Wednesday, July 18th


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But am I asked him an object at the end she. OK so two days would it say they'd rather hear from you are your men had then don't think I'm your hot how. I think some women like dude I just had a conversation with a girl who was like how can you never tell me I'm hot I'm like I tell you guide they tell your beautiful as though things teachers austere. Steps like it's just like I was in my. May I ask maybe that's all you say that I get your feel for your hot they wanna hear other couple and I just listen kidnapped and never use that word pod. Now well I used better words like gorgeous or songs and that's what I'm saying. Yeah that's pretty much what does not a stupid cards here Rio. OK if blazers say I'm strong. Some dollars it's it's a color she's strong deadliest days laugh I wore my other half to as sesame as a person and come up with a conclusion that I've strength of character after all what does a pair actually matter in the long term. Sure you have to find those physical. Find someone physically attractive and have that sexual chemistry but looks fade. Wanna follow over the purse is all about appearances so to hear their strong person makes sense or what if your hot and your personality just sucks ass. He has anything to do with this rank of their character or personality side or even that let us let's run that leg that's all right that's all you ours is just good looking. A lot of girls like that. Lot of people isn't all. Well I I think it is to not all about women you're trying to date are hooked up with just in general I think women wanna hear that like you know I think even relatives who's been to a lot in this situation I think when you tell one ago. Your strong woman. What you've been through your strong guys that think it's a really good compliment I don't disagree with that. Silence they've really shows a human you know you're able to overcome some of the life of life's obstacles. Yeah I mean I can share I don't think any compliments our lake should be expected usually expecting in the same thing about you but it is nice to hear. When they say something like oh wow you know your your really thoughtful or something but. It shouldn't expect anyone to have did toll how great you are all the time. Yeah he could be facilities. Really gorgeous and beautiful but inside that they're terrible and not strong there weeks they are they're miserable you know the what do you do you compliment him Toma hot Intel not but if you want real relations the last since. You that person is not going to be the person for you probably should. Model and says she wasn't here that she's motivated and driven. Every I think yeah that's a good compliment to give to anybody and yeah did I. I like hearing now for I've had women say that same thing you know and can sometimes that motivation if you were motivated if you're motivated person. Your motivation can rub off on other people and you can help motivate other people by being positive and motivate I think that's a great compliment to get somebody both of these are strong and I'm motivated yeah prison if eventually he told me that or a person doubt that anybody say day you know I noticed that your view and you get passion for what you do your strong I'd take as a compliment I think based on these two things are here this. I feel like this is some this is for both men and women face Ali's those two I don't know but the rest of us actually the whole list could be. Intertwine good. He's just out of college you know I think really passionate and driven about what did you and I think you're great and they cure don't you while you are strong enough and it man you're good enough you're strong enough and people like you got. Ungodly people like you know you don't need no man. All right after this important arena that special lady in your life. And you teller hey you know you make my life easier. So again it's another articles both please let's more than the looks that goes do you make my life so much better. You've been around and just being there that's an extremely nasty year that is and I don't think their wounds and that's Maine can keep in this despair economize on keeping the take notes met I just say to yourself in the mirror. And did an oasis again these are things that we won here than their hotter probably talk about their appearances. That they're happy somebody says I'm happy that you exist. Krajina dead. I'm glad your parents once got together and nine months later you came back and glad you're my life yeah and so that means the nice thing to say to somebody go yeah her. Double and they don't know what they do without me when I love to hear that. I think anybody like to hear that. I'm what I would do without fail but be that goes back to hole he made my life easier. Yeah this kind of the same thing right isn't it I think it is a Philip a lot of guns said that like if I remember something that they they forgot about I don't Lebanon and argued that I'm pretty sure I've said that to you Lara. Larry you do you. Make our lives easier I think they were scrambling trying to get as some some sound bytes that we need to for the shell like we appreciate your strong independent strong woman you know me and you don't even mapped out. No me motivated and driven and you make our lives easier and I'm glad you exist. Right. Yeah I don't know do without you. The team's doing is not saying anything I can go either way I think that's it for lazy she left the here they're proud of me has met a man says and I'm proud of the. Yeah yeah again this is the guy I know this is about what women rather hear that instead of being hot but that's a compliment I think anybody would like to hear an iPad again it's one of those things where it's been said to me by my wife for whatever I said Valero in the past. I think it'd that's a great compliment. And I think that's a nice thing here especially if he had daddy issues. Yeah. He's a slender. And try Lara brown you. You got your body's strong woman you were taken asks you make our lives easier I don't know I'd do without you yeah concur. How old are you glad you exist you guys are you guys gonna mouth like each other now. Yeah. Probably a throughout we were you remember I get that she'd see my cam night are you forgot himself. Listening to non says okay me again again that is it we won't hear them talk about their load their looks down. They were you that I'm not like the rest. They're rare time. On that team that seems like. If you guys says that to grow almost you don't believe you. Some would PS it sounds like it sounds like it's cheesy pickup line it it does not like the rest you know you know the girls did you all same. I agree with the I don't I think this is something to just throw out you say your special to me but you know like the rest think and you can make it better I think if you say it'll be special to me you gotta give the example of what makes you special you give some substance through Kansas and your special because and it's a sounds like a blanket OK let me I don't want and his wife alma special yeah. In no way in what ways you better be ready to get that that's yeah try to figure out Garza. Easier I want expecting a call on. God you're good event not that it is thought that it means that an amount hugs. I don't like this would when they cut celebrate what the what we all agreed on is that not like the rest the last one to us. Is a lost a lot of fishing was to hear that she's wife material. That's done. And I think that goes back of the uniqueness and all the other things but this woman says she wants to hear that so if you're dating somebody he admitted it better not be at least the media and their relationship. Where I got to know. How do you feel about that like you're in the guerrilla silly given dude obviously the dude said that few or is that something you'd wanna hear. I know there is a better way to say it if you'd just say it's been a couple months and they say that maybe they can just say man you're keeper are. The whole package I. Because you you talk about you if you wanna get married you wanna have a family sofa guy said that you would you feel if those exact words you are wife immaterial how are your wife material how would you feel. I feel like if someone was actually in just sitting gain getting married to me and they would just say I can see as having a future someday it doesn't matter. Well what was the other day we had a list of the sad. This is like. I can't just little I can think of an out different part brain fart just had to get in the stumble out along those lines that women's that they didn't wanna hear. It was you're not like you give all what are you single. Oh yeah I. At a satellite daylight how are you single and meet and as a compliment but it's a woman to. One of the stating that she felt offended by that in wasn't on that same list you're not like all the other women I think it was clueless are full of crap. Where did this for a I don't know this fall from sky cottonwood. There's some crap I don't the worst now this would come from that but I I'm I don't know if it's like these lists contradict each other sometimes does seem that way mentally at an earlier talking dude. We're sort of brain and things here to solve it appears so yeah I think for yourself don't be stupid list it's. Right. Anyway we appreciation where you're strong independent woman Soria are you huh. If the game and.