open do. Arrowhead and lake aghast but Robert dad Billy Ray equipment inside my at my notes and instead of making posts like. We put butter on the bread in the economic asked for and we big blanket and better off we'll abandoned and. You do is get doomed Sophie in the general public so resolutely as a dedicated company lately should thanks for calling. I he's a great idea look at some of the tips here ya they'll get a little solar lights and solar power like she could hear your lawn. You can use those for inside powers out all the night it was a lot of girl. That's a great that's a great tip people it's people are texting uniting on just thought we were just kind of throwing out ideas a smelling these are all the things we don't know all the things have a people Texans. Don't forget food for your pets and that's very important true make sure you have some extra stuff. Where pets and everybody's got food and but he can be fed everybody made they do say what they they say that you should have like a three day supply. Of pretty much everything you need some water some food food your pads potential medical stuff if you're on any medications you're gonna need to have that stuff. And just the regular first aid kit for at least three days you should have that stuff on hand. Yeah I don't think people forget they always pushes rule when I lived in Florida because cells hurricane Alley. Cash yeah you should have cash we think about it I don't covers cash you have like between all the sort of sketchy at Hillary and I don't ask that you actually have to get you all for that's is that rare I never have cash I'll always carry always always had a dollar people I'm not gonna say how much money always have a nose have money coming argues it yeah at a dollar. So basically between the trailers we have a dollar plus whatever my he's carrying yeah whatever like he might actually has cash on them tonight I think not a scientist I always tried to I don't know why must do something my mom instilled in my brain again conspiracy theory stuff she's just crazy against that the data cardinal that its controlling do you wish I was trying to cast as a hit yeah I. I just burn to the damn cash and look at that. I was forget that I have and I just keep giving my debit cards that's why continue to you know I just always have it. Hey here's another idea would have you with court the color cramps. Oh yeah you can use them right. Nikkei the paper and and while Robbie burns and keeps I galactic terms is like a candle candle for thirty minutes that's a good that's a great thing I've known Alan for awhile it's a really good can you candle. Yes grants he had an awareness particularly they were this segment is hey step your game because you never know when s.'s gonna go down that's true bright. I definitely if you're stupid news you know begging for it might mean everybody's playing the kids love it. Those letter to all tell you what percentage the game has contributed to divorces. There's a stat out on this thing out here you know now. And that got requested an arresting officer play music in the cruiser can you guess what song he wanted to it was not if the police and please donate dissuade it was not a play that exhibit is that's.