Tuesday, September 4th


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Podcasts plug it doesn't next game she'd like though looking back I think about growing up your family home with your. But now maybe get bigger than lose a little weird. But what we're seeing this today do or. Maybe you'll admit this to us right now. In your home. Even as the parent she might go away we'll we're really weird stuff. But weird things you do 7665009167665000. My tail it was a little weird growing imagine that. Now a little bit but at the stroke family the stroke fairly latrines or. From the sound of your mind but what brought me to this thought was a mother. He dresses like thirteen year old daughter. Matching elves periods. Not like once a month but every single day. To hell why why would she wanna dress like a ten year old. She does is he here. Thousands. On that many versions of her own looks some wage she makes spy and and she post match he looks on social media. And just says out of thousands of dollars she spent every six months she cleans out her closet in her daughter's closet because they don't Wear the same outfit. More than once. I don't know I just goes to all this problem the which I think is a major problem provides that no match up kid version adult version yeah and put in the closet and then she only get the only good thing out of the store really truly is. She donated over its. Oh good I was gonna ask you what does she do with that thing and that's cool I guess the pats weird. Isn't it weird to argue we don't wanna go to like at Six Flags and as a whole family people win same damn close and that's no don't do that again Lou you've lost whatever dude I never drove that. It's about I never dress like my family when I went to two at Six Flags is a catered or any music part going to lost. I see the failure talking about an early thought much into why do they do that bloody hallway in the censure I don't know since. So until it's like it until we know that that's a great question though like you did that until they do it and there's a damn about their maybe it is. And has the edge of that but but all of our old I think growing up did something a little weird to my I was just trying to think over at my house grown up. Debt would draw the line in the bathtub. And I was thought it was really weird about don't don't put don't Philip over this much but I hot water. You know that I would that was very strange or the fact I'm told he may be shared bath water with my after my sister out I said that's just gross that was grows. As I got older like now we don't do that. I get the Waller saying no now because that now you were saying that the Mimi think. They're humble guy if if I might think depending on what's. Where my mom when my moment to take a shower about it and that's when I was like so so if she was conducted through that night I had to take a shower in the morning okay so but issued under the morning I had to make sure I took my shower the night before because. To save hot water I guess. I don't know but it was like a family rule. That was it my mom let's take a shower that night no one else was going to be allowed to it that the rest of the night so that never make hot water heater problem I guess I don't know as a kid man I have no idea of economic sense and is really thought about it. Yeah it's dark side. My house now think how we have a big help here but yeah had not Drudge he would get sharp in the struggle I know that's weird I think so too. I had an uncle I told you this story who you were that you did did flushing the toilet. Olga only to have the really did in the night there's so it if it's yellow let it mellow Mike Brown flush it down yet they live by that world. That's gross it was gross you got to flush no matter what it while I sank so what are you giving weird things or your house. Not really a whole lot of weird things other than the other than the shower thing most of the stuff was like a weird stuff on the Playboy could like what if my mom but the food on the plate and I'm still do it I still do this today that his day. The food can't touch. And then when it went I know I don't get it I don't know why but the food content to rest and I'm weird about that now it when you're done. You put your napkin on your plate and you push replaced forward again something I still do to this day people and give me crap about you always is consumed pregnant you don't bush replete port. I don't I don't think it's weird but it's just become a habit. And make sure I understand you right you don't ever makes things on your plate like you have mashed potatoes and core which I think goes together all mixed together was we ever do that I eat the case it happens I'll say that happens because you know sometimes there's a whole bunch of food on my plate but I prefer lake when I sit down to eat it you'll notice of my food is touching Al separated. I don't want my food touch it posted a picture today I know it's tough to their because I haven't you started it. But you can got to look at it I try you can probably go back in my in my opinion seed that I separate my food but it will look look at my daughter's plates like oppose same thing I separate everything else well. Nearly I Max what we're thing did your family do grow up. So it's actually my sister's same week as the mom right now she's the sole provider what she does for a living she draws for east smut on the Internet. Sorry dude if she makes she is the sole provider of her husband kid. Sosa makes pretty good money riding. Furry smut drawing your line so drawing the pictures of the ordinary. Yeah. While. I agree I guess he says that she makes it that she can take care of the entire family would got to ask how much money she got my he'd like I need an annual salary. I I don't know what you'll feel like 200 don't actually. A sketch. I mean if she's if she's if she's provided for the whole family she's got to be holding now and I'm anonymous is funny people weren't announced that he's providing. For her husband and her. Five year old daughter. Okay well into the six figures until. And that is drawing here in Sacramento that's that's weird that's cool online ads each. Extracted for callable weird to have. Market is what weird thing is it your family zeroing out. Literally went snow storm that they would give Allen Bedford and that money instead it was PlayStation Ballard and we had a huge bat. Let me. I'll death socks oh they controlled the government our home and had a how much it cost you think I'm a player you're you're system. We had to get by you five dollar write you know five or what our. Did your dad drug picture of his face on the dollar bills yeah but yeah. I kind of like this idea though you know where daddy button since. I think that weren't on thank you out. They we're let's go to you Ramona high. That what we're pigs are fairly new grown up. Actually yeah yeah my kids then we just started playing under the bright and again. Is the reason little nerds could have. She's glad I'm glad he's likely to go conservatives laid it out. That's awesome though got the depth that's so weird that's old family bonding thing I think that's cool. If you're only do it that's cool. Yeah we went camping couple weeks ago in my back and you know what hey listen our play could be a deal like. Okay. And guys start logging on my judge you all so don't do that. It shut our director Ramona then you have recently led game nights and oh yeah I mean amid we do their weekly game will but not deficits turn against well you know. He's got older things are fairly do grown up. My dad growing up are you born and went on a farm and so we had our mentality. Of you meet a lot of vegetables and very little meat. And as hell won't be at beat all of your vegetables and being albeit vegetables. That's when you're correct it up the next morning. A man out of a broccoli for Breck know. Yeah but it. There is a guided it to me got the point where I hated it so what should he look like you warned the beaten Pete and Brussels sprouts. And he got so bad that I figured out how to swallow Brussels sprouts holes it's. Horrible calls this a break my serve time never admirable spread or grow easy Oprah's good man got. Are you ready I'm not the billowing. All right everybody take you on the a more vegetables and meat. Help do it alludes absolutely men need to eat your vegetables but I get in and I'd known other families into that if you didn't finish your food and for dinner you're you have for breakfast. And a in Brussels sprouts for breakfast alone is around. Always do that occasionally and eat your food right through us. Larry entertainment BS that's coming a blow to that yes I talk about how last week Eminem and dropped her surprise album kamikaze where he distance a bunch of people. And what rapper distant back we'll find out who that is.