Thursday, February 22nd


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But can't see Ben gay and she'll end show came here what is southern your significant other guys. Or maybe former significant others. Hey it. That you find very out of track there are just unattractive in general there's a list that we came across a website got eight things women find unattractive. But their significant other does so. Something that the men and can do but this applies to men and women that's the question 7665009167665000. Are you what they have an unattractive that some ladies do and that is over aware makeup. Sometimes you can see. The lying like I'm on their face you can see the different color of what's your actual skin looks like and put the makeup looks like that doesn't want it. Just to question if they go ally admired women are beautiful oh yeah. How important and just in beautiful all different shapes and sizes 200 beautiful but sometimes they just trying to overdo it. It's way too much. Yeah doesn't it doesn't I don't even need it when I'm down I mean if that's what you wanna do you feel better. If it makes you feel better about yourself my my biggest come complaint is in life I do find this unattractive. Is when that. A significant other is. It's cut complains about what do you or what someone else posted on your social media so for example two strokes and say say say a girl comments on unopposed that you oppose that oh my god stroke you're so hot. And then your wife is like who's that DXY. Zetsche comment on your stuff starts and argue with you over something that you have no control over an hour I find that. Extremely contract and doesn't this matter was social media it's basically starting an argument or something that you don't have control over. Is extremely extremely unattractive then somebody would post yes I. I hate this this is me I got doubled this many times as a way and you're dating a woman and you know that she's. Super attractive but what they tell you how unattractive they are. When we use shot up a lot of self esteem issues and they want me you know they want to say no big beautiful like I guess that you want those words of a confirmation from me that. I think I'm still with you if you're ugly I would tell you don't look so good. You're a couple thanks sister's problem assuming the girl's face and he hawks salukis all the time and oh yeah. Hence that's consoles. This childish toilets because that's semantics in talking like a child that. Kind of annoying to me mad if you're if you are a female even dudes but if you're in your Taiwanese and you're doing baby talking in trying to be cute it's not. It's kind of unattractive because I am sorry what. Did a significant other and do it does now or did that you find unattractive or you can be just in general what are you finding a need the other the other sex that you you you enjoy what what is a than they do the like I don't know like it what is in. It's a tax pledges that we cannot really bad it's bad but dammit it's funny I'll have to check out a little guy. I can't tell what is it did you buy an unknown unattractive. That is significant other guys. I how to act. Partner that is the cried during that time. I'll tell you is that try out Blake in England Q it was like it was so good they were cry you're just not themselves. Yeah I was. Yeah that sometimes other times is just starting to see you it really difficult I don't think so I'll let. But he could and they cried. Yeah that's down. There may be some some some prior history is something that happened at the Fed had really dark things that they've got to work out comedy to see a psychiatrist over yet it's a real quickly turned me off. Yeah I I can't you know that I mean your workers Lou but why are they gonna work. Faces while math why. What not gonna say no I'm in tears just I well. And lose OK here's I I agree with this Fella when they call me daddy yeah so I said that oh don't call me that I have a name all right. Daddy is it weird ladies I don't I don't know that I've even met a guy dubbed wants to be called daddy that that has pointed out there's Sacramento let's not do that. Endless struggle every dollar that I. I don't want be called down old guy now 766 I tell them what it's that you might unattractive the opposite sex dies for ladies is what they say what men do. They can then number one thing on the list was cocky in us. And they are a little competition getaway where is their luggage confidentiality. And as there is it's a very ten well yes carefully when there is Ian. Yeah who's just copy. I can't help them the best person on the show yeah I don't try to assist if he doesn't just step up NB Greg I know god. Hey tell your paycheck reflects that you're the greatest lesson docs and a lack of ambition was number two when and why not admit. I I could find an unattractive women say yeah that's yeah wholly absent goals so what is can they they easily cross over the third thing when it's really fun on a fractured and bodily noises I guess it's just passing gas well come on line. Yeah isn't it if like my stomach growling that's that's Somali noise for you I deal with that but beyond just passing gas here here's a big one jealousy. The state that that goes both ways my big a deadly can go both ways and that's why I was talking about the whole posting on FaceBook thing her social media in general as the jealousy is that's not attractive. Number five what is your disrespect. In like it. Yeah well that makes sense. Bet IG was number six Jessica in in an analyst for women's at about dudes but let me tell you ladies. Go save my neck and absolutely extremely unattractive but I numbers several lists over control. Mean in another words the partner that you wish. They want everything their way that's definitely most way. This that goes from for girls through a partnership or these can't eat it you don't take any had to leave and you got to work and you gotta be budge in to eat you got to work together. Compromise and I can tell you it's. In my experience and in in May be you guys know differently in a lot of my friends are just good people. I've noticed that the girls end up being more controlling a lot of relationships. And that's not all but at least just in my experience and maybe that's because diapers and I am the type girls I dated in the cut title friends that I hang out with a it seems like girls and the becoming. Over time. But they Wear the pants in the relationship a lot and they try to control everything and it doesn't become a try to got to give. But they are compromised. I think when you go to when you can eat your heart a perfect relationship pretty is it 1515. It's easy you know you enjoy this you have your time doing this you know all of a little and I will go and Obama way to be would you end and and and do those activities did you enjoy. There's not really my thing. And you expect the same thing sometimes you might wanna do things that she's gonna have to do a deal. Yeah so. They don't you have to me in the middle you have effective relationship compromise. Daniel they're aware that you find opposite the opposite sex does this is just an attractive. Beer when she farce when Jiri mess. Jesus does that happen all in all and we got tired out. How often does your woman do this. What you mama woman anymore Rasheed I answered all the. I'm not just have a Villa Donna he had a he had. He came through occurred to hell is that the reason we had the talk there were down literally should he keep passing gas there's there. Well not mellowed a little bit of fuel to look well you're definitely can. Shore is. Where it might China you know should know that was yeah. Are you shouldn't have Jews and Asians get right oh writes you're right that's in the lone woman doing. And they sell all of it you do go to Dakota what is that you find unattractive the opposite sex does. Nail biting at the plate the current state now being offended nailed it against their she's it's her. OSHA told grove when you know your former dirt under hair. Yeah that's discussing all I can't stand I can honestly I don't even like the sound of people cutting their nails but when your biting your nails I find that really don't try and I didn't scrutiny now. Nelson had in the floor. Shuttle can sued jet hijacked. But I what is he trying to attract the opposite sex does. I don't exceed the state tour toenail. Oh good all right why. The worst in the fingernails right that's when we were fingernails. It's your picture bombing and street it is drawn out pursuit break complete filled. And then when you get canceled decent idea although I would say yeah. There's that cost you or your toenails might actually be cleaner than mine I'm the classic question ninety your toenails are typically cleaner but still insist sounds grocer and the high Joseph what is he Biden had the opposite sex doesn't just disgusting unattractive do you. Men bathroom clutter and just general long hairs in the bad times they shower. Bathroom corners are really good point man most girls I know they're there counters and whatnot they're in their showers as have so much stuff there from where meant put that stuff away eighty. I feel like bathroom with my wife and my teenage -- oh god and so sarge there's a lot to go through reference to Joseph good luck with that takes than.