Thursday, September 13th


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Would give him not get past due to non-GAAP net gain and show us but I I was so drawn then I. Morning. Fill in the blank poorly there were some great stories 7665009167665000. So guide you can't go yesterday we talked about this shot in the chest. Didn't realize until the next day was that drive. Well they will get those debacles Mikey now not permanent. Hopefully these are gonna be hilarious and not like half he almost died so reality blitzing it we got here ride your first I was certain drug that Blake. I HIV and my mom detonate it. Plow your mom is is bad. She was in her room my dude got another shower I don't remember any of it untold story in the morning and a look at did a very upset mother my house. Oh my god I felt three eyed babies are born in Arkansas. I don't know why do the stories coming out of an early lead is it damage yet to be attacked. It on Brian out. Brian thanks for the calls 7665000. Got hurt yourself drive that why. I want chided take it dumped in my buddies dishwasher so. Just try to or do you see a little bit of course and I got I got stopped at the last minute by my friend lark in the kitchen and saw me I show her what a bad spell my guns and I don't remember really entity either good. I guess I tried it I thought I was in the bathroom and have pulled the door down like it was put the toilets he doubts. I hunched over in Roma and round John Edwards almost not to do it looked Smart guy came in and garbage. City hits you with a newspaper like you do the darker path and you know hey guys right outside look among them Osaka. Duck. After I got I tell the jury. Oh man. That's funny but I woke up about a half mile out of the middle love that the Gulf of Mexico. Float new. As I am your floating. I was on a lot of play a little raft you know lawful just floating it out at a beach day now so I lived in. Kind of drifted on out there about woke up and that was scary and so woke up on the beach at night. Terrifying though dude. It was a number we can but the because once people it waking up in the middle of the ocean kind of just an important enjoying the day and I yeah young and couldn't handle the boot caught like a kid can maybe I can't do that anymore. Now do you most of my things end up being median in the fights like I got into a fight with one it's a concern because citizenry here in my eyebrow or see if I got stitches some dude punched me right there. And broke his wrist I don't broke his wrist on my head. That's impressive and amazing I can disaster. That it fell afterward is that not a disaster for the that was only one good Haiti got all. Got a chip. Kyle you were so drive that life. So I was at a wedding and I got pretty tall we look back to the hotel room and it was quite a few people in the hotel rooms still. And I tapped out and only thirty minutes later I woke up into opened the door right there beside the bed. And decided Peter. Perhaps the best part is I'll call bulletin that door. Oh man has put you over that. And that's it and I'm still a little dome yet that's still want the ten commandments I think it's a more and a vinyl but I don't know in the top drone on his eleventh member. He would no he wasn't reading it you do something else cash cow are everybody that's Daisuke you know this goes would be believes in the bathrooms as. Gonna say that there's so many people Audubon a friend of mine who would. Who get so drunk this happened multiple times heat in the go only to the bathroom in different closets and corners of people's rooms and suffering dude did it together may have a drinking problem yet Jesus that you can't just. And I believe that no love molecule may fail if it pianist or don't do Olympian and Adrian I think. I've done that before. James you were so drunk that why. I was so drunk that I want to five miles from my aunt passed my moral and completely blacked out fully clothed when I can do it the next morning. I don't have anything tough in my short and I would go a long Poland June. Meanwhile. That's a middle of the night. I don't know. I was saying they're China is they have not heard from the car and I slipped and I fell in the car windshield and in this mostly from the caller. He's now. Well I'm glad you made it there safely James thanks for the call. I have a but the I have a story and I serve on my body I don't know which is worse I Brooke what I did I broke a hotel room window. About a floor above me because I was as staying at a Condo that my friend had won for the weekend. Third of some kind of contest announced flying a kite off of pit that late 12 o'clock at night. It was really windy and it that tight actually hit the window and all you heard you were to crash. And I left. They never they never found out who did that night because it was 140 up so they might have thought that hey maybe the person that was in here. Got a little bit to trash not the middle looked at the form below you and a friend of mine actually went he went to the bathroom and his ex girlfriends. Stock car. Right behind the driver's seat water to wine because he knew the code to get inter Carter is one of those where you have the you know that that the number of blocks so the team got in there and he went to the bathroom right underneath her seat. Lot of bathroom dog yeah. I had CNN's David just on mobile's gonna have David went in the microwave instead but he's not with the city more. His arm and wave. When he says he's not what he's dead or he's data I get to my side I don't do not. He's no longer looking to see a new thing if that's when he hit that he's died he just died right UR I Pete if it. Let's look at that pace forever. You were so drug don't lie. I was so confident blocked out obviously and I apparently spared in light beer pong partners saves even though we were on the either. Oh man at my bed didn't have a punchy after that you're an angry drunk. I'm very surprised that it not wake up black and blue you very big guy. When you think you sped it might you much of the were you upset sort of you just. Bills Betty. I wish I could remember attribute my best friend is that they don't have no it feel I would ever do that then listing of famous people look forward but I guess that's what happens when you're about Clark so. Now it happens got lucky brother. I love this tax I was so drug I went to take at the number one at a bar in the bathroom on buttoned but he didn't actually. Take. He didn't take it out he went and hence we forgot that Stanford got the step down that the most important step that's the only family that. Sometimes you don't have to unblocking well pulled down a little. I'm hoping somebody hasn't forgot to wipe after number 20 god no I haven't seen that story I don't want I'll I'll he's looking. Don't even have a group talk about this but plenty of these. They figure assume drugs why. Oh god so. Box of wine Ohio. Yes you are out yeah after my my buddy that's a boxed wine at my house last weekend and last night. I had my ground ball like in my family over. I lived at my parents' house. Almost like I originally known moons or whatever decision you son and yeah take it. So I'd like to have a glass was turned into about. Two or three which is that I know is that met. Did to do. And and until it I have a pro am pretty pure alcohol but last night. I am I in my room obviously low blow little Brothers you're an hour. You tell us a lot of action and I'm centerpoint looming somewhere you guys do wrong for you how. I didn't quite possibly you know ascension got to drink so bad boxed wine and I went to bed in my bad. It woke up at four ample work. In my Brothers. With your brother there. He hit no they took turns between bad and you leaderboard at most want to be in bed together. So now who yeah it would it is that. I nature you do sound truck right now yeah Bob I don't drop our call that didn't show. Did you guys within a mole high. I. Swear I had done and quit my sister and Billy called the timing and Nikki. At a local buyer. And we are closed the net down and see obvious reasons it probably going to be just like to be around how to fix for whatever event. He destroy you like old real deal you say when she gets drunk she likes new round house kicks. Yeah wow that's that's the outlets and I've never heard anything like that he's an engine love it's. Yeah exactly says she told me on hold until she lived into their round helped ignition wondering gonna hit income ice and thinking that. I guess the sense. Straight administrative like Ed lavandera looks and she decided to get a ran out kick plowed into the side of my nose knocked me of them are still and by a Manila. He did not doubt you were you. Heard Vernon yourself. Little bit that's amazing and I only see dummy I'm really curious is he drunk lady doing grounds. Amazing it's crazy and she should get on those only sees America as well though she is she doctor OEM maybe she's really good death it's death let's all boil around house kicked out mean and I would I saw roadhouse. What does that do around houses that does not always on the I wanna do now full OK Christina. They were so drunk that you do what. None that I really junk credit coworker child and get into the fourth of July. Executed and now like our am gonna look at them on my car and I heard somebody like party on the block. Couple about the downed and I thought they found like fun for it either hanging out. I wouldn't knock on the door and I got shy but I just decided to ask about how lighter. Didn't wanna letters that. Oh I picture I want all of their heads my old ball flight in the band when. So what effect. What did you write ultra light at the school. And it's now in a library addition to. I'm Chris interceded they measured the story. 7665. Tells the question you were so drunk that you business and his comments on FaceBook passed out in the bath and body McGee's while sitting on the toilet does the woman by the way. Pants down around my ankles woke up two hours later and found out that everyone I had came with had left and it was her birthday party. Let your birth including her date which had her purse and cell phone in her in his car wow. I met on your birthday like this FaceBook post is just a quick will line actually broke my girl's arm during sex. Lot of questions only costumes all the questions so many questions but says happened sexton my mother in law instead of my husband it's still a family joke. Well I wanna you don't want to let go never ever tell you and you wonder how. LL like wasn't blatant. Did you just keeps there was just like ol' you know when you get home that's gonna happen I was like how long were staying with its key with this get a Max or was it porn you know I'm really. Level as. Are we talking Playboy or maxim there's a yes big difference to me that there. I ran from my balcony into my living room to grab my phone I smashed into like a my accounts with a foot. But I got the phone two hours later I got to make it drink info on the floor I broke my foot and toe is. Weighted dummy run to your house know he'd listen Alex hey Alex that we had to get do you like you were so drunk did you why. So I went after a night of drinking I woke up super early and were was freaking out so I raced into work still draw can barely. Coherent walking in my bought abbey what you're doing here and I Gonchar LA what do you mean what am I doing here it goes you call in sick to work at 7 AM.