Wednesday, September 12th


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Yeah. But do you suspect in the shield him jump and Padres national video game day. Other we all like video games in maybe you currently don't play as much as you do hitter at all but as a kid mutant as a kid I think you'll have to play a video game yeah pretty much all kids play. Pinball machines were a big deal back in the day. Fine I'll still play educationally held I'll come across all those around the guitar. That once again of them socket pinball I'm not get ahead. I welcome good added but it's not like that hard I don't rally the a look at the score you select a player before he's going to end doubt in my mind I was think that the bunch of BS probably is movies came ten million points it probably is. All right so he NI a deal little game you're gonna. Host yes I do on the Morgan play a sounder. From an old video game something everybody should now okay but it's. Sing it Lehrer is actually the youngest person on the show I'd like her to go first but that's okay fumble around them. And those guys in his jumper hoagies were gonna yell first who gets the Chancery and try to go and order and that's how you wanted to respond I mean hell whatever. Barry lets you got your first four are. And yeah. Who what is that I know that that is well that's old school suspect ran. Is it yeah. Why am 100 possession of the members of Pacman. While he carries its evaluation. Of the impact man I find pac man is it. That is Pacman right before the luck marble or rock star OK that's the very beginning on every level of global political or or are right. My room guy yeah. Our next on excellent. But wounds. So I heard it before I can't say I haven't I have heard that I don't feel like I'm never even heard that I think. I'm stuck between net Donkey Kong or dig dug. Go dig down. Dig dug dig. She sustained. What a great guest. Saw. I'm almost gonna go they've done to them. And have no I don't know that everybody heard before. Is it Thelma. Yes this that is the sound and finding a treasure. Opening internally tested my little Fella Def our own people. All I thought I was hormone imbalance not pay my salary I guess did you did and you nailed it it's that's old school okay next. On north oh yeah yeah is that. Let's downwind and then again they dig in all we dig dug down right way to get do you travel plenty here. Oh wait no I know what that is sonic edge does every spell out he'll then on he's done in his sonic it is selling I think it is in jumping. Yes it wasn't I just thought out their Lara did not Dick does not unhappy. Don and I don't think that's not here because they dig down curses can happen and how do you. Scott. Street fighter is it's one of those games. I could Cain has. But of people Tyson your holy crap because it terrible to sort of play you can it's all right then how do you and getting street fighter. And I. And a stroke you guessed. I'm that street fighter I don't know. Can we were cesarean and. No it that is street fighter two the Erica honestly out is that that is basically is giant blue firewall that's right and I got a couple more days yet. Here and I know what is it all alone all I know this and I know that's one I do not know the really. There's even warmer time. Murderer. Had no idea yeah they are really don't know Mortal Kombat. Sure send a comment that is scorpions for mortal combat yes there when that. We're all here that's disappointing me you know street fighter and I'm more combat. Time OK let's go. Some Mario. Mario bros playing again this will solicit I don't I don't know Megan I'm Mario. Didn't doubt it. This does not normally I'd tell what the hell I don't know. Good you don't know you're all wrong I'm deciding your all wrong way that is a victory sound from Final Fantasy. I've I've never played a game I don't know that I have viewed upon sound effect hoop. Yeah that is that a Mario Brothers game yeah let's announce like this hour of the Mario's face is not. I think this is the most hate them. Sound better in game zip Pokemon now. No more guessing just throw out there dig dug the street Peter. That's it is. That is Nabih the ferry from ARCO Arena of time. I didn't. Created and I don't know if that is honestly I've never even heard of that game. Legend has a lock Reno time. But it Nintendo 64 and everyone. And their mother hates that sound Larry there's an excellent. Doesn't the French senate needed. Now. Isn't that a dog from Arizona okay if he's gonna throw out done. All right is that the dog for Marley is is Amare Brothers I think is Mario Brothers. Is the sound of love moma mushroom didn't making Mario grow on. Senator Pete let's think in those stupid dog and duck hunt. Them online through that dark and last line. I know has had a oh man come on guys that are you gonna hate 2000 you don't get an Ohio. Stanton Tintin and and turns out he's going to hand them and learn to understand things dreamliner. In eastern hour there in helping. Written. You lose. Knowing you are able nobody cares there's a lot of people have probably are yes. If you man I don't even have against that. Is the set is the music that plays when you were playing tetris. Damn I even remakes that stupid song go a long time ago for music but here until a Canadian now I do too well you all did poorly thanks Ian. I have fun. Notably video games. And don't go home I got cut operating it's a little different here on pisses off as much time. That is fairly men and women when their relationship. Hello to take for the average man to pass gas in the bedroom. Vs the woman. To shape to case your partner with morning Brad third you know that nasty Brett. Differ between men and women I'll tell you what this says and how long they say it takes we get comfortable with each other after this.